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  1. Public toilets and bath houses are where a lot gay men like to hang out.. I have gay dudes adding me to their Yahoo lists almost daily, and some of the stuff they come out with is outrageous. They know I'm straight but they get a kick out of it. I've had guys from Italy telling me they want to come to the UK and be my fag slave. Another gay said his balls and brain had shrunk from steroids, and told me his mum locked him in his bedroom for masturbating in the barn. He then put on his webcam, and showed me how he couldn't get out of his bedroom. The guy was 30, and he was in his underwear. Me and my mate can't stop laughing at these nuts.
  2. Xbox 360 Failure Rate Reaches 54%

    The GameCube was practically impossible to break as well. It's a shame about the 360 failure rate, but I still love the system.
  3. XBox 360 achievements: fun or chore?

    I go for the 100% in 360 games or as close as I can get, as I can't stand to have low percentage completed games on my tag. Sounds good on the PS3 though.
  4. XBox 360 achievements: fun or chore?

    What's better about it?
  5. XBox 360 achievements: fun or chore?

    Some of them are great, some of them suck. The Gears of War online achievements are pure gay for example. Total chore. The Orange Box had great achievements. This is a deal breaker for me actually. If I hear a game has crappy achievements, I won't buy it.
  6. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    God, I used to spend hours chatting to people on that game in the Dreamcast version... I voted for Earthworm Jim. I hope Shinobi gets released eventually as well.
  7. Colin McRae: DiRT 2

    Art style is this game's main problem. The textures are of high enough resolution, the cars look fine, and the graphics are clean, it's just the art style stinks.
  8. Majora's Mask

    First played this back when it came out, and didn't enjoy it much back then. Playing it on the VC and I just need to make my way in to the last dungeon, and to be honest, I'm not enjoying it.
  9. Legend of zelda the movie 2009

    Good God, please don't let it be real. It looks so fucking gay.
  10. I think it's really sad that DOR2, a game which came out in 2005 on a weaker console, has better graphics than this still.
  11. Cruisn USA. Fucking hell. Fuck that.
  12. Ferrari challenge

    As far as I'm concerned, it's what the devs manage to do with the hardware, than any sort of technicalities. I don't think graphics are as clean cut as in how many polys are being pushed, or which game has bloom and such, I think it goes by which game just looks better. On a technical level, Forza is better than GT4, I never denied this, but through dev talent, and "smoke and mirrors", GT4 just looks better, even if it technically isn't. If you compare an N64 game like V Rally to a game like Gran Turismo, well just because of the fact it was on the N64, V Rally had texture filtering, yet Gran Turismo didn't. Does that make V Rally a better looking game over all?
  13. Ferrari challenge

    That's my point. Forza has things like higher resolution textures, and more polygons, yet....GT4 looks easily more realistic.
  14. Ferrari challenge

    Yet, Gran Turismo 4 clearly looks better than Forza, but there are things in Forza that the PS2 couldn't do.