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  1. Forum Telephone v4 - Now 33% faster!

    I know that is how it is spelt in the movie, but I spell it differently. It's a nickname given to me by my friend and that is how he spelled it.
  2. Forum Telephone v4 - Now 33% faster!

    I'm sorry, I didn't skip it on purpose, I forgot about it. I checked for all email notifications off because I didn't want them to clog my inbox. Again, I'm sorry for wasting your time, I won't do it again. Next time Rummy says something about it, I won't sign up. I won't take away from your fun anymore.
  3. Forum Telephone v4 - Now 33% faster!

    It's not like this site is part of my daily visiting routine. There are people who could have told me, and didn't. That is not my fault.
  4. Forum Telephone v4 - Now 33% faster!

    Guess I can't signup now, even though I want to.
  5. Do you see what your cuntery has brung? You were a cunt and now everybody thinks it's ok to be a cunt.



  6. Hello? Flink? (Forum Telephone v3)

    Thank you Rummy. ReZ, I only wrote what I saw and drew what I read.
  7. Hello? Flink? (Forum Telephone v3)

    ReZ, I left a message for you, it may have some...strange things in it...
  8. Hello? Flink? (Forum Telephone v3)

    Ron, I left a message on your machine, hope you get it. It is very...interesting.
  9. Hello? Flink? (Forum Telephone v3)

    I had to find a way to get the picture onto my computer...better a bit late than never right? Paj, I sent some brownies your way...though they might still be a little warm and smell quite horrible.
  10. Borderlands

    Best game I have for the 360. Way out classes MW2 and ACII by MILES. Got myself a 44 Hunter with some really good weapons from my godly friend, not hacked though, all legitimate. We played through the first playthrough with his help, and now I can solo the 2nd playthrough no problem. My disk broke though, so I havent been able to play it in some time
  11. Hello? Flink? (Forum Telephone v3)

    I have a feeling I am going to get along great with you guys, can't wait until it's my turn.
  12. Hello? Flink? (Forum Telephone v3)

    Sign me up as well Rums