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  1. Nice avatar and sig combo, man! :D

  2. Nice! :D Keep me updated! :)

  3. No probs, mate. :) I've been wanting to tell you about it for some time now, yet I never got around to do it. You should really check out the other people on the site as well. Especially the main guy, ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, is hilarious with his Nostalgia Critic, Bum Reviews and Ask ThatGuy series, but many of the other people are also truly funny. I especially love it when they do crossovers with each other. The Nostalgia Critic even had a series of crossovers with the Angry Video Game Nerd for a time while the famous "feud" between them went on. I just love crossovers in general. Am I rambling right now? Yes, yes I am. :heh:

  4. No, I mean between your Facebook and YouTube links.

  5. Not yet, no. I'm definitely going to, though! :D Too many good movies at the moment, ahhh!

  6. Oh, I wasn't even aware that there was an N-E group on Steam! I haven't even ventured out into actual online play yet for fear of being owned, though I am slowly developing my skills. :heh: My account name is DannyboyTheDane. :)

  7. Oh, man, I haven't got around to it yet! Money's a little tight this month. I've heard nothing but great things!

  8. Oh, that's not what I meant, no. I could simply recognise the sentiment in your post about natural science often being prioritised.

  9. Oh, yes, I know that. :) What I didn't get was where you were going with it. :heh: In Denmark, we separate subjects into three faculties: Natural science (math, physics, biology etc.), society science (politics, economy etc.) and humanities, soon to be renamed cultural science (languages, literature, history etc.). In Denmark, it would seem a fairly large number of people view natural science (and sometimes society science) as more important than cultural science, something which I'm not exactly ecstatic about. :heh:

  10. Oh, you haven't played the game? Nah, he's a pretty cool debater, and he waxes philosophical at times. ;) He's also pretty suave and loves coffee - though in your case I guess it'd be cider instead. :heh:

  11. Oh, you're Gavin Hayes? I wondered who the heck it was. :P

  12. OMG! Kick-Ass was amazing, and Hit-Girl was even more awesome than I expected her to be! :D

  13. On the topic of Ace Attorney and things not being localised, have you heard that one of the two downloadable cases in Dual Destinies won't be released over here as well? Apparently it requires too great a knowledge of Japanese culture, which, while an excuse, is not a very good one if you ask me. Why can't they just let us try it ourselves? It's not as if the Japanese elements in the previous games been off-putting.

  14. Ooh, you haven't played that yet? In that case you're in for a treat! :D

  15. Reading up on it, it would appear the quiz thing is the second DLC content in its entirety!

  16. Red decks are aimed at direct damage, but as a result they generally don't have overly powerful creatures or spells; they rely on a quick-fire playing style that overwhelms the opponent.

  17. Seriously, what on Earth did you mean by that blowjob comment? :heh:

  18. Sorry to disappoint, but although I'm Scandinavian, I don't know too much about Norse mythology. :heh: I probably know a bit more about Greek mythology, actually. :p

  19. Stupid shit, that's what it is. :heh:

  20. Thanks for the links! :) I forgot I had a visitor's message. I'll check them out later.

  21. The feeling is most certainly mutual! :D

  22. The N-E Picture Caption Game has been revived! You're up next!