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  1. How I Met Your Mother

  2. April Fools

    Firebox's April Fools
  3. April Fools

    *yearns with all of my being for that to actually be real* come on google, how long would that ACTUALLY take you...?
  4. The Walking Dead

  5. What Have You Bought?

    I saw the trailer and thought - ooh that looks like it may have been a good book...!! Actually I bought the unabridged audiobook 'cause i've been housebound with a bad back for the past week and have been pretty much unable to do anything except stay at home and sit with a heatpad or lay on a hard floor - this is for when i'm on the floor Because I really love the series... and I'd like to *own* them O_o and of course... Melt and pour suspension soap base. because who DOESN'T try their hand at soap making on their days off...?!
  6. *comes to post about death of hate-mongerer and share exchange she had on subject which sums up her views* ... theeeere's...... a lot of hate in here..
  7. The Walking Dead

  8. X-Men: Days of Future Past

    *drools* this. looks. amazing. to be honest though, I would have been pretty happy with JUST the teaser trailer - especially when the movie is reasonably close to being released - but this trailer really ignites the ticket-buying part of my brain NOT in love with the new poster design though... opinions?? xavier reminds me FAR TOO MUCH of:
  9. The Walking Dead

  10. The Walking Dead

  11. What Have You Bought?

    ...a second one... because i worry about the one i have now coming off of my coat, this one will live in a box with my AA game collection (when i have one... planning on getting one game per paycheck from my "entertainment" budget ^_^) and: Because Adventure time written by Danielle Corsetto. That's why.
  12. Job woes/wins

    I'm currently holding down a 4-day-a-week retail job (very easy, extremely quiet place, coworkers are nice, days are just a bit boring for lack of customers...) and am soon to start the big "delete my CV and start all over again re-writing it for a CAREER rather than a job". just not really sure WHAT job title i need to be shooting for... I want to be in community management... or event planning... but i think i'd also make a really good company rep (hello, Nintendo...) i don't know.. and the contacts i have that could offer advice aren't being very forthcoming (i know they're busy.. but...)
  13. Charity Event: SpecialEffect

    Thanks dude yeah it's on reddit and N4G... can;t really think of anywhere else to put it but to ask people to share it on facebook - tho it seems nobody i ask can be fucked to do so...
  14. Charity Event: SpecialEffect

    Guys, girls, people of N-europe... I know i'm not on here often anymore, but i'm going to ask for your help anyway... this event means a lot to me - i'd really appreciate your help in raising money - you don't even have to donate money yourselves... i'm just asking you to do one thing: Share the Pokemon Cushion Raffle. Anyone, anywhere in the world can buy a ticket, and 100% of the ticket price goes to SpecialEffect. I'm covering first class UK postage, and if someone overseas wins or the winner wants it sent recorded, we can work something out. All I need you to do is copy and paste the below and pop it on your facebook wall. that's all. that'll make me so happy... the link should even automatically generate a nice picture of the cushion for your friends to see - if not feel free to nick pictures from this thread. as i say - i really want to earn money for this amazing charity - it means a lot to me. please share the raffle, even if you can't donate, getting the word out is just as important... ....please....???
  15. Charity Event: SpecialEffect

    Click here to buy your tickets online Only £5/ticket and ALL proceeds go to the charity. Wer'e even covering 1st class postage costs. EDIT: Oh, and here's the first pic @Jamba was trying to post:
  16. Charity Event: SpecialEffect

    i are so ashamed X__X
  17. Charity Event: SpecialEffect

    PHEW! I just finished calling 'round and subsequently emailing all the local primary and secondary schools... i'm also in talks with the local paper about the event I'm really excited about this, guys - SpecialEffect are an amazing charity - i'm really happy about the special signed pokemon item we've had donated... we'll be raffling it on its own as it's such a special item, we wanted to be able to extend ticket sales to... you guys! as long as admin would be OK with me selling tickets on here, would people be interested?? @seribii , i'm lookin' at you... !!
  18. StreetPass UK

    @Gentleben i'm super glad you've decided to give it another try!! hopefully i can be helpful too ^_^
  19. The Walking Dead

    I don't think i'm going to be OK... christmas is cancelled.
  20. The Walking Dead

    I'm exactly 30 minutes and 12 seconds in to the mid-season finale:
  21. Not always right

    One of my go-to "I've got a spare five minutes, entertain me, internet!" websites is notalwaysright.com, where retail slaves post their funny stories of (usually) stupid customers doing hilarious things. I know lots of us here are retail slaves - let's share our ridiculous stories!! I added to the site recently: (at a video game shop) A mother comes in with her son, aged approx. 11 years old, with a bag full of xbox games to trade in. me: Hi! How can i help? mother: We'd like to trade in these for shop credit please. me: no problem! do you know what you'd like to buy with the credit yet? (i start checking and swiping the games as we're speaking, the mother looks at her son who shakes his head at her) me: that's fine - i can always give you a cash price for these, though it would be slightly lower than credit - or i can give credit and put it on a giftcard for you if you want to spend it another day. son: giftcard please. mother: (to son) but won't this leave you without *any* games?? son: yeah, but Dad's going to bring me to town tomorrow and get me GTA Fi- (at this point he trails off and looks at me, he knows he's put his foot in it) me: oh...uh... (to mother) i really feel i should mention that Grand Theft Auto is an 18 rated game for a VERY good reason... there's a torture scene.. mother: WHAT?! me: ...a LOT of swearing and violence, your sons character can have sex with prostitutes then murder them, there's also- mother: ABSOLUTELY NOT! (i stop at this point cause she shouts so loudly i genuinely think she's angry at ME for a second!) mother: THERE'S NO WAY! No WAY are you having THAT. (the kid sighs heavily and slumps down on to the counter) You KNEW about all of that didn't you?! There's NO WAY i'm buying you that, and your dad certainly wouldnt let you have it! ...i then go on to tell the woman about the bbfc and pegi ratings systems (using the 15 and 18 rated games her kid already owned, much to her dismay) she takes all the information gratefully and is genuinely happy that i'm showing her how to understand the ratings better (which is refreshing!!) all the while the kid is getting more and more worked up knowing he's not gunna get what he wanted... son: i'm NOT talking to you!!!! mother: oh, really??! i think you're forgetting who bought you all of those games in the first place... (to me) i'll take the cash amount please. she then sells all her kids games for cash, which she pops into her purse, smiles at me then swishes out of the shop - leaving her son open mouthed at the counter wondering what the heck just happened. i shrug at him and put what used to be his entire library of games into the traded drawer and call the next customer. go mum!! share your hilarious stories!
  22. The Great Big Job Hunt Thread

    know what ash? i'd be stalking that company's phone number and calling tomorrow am, telling them you just got fired because of that ridiculous website O_O oh in fact, hey look! it's CRAZY that a company would use that kind of sign up then spam your entire contacts list - imagine if that HAD had that effect?! i once applied to a job while still employed and despite ticking the "do not contact" box, they called my then current boss for a reference... needless to say, that didn't go down well, so when the job i'd interviewed for called to say "thanks but no thanks" they got the earful of a lifetime from me.