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  1. General Switch Discussion

    Ohhhh thanks! I hope the rumours are true!
  2. General Switch Discussion

    Is this FOR REAL?! And sorry if I missed this elsewhere on the forum! tldr: ("sources" reporting) Mario 64, Sunshine, 3D World and Galaxy coming to Switch. I missed 3D World and Galaxy and would be more than happy to buy them on Switch! Or have a been the victim of an April Fool that's not got April 1st in the article date? xD
  3. What Have You Bought?

    Bought Halo: Master Chief Collection on Steam. I've played a fair bit of the old Halo 1 PC on and off over the years. It still works, multiplayer and everything but it's hard to get a decent game. So I bought MCC mainly for Halo 1 and have played lots of 8v8 Team Slayer since. Something feels a little different, maybe the mouse movement or the hit boxes or something, but I'm getting used to it and having a great time. Also played through Reach's campaign for the first time, really enjoyed, although it's a sad story. Also playing through Halo 1's campaign with the Anniversary graphics and enjoying that too. Looking forward to the remaining games in the collection. Have to say £29.99 and no subscription fees considering what you get is an absolute bargain. Kind of makes me feel like Pokemon's pricing/subscriptions, especially recently, is a bit much... but that's another topic. Still love Pokemon and will continue to buy though. xD
  4. I'm gonna battle some Mewtwos this weekend with my Pokeball Plus Mew!
  5. D'oh! I'd rather not have any hacked Pokemon, so I'm going to release it and GTS for another one (one that's not hacked xD). Thanks for the help!
  6. Speaking of hacked mons, I received a Squirtle in a Dive Ball with its hidden ability. Is the fact it's in a Dive Ball indication it's hacked? I've checked and I think it's possible through breeding, but I'd appreciate cofirmation. Nothing else about it seems suspicious.
  7. Unfortunately my old phone isn't compatible with Pokemon Home... Fortunately the Android emulator provided by Android Studio on PC is! So I've claimed my Bulbasaur, Pichu and am currently waiting for a Wonder Trade and GTS trade to complete so I can get my Rotom and Eevee!
  8. I think the free version will suffice for me. The GTS should help with completing the updated Dex for the DLC.
  9. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    Just watched the first ep, brilliant start.
  10. Getting into Competitive Pokémon

    Quite new to competitive, but did some online ranked battles (singles) in game recently. Managed to get to Rank 5 and then really started to struggle to get a win. I'd like to become half decent at Pokemon battles, so I've been watching some videos on competitive battling and hopefully I've picked up a few tips. I'm gonna start practicing on Pokemon Showdown soon, and hopefully after a few weeks I'll have enough experience to build and use a team in game that can get me to Master Tier! *Is fully aware it's probably not that easy xD*
  11. Getting into Competitive Pokémon

    I finished my in-game team's stats+moves, well I'm sure I'll tweak it, but anyway I had a few casual online battles. Won two with a bit of luck, and lost three others, barely denting the opponent's team lol. I don't have much competitive experience, and I've quickly learnt that a team of sweepers doesn't cut it, so I definitely need to add some strategy to my team, and figure out how to counter stuff that's currently destroying my team. xD I happend to encounter and catch a shiny 5 star Runerigus in a Max Raid the other day, so I might raise it to set up Stealth Rock and Toxic Spikes.
  12. Jeez, I learnt a lesson in the Battle Tower the last few days. This is just my experience, I'm sure this is quite a general thing to say, and it probably depends on the Pokemon. But it seems like for a Sweeper it's probably better to have an Adamant (+Attack -Special Attack) or Modest (+Special Attack - Attack) Nature over a Jolly (+Speed -Special Attack) or Timid (+Speed -Attack) one. My team was mostly made up of Sweepers with Attack/Special Attack boosting Natures. I randomly made the decision that going first was more important, so I started using Speed boosting Mints on them. For me - big mistake. I found that it really made the difference between a 1HKO on a lot of Pokemon. So I switched them back using Attack or Special Attack boosting Mints, and the Battle Tower suddenly got easier again. I was still outspeeding most Pokemon, but 1HKOing more of them. And with that, it's just one more 50 BP to earn to get the Mint I need for my last Pokemon. Then that's my team's stats all maxed out. Just need to get High Jump Kick onto my Cinderace, and decide what items to give them all, and my in-game team is all set for now. I'll probably have a few online battles with them to determine their weak points and get some experience. And then take a look at training some more Pokemon that aren't just Sweepers. xD
  13. The new updates coming, the Galarian Slowpoke and Gigantamax Pokemon have got me back into the game. Pre-ordered the DLCs, caught Slowpoke, and spent several hours this weekend looking for the current Gigantamax Pokemon. Managed to get all of them except Appletun. I did see one by joining someone else's Max Raid, but unfortunately I threw a Dusk Ball by accident in the day and it got away lol. I also spent some time working on my team. All of their EVs are sorted now. So in theory I should never need an EV reduction berry ever again, since I'll train any future Pokemon from scratch. Just got to get a few more Nature mints. and quite a few more Bottle Caps and they're all done.
  14. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX

    Just played the demo (never played before) and completed two dungeons. Played for about half hour, I like the art style but I found the game a little boring. xD I'll definitely try again later or tomorrow though.
  15. I've never used ShopTo before but I just bought the Expansion (twice, one for each game xD) from there and it worked perfectly. They give you a code and then you open up the eShop on your Switch and select Reedeem Code. Also claimed all the available Mystery Gifts I've been too lazy to get this last couple of weeks haha, and caught a Gigantamax Coalossal and Lapras, will work on the rest later. That's me all set for the DLC, looking forward to more news about it.