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  1. Anyone fancy doing some custom artwork?

    Well from what I've seen from other projects etc there are some extremely talented folk that hang out around these parts so thought it was worth an ask
  2. Anyone fancy doing some custom artwork?

    Well, anyway... obviously not getting anywhere here. Thanks
  3. Anyone fancy doing some custom artwork?

    Unfortunately just resizing them would make the image dimension wrong as the normal dvd images are taller than the square artwork like the itunes store artwork. It is an option I may have to resort to but ideally don't want to Thanks
  4. Now I'm not sure if there are any rules against this etc so apologies if so. As with many people these days I am moving all of my dvd collection into digital format, and generally using iTunes tv artwork. Unfortunately two tv shows are not on itunes so I'm unable to use the artwork from their. The two shows in question are "Men Behaving Badly" and Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights. I was wondering if anyone could make some custom mades for all six seasons of "Men..." and both Phoenix Nights. I am willing to pay £1 for each artwork. cdcovers.cc has the dvd scans but I'm looking for itunes size square artwork. At least 400 x 400. This is more in hope than expectation but you gotta ask right..?
  5. Wii General Discussion

    was hoping it would still be in 3 figures. thanks for your reply.
  6. Wii General Discussion

    Just a quick 1, anyone know how much trade in I can get for boxed Wii (as new) in Gamestation? Cheers
  7. Uncharted 2

    I'm glad the cheesy dialogue has been kept in the sequel
  8. Red Steel 2 (£4.95 @Zavvi)

    is this an Christmas 09 release?
  9. Resident Evil 5

    Can someone answer a quick question please, I am currently going through the game again a third time trying to collect all the BSAA emblems, although after reading a FAQ/quide I appear to have missed one in 2-1. Im currently in 4-2. Can I go back using the chapter selection or then rejoin at 4-2 or will I have to go through again? Thanks in advance
  10. iTunes Appstore reviews

    Google Earth seems like it was a good couple of months from a stable release, has a huge potential but this version offers little over the built in Maps app.
  11. Pro Evo 2009

    any reviews of the demo anyone?
  12. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Has anyone here bothered to play LAIR with the "standard" controls patch? Is it actually playable? I stayed away originally due to the awful reviews but since it can be obtained for under £20 may be worth a shot? I need a game to keep me entertained for a while until the big hitters come out.
  13. Post your desktop (56k time to Panic!)

    A question to mac users...how do you get the big icons? especially the cd artwork on the desktop? Cheers
  14. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Has Siren been given a BD release date yet? Also what's the cheapest place to get a DUALSHOCK3? Cheers
  15. official rare gamecube game thread!

    It's rare in the sense its worth a lot of money.