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  1. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    I've entered every day so far too. I'd be happy to win anything, but I'd prefer to win a Switch Lite or Zelda.
  2. Jeez it's hard to catch. I'm trying to catch a 5 star one and not having much luck, even at night with a Dusk Ball. Might have to settle for a 4 star or less one at this rate!
  3. Well today's the day Gigantamax Snorlax is available in raids. So I'll get working on that later.
  4. Getting into Competitive Pokémon

    Excellent guide! And great idea providing a rental team for the Battle Tower. Many thanks!
  5. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    It looks like winners are informed by email within 7 days of each day up to 19th Dec, and then by 10th Jan for the days from 20th Dec onward. Now, how can I put as many people off entering as possible so I have more chance of winning the prizes muahahaha... 😈 😈 😈
  6. Just finished the story at 60h 48m, although I spent a lot of time in the Wild Area, and retraced my steps through Galar a couple of times. Anyway, excellent game and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although it's not over, next step is to complete the dex! Oh and thinking about it, I totally forgot about the Gigantamax Snorlax, I better get trying to catch that too!
  7. A competetive team building guide would be really handy for me! I've not got much competetive experience, but once I complete the dex I'd like to build a decent team for battles.
  8. So I just did a Suprise Trade for the very first time. I skpped Gens 6 and 7, so I never did a Wonder Trade before either. Anyway, I sent a Farfetch'd holding a Leek, hoping it would help out a Shield Player. What do I receive, a Level 1 Magikarp of course! I must admit, it made me laugh lol. xD
  9. Awww that's a shame. Would be great if they could add Pokemon species as data rather than requiring an update. Then you could technically battle or trade anyone with a Pokemon species you don't have yet, receive the data and continue without having to update your game. By the way, can anyone help me with the following? If you get the latest Wild Area News, is the current Wild Area News saved to your save data? Or do you have to do it EVERY time you start the game. (I do get that you'd need to update if there IS new Wild Area News, what I'm asking is if the one you most recently got stays or is deleted if you quit the game, if that makes sense). And also, in Max Raids, is there a way to tell if you already got the dex data for this Pokemon? I have a terrible memory and keep catching duplicates. xD
  10. Wow some of you have completed the dex already?! Congratulations!
  11. Yay my copy of The Official Galar Region Strategy Guide arrived. I can tell people I read books now!
  12. Now 6 badges in and proceeded to the town where you get the 7th. I don't want to finish the story too quickly though, so I'm now roaming the Wild Area for a bit again, and since I have the bike upgrade, I'll probably retrace my steps through Galar once again once I've spent more time in the Wild Area. Hopefully find some stuff I missed or couldn't get to before. With regard to boxes, I'm currently storing "special Pokemon", like Mystery Gift, traded and one off Pokemon in Box 8, and everything else is just going in the order I catch them. xD I'm probably going to reorder and use Boxes 1 and 2 specials soon. Once I start properly trying to fill the dex, I'll probably order them by dex number from Box 3 onward at that point.
  13. I wish the mints were obtainable at the start of the game. I just reset SEVENTY times on my Shield save for an Adamant Scorbunny lol. Needed to start my Shield save so that I could claim my Meowth on there lol. Anyway, the process is complete now. Phew!
  14. Wow, that's a lot of easy cash. I better hurry up and use that Meowth code next time I play! I've now got three badges and progressed a couple of towns from there. I don't want to complete the storyline too quickly, so next I'm gonna do the codes, then go back and do anything I missed in the towns, like in-game trades, sidquests etc. Maybe even work on the curry dex for a bit. At this point I think, and I'll do the negatives first, the storyline is a bit bland/typical so far, the dexit thing is a shame but tbh I kind of forgot about it, and the Wild Area is very laggy if you're connected to the internet. But regardless I'm still very much enjoying SwSh a lot and don't regret buying it one bit. The graphics and style of the game are great, the music is top-notch, and I am enjoying the adventure even if the storyline's not exactly amazing. Battles are great fun and there are some great attack animations even if not all of them are so. The Wild Area is really good fun and I'm enjoying finding new Pokemon and collecting stuff through raids and generally exploring. The British slang such as people ending sentences with "mate" and saying they're "cream crackered" is very funny. Very pleased to hear the games have sold so well. It's nice to know one of my favourite game series is still doing really well, and maybe I'm being paranoid, but I'd be very worried if a mainline Pokemon game sold badly. Would they make improvements and try again? Or would they just stop making mainline Pokemon games? And finally I've found myself wondering, programming aside, if in terms of canon SwSh's universe has Mega Evolution. Like if you were able to fly from Galar, to say, Alola. Would you find an Alola where Mega Evolution exists? I've not seen any NPCs mention Mega Evolution yet, so I'm thinking no. Although to be fair Pokemon canon is about as reliable and consistent as Sonic's, so I guess it doesn't really matter. xD
  15. The other day I finished the first Gym. The Gym Challenge made me laugh. xD Spent the last couple of evenings using my spare/Shield save to trade with a friend and get us both the starters we didn't pick, and with the right Natures. Took some time but my friend and I now have all three starters on our main saves, so it was worth it in the end! Next I think I better use all the codes that came with the games/emails before they expire or get guessed/stolen by randomers or something xD. And once that's done I can get back to proceeding through the game. Really enjoying SwSh so far!