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  1. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    My horse (Before he died saving my life as we fell off a cliff) was epic. He took out a Dragon, Climbed structures to kill Archers. I refused to replace him. I tried bringing him back to life with a spell but he resisted. ;_;

    Appy Birthday Govn'r.
  3. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I don't think I'll ever get round to the Main Quest in Skyrim. My homicidal urges take over whenever I reach a happy settlement. You burn one Cow and things just get out of hand.
  4. Contact lenses (and glasses)

    I'd like to see if contacts have come along in the last 10 years. I've had glasses since I was 12 because at the time I was told I couldn't wear contacts. Which is annoying as I'd like to try out some different eye colours. I don't have to wear my glasses all the time but I prefer to. Partly for vanity, partly because I like to see things more than a few meters away.
  5. Movie Review 2011

    I've only been to see a handful of films at the Cinema last year. A pity as I was going to see more but my "Cinema Buddy" is unreliable. X-Men: First Class: Got to admit I've never watched X-Men Movies before. Not really been a comic book movies kinda guy. First Class though I ended up watching as I was stuck in Llandudno Junction for hours due to a train delay. Got to say it was very good. I enjoyed it muchly. The Hangover 2: Basically the same film as the original. It's still a good solid comedy. Enjoyable and I wasn't bored watching it in the slightest. The Inbetweeners Movie: If you enjoyed the series you should enjoy the movie. It was pretty average but a nice way to say goodbye to The Inbetweeners for good. Limitless: Another movie I just randomly decided to watch. Overall the movie concept was good. Nothing really wrong with it at all. Though the ending was smug.
  6. 3DS StreetPass Plaza

    Bangor is where I'm based. I've taken it to Llandudno once and got a couple. Even got a random one in Conwy during the Medieval Food Festival. Bangor tends not to yield many least not in lower Bangor.
  7. 3DS StreetPass Plaza

    I got my first non-housemate street pass in months yesterday. In a small town in North Wales that's pretty big news. I only nipped out for a pizza and some bottles of beer and squealed with joy at seeing the green light. No puzzle pieces from it and a level 1 Mii in my current SPQ room was useless. Still nice to expand my plaza.

    Well I went out for a pack of biscuits. Was welcomed back to the sight of a drunk pissing on my door. Happy New Year. I'll save my celebrations for when my housemates arrive back from Christmas land.
  9. I just completed the game today. Not much about it I didn't enjoy. It took me awhile to get used to flying and sometimes flying around dragged on a bit. Other than that I enjoyed this much more than Twlight Princess. It is certainly the best game the Wii has offered us in awhile.
  10. N-E's Top Ten Gamecube Games

    Pretty much. His cameo was very short lived.
  11. N-E's Top Ten Gamecube Games

    1. Skies of Arcadia: Still my favorite game of the era. Possibly of all time. It's such a charming RPG. 2. Twilight Princess: TP has actually grown on me. At first I was disappointed but went back to it recently and loved it. Initially I think I was too hyped for it. 3. Luigi's Mansion: A brilliant launch game. I played it again recently it's still very enjoyable. 4. Smash Bros Melee: Got loads of playtime. Really was enjoyable and although Brawl is amazing. I miss Mewtwo and Roy enough to go back now and then. 5. Tales of Sympthonia: Another charming RPG. Still haven't played the sequel. Looking forward to it. 6. Mario Kart: Double Dash: It's one of my favourite Mario Karts. Co-op Grand Prixs made unlocking things fun. Playing by myself to unlock characters in the Wii version was dull in my eyes. 7. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance: Good solid Fire Emblem game. Enjoyed the tales of Ike and others, 8. Wind Waker: Charming and fun but a little disappointing Triforce hunt. Could of been better. 9. Mario Strikers: A surprisingly good game. 10. Pikmin: Delightful and amusing.
  12. Added you on the 3DS, my code is - 1246-8706-1531

  13. Letterbox

    It's completely pointless but very charming and fun. Inevitably I just used it to send rude drawings to all my housemates.