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  1. yo Calv! ain't nothing just saw its your birthdayday and thought I'd say a randomhello, been a long time since wifikarts by Charlie and all your excellent 3DS Miiverse drawings :p hope you're all good bro and happy birthday!

  2. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    Joined the pokemon go remote raid group on facebook, good shout 👌🏽
  3. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    Is it maybe worth letting people know about upcoming raids on this forum to try and get more people to join. I'm having a hard Time getting any new legendaries.
  4. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    I've added BowserBasher Falcon_BlackYT Clown ferret - moltrez123 Space - BKNO Shortv - ShortyNE Phubey Ugh - Ughfirstaid
  5. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    Hey. If anyone would like to add me I'd appreciate it. I will list who I've added once I've gone through the codes Calvrp 2021 6397 9232
  6. Project M: Awesome Smash Bros Mod

    Have you got the NTSC version of Brawl, if so all you need is that, the Gecko OS, Homebrew Channel and the Project M Mod.
  7. New Year New Baby

    Congratulations buddy. That first month is hard work.
  8. Project M: Awesome Smash Bros Mod

    Can any of you guys let me know if you're trying out 3.0, I have the wifi version and I'm itching to try it out online.
  9. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Hey, so. Everyone on this thread needs to get a NTSC copy of brawl and download the Project M mod. (plus homebrew and Gecko OS) It's just amazing. This will tie us over until Smash Bros 4
  10. I think i've added everyone on this thread, please add me and let me know if i've missed you. @Dog\-amoto @Sexual Chocolate
  11. NES Mod

    Thanks, I bought a Transparent N64 controller, cut out the Nintendo logo and cut a hole in the NES lid, then I added the transparent section into the lid, smoothed it all with filler and sprayed it all white. I had to fill the logo with flour so I didn't spray over the Transparent section, then moved the LED to the side of the NES under the lid. Hopefully gonna do something with my SNES too.
  12. NES Mod

    My NES Mod. Works much better after a good clean too
  13. Town name: Portbelo Mayor Calv Fruit: Apples (Big juicy red ones) 3DS Friend Code: 2191-7625-1977
  14. I've added everyone on the list Feel free to add me back @Mr\-Paul @Nintendo Fan @Sheikah My 3DS Friend Code: 2191-7625-1977
  15. Count me in 3DS Friend Code: 2191-7625-1977