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  1. How I Met Your Mother

  2. April Fools

    Firebox's April Fools
  3. April Fools

    *yearns with all of my being for that to actually be real* come on google, how long would that ACTUALLY take you...?
  4. The Walking Dead

  5. What Have You Bought?

    I saw the trailer and thought - ooh that looks like it may have been a good book...!! Actually I bought the unabridged audiobook 'cause i've been housebound with a bad back for the past week and have been pretty much unable to do anything except stay at home and sit with a heatpad or lay on a hard floor - this is for when i'm on the floor Because I really love the series... and I'd like to *own* them O_o and of course... Melt and pour suspension soap base. because who DOESN'T try their hand at soap making on their days off...?!
  6. *comes to post about death of hate-mongerer and share exchange she had on subject which sums up her views* ... theeeere's...... a lot of hate in here..
  7. The Walking Dead

  8. X-Men: Days of Future Past

    *drools* this. looks. amazing. to be honest though, I would have been pretty happy with JUST the teaser trailer - especially when the movie is reasonably close to being released - but this trailer really ignites the ticket-buying part of my brain NOT in love with the new poster design though... opinions?? xavier reminds me FAR TOO MUCH of:
  9. The Walking Dead

  10. Is that you Becky?

  11. The Walking Dead

  12. What Have You Bought?

    ...a second one... because i worry about the one i have now coming off of my coat, this one will live in a box with my AA game collection (when i have one... planning on getting one game per paycheck from my "entertainment" budget ^_^) and: Because Adventure time written by Danielle Corsetto. That's why.
  13. Job woes/wins

    I'm currently holding down a 4-day-a-week retail job (very easy, extremely quiet place, coworkers are nice, days are just a bit boring for lack of customers...) and am soon to start the big "delete my CV and start all over again re-writing it for a CAREER rather than a job". just not really sure WHAT job title i need to be shooting for... I want to be in community management... or event planning... but i think i'd also make a really good company rep (hello, Nintendo...) i don't know.. and the contacts i have that could offer advice aren't being very forthcoming (i know they're busy.. but...)
  14. Charity Event: SpecialEffect

    Thanks dude yeah it's on reddit and N4G... can;t really think of anywhere else to put it but to ask people to share it on facebook - tho it seems nobody i ask can be fucked to do so...