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  1. Rummy

    yo Calv! ain't nothing just saw its your birthdayday and thought I'd say a randomhello, been a long time since wifikarts by Charlie and all your excellent 3DS Miiverse drawings :p hope you're all good bro and happy birthday!

  2. how d'ye find giffgaff as a provider?

  3. You're not our Katie of old under a mild name change are you?

  4. Oh! My bad, I'd seen you around the Nintendo forums from time to time and wasn't sure!

  5. Looks like I am gonna be joining giffgaff, how do we sort out SIMs and that? Can you just give me a referral link and it works like that or what?

  6. Please man, don't be a cunt.

  7. Lord Rummy, did that come from somewhere?

  8. Do you see what your cuntery has brung? You were a cunt and now everybody thinks it's ok to be a cunt.



  9. Sold out to the dark side. Who are you maaaaaaan.

  10. Oiccc, I wondered, cos I used to use it when gaming, but then thought I'd never played with you(except sexually).


    Also your notification of writing on my wall got me excited that the G maff had begun :(

  11. Chat, you mother.

  12. Ahh, looks cool. I'll go with that then, though my stupid PAYG only just took my money for this month's texts so I might not start using it for a while...

  13. Dissappear'd cross country, back in 7.

  14. You're awesome, site looks fab. Thanks for all your hard work, even if we don't all see it :)

  15. Yay, we're friends! Check out the N-Europe playground, subforum in General Chit Chat for the mafia games etc. General Chit Chat's a cool place to hang too, post and say hello!



  16. You FTing or not then?

  17. Man, Juda Beaning moves far too fast, and I think each/every round should be brand new, in its own thread, with no attempts to get original round beans, it's just...way too confusing, there's too many beans! We don't even know about them and there's too many of them!

  18. Forum Telephone, you've only got a few hours left!

  19. Phone has literally just arrived! Excited I am! Thanks :)

  20. What is this 'friend request' jay? I thought we were already friends! :'(

    Is this going to mean something, or are you just whoring for lackies to join your posse, because I'm not here for that man, I want something real! Something that means something! I want a proper friendship, I'm not gonna stand to just be added to your 'friend' count, we've got something better than that, haven't we?!?


  21. Well out of touch but wanted to wish you a happy birthday for last week! I even saw the thread but briefly and never knew of you in your previous incarnation!

  22. No worries, I'll just forward it along for you.

  23. Mundiiii, just so you know, you're up for the telephony of the forum, it's only you and then the game is done!

  24. Yep, then I put them all together in order and stick them in the thread!