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  1. The Wrasslin' thread

    cheers pal, did search for 'wwe' but it said there was nothing about! I actually think Sheamus is a really safe option, he's literally there to take the fall for the next champion, and even then asides from the casual fans backing Reigns, most will cheer Sheamus over Reigns. I don't mind him at all, Sheamus can be a great worker, he's not amazing in ring or on the mic, but he's still miles ahead of Reigns. I'm not an absolute Reigns hater, I don't think he's particularly good, but he has improved a lot the past few months, but his best two matches (Daniel Bryan, Cesaro) were him being carried pretty much the entire time. The match with Cesaro especially, it was obvious at times that he was really struggling to keep up with him, even early on. It's good having top workers have decent ring-time with Reigns as he'll keep learning and keep improving, but despite that, he's going to continue getting rejected if WWE continue to push him down everyones throats, and giving him mic time really isn't helping. The injury thing is a huge shame, but it's partly WWE's own fault for pushing the whole "there can only be one top guy" thing they've continued to do for too long. I'm not too big on Ambrose either, but they had a naturally over superstar who they could've pulled the trigger on a more than once and made him one of the very top stars, but they're far too hesitant to even do that because the spot is already reserved whether we like it or not, and it's such a big shame. Sami Zayn is on his way back within the next month and Rusev is already back, so they've got a few back-ups, but having most of the big names out really isn't helping at all. --- In other injury/wrestling news, I don't know if anyone watches puroresu, but AJ Styles is reported to be injured... which might mean the Nakamura/Styles match for NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 10 is questionable right now. Really hoping it's not serious and it can go ahead, because this could be a fantastic match.
  2. WWE / Pro Wrestling General

    hiya, i figured i'd make a thread to see if there are any fans of wwe/pro wrestling here. has anyone caught your eye? seen an amazing match recently? want to moan about roman reigns? feel free to post your wrestling-related comments here! probably don't bother if the only thing you've got to say is "wrestling is fake" (no shit). survivor series was a bit bland, and it's a shame as wwe really had the chance to step up and do something interesting amidst all of the injuries and lack of star power, but they decided to continue on auto-pilot in typical wwe style. saying this, i don't actually have any problems with sheamus as the champion for the moment, he's really good when he's not going through the motions. what did you think of survivor series, and where do you think wwe will go from here? mods: i used the search function and wasn't able to find a wwe/pro wrestling thread, so feel free to delete this if there's already an existing thread. :-)
  3. i've been watching one punch man since it started, and i've been really enjoying it. can't recommend it enough. i've been tempted to start the manga, but in all honesty, i might just stick with the anime for now as i don't want to burn myself out on opm only 8 episodes into the first series.
  4. Destiny

    hiya, i'm rummy's friend/psychick-youth (for those who i did some of the raid with the other week). just thought i'd pop in and say hi and that'll be somewhat active in this thread.
  5. Piercings and/or tattoos!

    Me, during getting myself inked a second time. It was about 3/4's of the way finished at this point.
  6. Most Votes Mafia: SIGN-UP

    I'll join.
  7. Gigs / Concerts

    Got ATP's I'll Be Your Mirror 2012 in about 2 weeks or so. Really gutted that Death Grips have pulled out due to cancelling their current tour to work on their next LP, but still really looking forward to seeing Wolves in the Throne Room, Sleep, Slayer, Melvins, Mogwai, Chavez, Archers of Loaf and Codeine. Sunn O))) + Nurse With Wound in July is going to be awesome, and then I've got both of Radiohead's shows at the O2 Area in October. Excited.
  8. The Weather Mafia

    Sorry I went inactive towards the end! Was super fun for my first mafia though, really enjoyed it!
  9. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    Sorry guys, I've had a really busy few days since Thursday, and I've just got back to Uni this weekend too. Since I've not been able to post, I'll let you know that my powers are roleblock & proctect. I've used my power once, but it was unsuccessful - my target was @Rummy. I'll try to catch up on this tomorrow afternoon after I've finished my filming.
  10. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    I've got no information to give. The internet at the hospital has been terrible, so I couldn't even get my PM in. Sorry!
  11. The Weather Mafia

    remove vote vote: heroicjanitor
  12. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    The original book was good, but I wasn't THAT impressed by it. I also found it a bit of a chore to read. Give me Batman any day.
  13. The Weather Mafia

    My power boosts the power of the person I've targeted. I targeted you, but I was swept away by a mighty wind, and got redirected. Vote: heroicjanitor EDIT: Sorry, didn't realise you wanted the weather too. I'm lightning, revealed this a little earlier in the game.
  14. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    I'm in the write-up, but I was unsuccessful on my last target.
  15. Fringe (TV Show)

    I've tried to watch the first episode of the first season, but it was just a bit too much of an X-Files clone for me. Is it worth trying to fight my way through the series to see if it gets better?