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  1. Omg... I haven't bought the remake as I replayed the original recently before it was announced. But I've been checking it out a bit on YouTube. And this music is just so perfectly fitting. I also LOVE how they've actually used the original gameboy music here.
  2. I'm not sure where to post this, and I don't know if it deserves its own topic. But I think Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins is long overdue an official remake/remaster (I forget which means what lol), and would suit one in this style.
  3. As much as I loved Link's Awakening, I hated that level too lol. xD
  4. I've only played Gens 1-5, although I played them a lot. But I always wished the Exp Share from Gen 6/7 was in the games after I heard about it. I'm glad to hear the Exp Share is returning for SwSh. Hopefully the level curve of the game combined with opponents having good moves and strategy will make the game challenging. But if not there's always this game's battle tower equivalent, where the Exp Share will come in really handy for levelling up Pokemon quickly for the challenge. That said, some people dislike the Exp Share or like to turn it off sometimes, so hopefully for those people there's an option to turn it off, which hopefully is still possible via the game's menus, even if the Exp Share isn't an actual item.
  5. Google Stadia

    I have a question about Google Stadia. I'm probably being dumb so apologies for that in advance. xD My question is this... why is there a £120 "console" involved? Surely the idea would be that you pay the monthly subscription and then just download the "Stadia" app on any smart TV/PC/device, and off you go streaming games. Like Netflix, but games. Of course you'll probably want a controller too, but surely any modern controller would work?
  6. I like this Pokemon's design, but I don't get why they teased a fighting-type duck Pokemon with Missingno-like "glitching". You'd expect there to be some link between the glitching and the Pokemon. Oh well! xD
  7. I hope it IS Missingno, but I doubt it. xD
  8. FF8 is an amazing game. I'll definitely buy this at some point, I'm actually listening to the FF8 soundtrack a lot lately! PS this is my fave track from the game. I bought the Steam port a few years back, and am a LITTLE frustrated that people like me who bought it already don't get any kind of discount or bonus whatsoever. BUT, at the same time people did work on this new version and deserve to get paid haha. Also, have to agree about Triple Triad. Great minigame.
  9. That's... really strange, I genuinely have no idea why I thought it was Prima lol. xD Thanks for the help.
  10. Niiice, it must be nice to have a collection of them! I still have the FFX one somewhere, although my dog took a bite out of it at some point and a bunch of the pages have a corner missing lol. xD (I should add he was a very good dog and was just playing. xD)
  11. Looks like Prima are doing an official guide.émon-Sword-Shield-Official-Strategy/dp/1911015664/ Also looks like Piggyback, who did some AMAZING guides years ago (I had one for Final Fantasy X), have a listing for an Official Galar Region Pokedex guide. Although it's unavailable at the moment. The thing that makes me a bit suspicious about these listings though is that why would Prima make one guide and Piggyback make the other? I think the Prima one IS legit though, as it's also listed on Also, does anyone know what they actually mean by "Official". Are these licenced by Nintendo/Game freak or something?
  12. Apparently there will be some Pokemon SwSh news tomorrow, which happens to be exactly 100 days until it's out! I wonder if they'l tell us about this game's evil team (if there is one?). Or maybe they will announce that they've decided to put all Pokemon in the game. xD
  13. Great to hear they've found a way of boosting the battery for people who like to use their Switch in handheld mode.
  14. There are steelbook versions available for the individual games now! Check them out on Nintendo UK's store or ShopTo. Speaking of ShopTo, I don't know how reliable they are but they're offering £10 off on preorders, both the dual pack and the individual games. I actually think the individual game steelbooks look better than the dual pack one. xD Although it says the artwork isn't final for all of them.
  15. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! "As previously announced, Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released for the PlayStation 4 on March 3rd 2020. We have no plans for other platforms." To be fair "no plans" doesn't mean "it's not happening" exactly. But that sentence seems quite strongly worded and has brought it back to an "if" rather than a "when" it's going to be released on other platforms. I was really hoping to buy it on Steam/PC. Source: