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  1. If you'd like something official from Google, also has an Android emulator. I used it a few months back when I needed to get Pokemon Home working and received the Pokemon available through it at the time. Since then I've managed to get Home working on my old phone. I totally agree with what others have said though, it would be a lot better if all of Pokemon Home's functionality was available on the Switch too.
  2. Aye, you get a crown you can wear, and a Mark Charm which slightly boosts the chances of Pokemon you catch having a Mark on them. I think I'll skip on wearing the crown though lol. xD
  3. Wooooo! All I have left to do on the Isle of Armor now is finish the Watts/Dojo quest. And then try my luck with Restricted Training. I have really enjoyed the Isle of Amor, I wish the story was longer but overall I am definitely glad I bought it, and looking forward to The Crown Tundra.
  4. Pokémon Presents: June 24th 2020

    I might try Pokemon Unite out one day, but I'm not that fussed about it at this point. xD
  5. OMG, after many failed attempts and trying different Pokemon and strategies, and with help from a pal, I FINALLY took down a Shiny Zeraora, woooo! What worked in the end was training a Runerigus. I gave it 252 HP and 252 SpD (its base Def is already pretty high), Leftovers, and then just spammed Haze while my pal and the two other players (one Human, one AI) concentrated on attacks. I think Zeraora got mad at me though as it used all of its attacks in the final turn against my Runerigus lol. xD Really lucky I'd used a Max Potion that turn or we'd have lost the battle.
  6. General Switch Discussion

    Hmm hopefully this means they will update the Switch version of Pokemon Home to have all of the features of the mobile version. Kinda annoying switching between devices. xD
  7. Yeah I've been doing my bit. I'm also training a Rhyperior right now to make it easier, as none of my Pokemon really are suited to the task, and in general I've been neglecting actually training some battle-ready Pokemon outside my team anyways.
  8. Oooooh rats. I really wish I'd been writing down which areas I'd found all the Digletts in... there doesn't seem to be a way to check afterwards. Edit: Nvm I got them all. xD
  9. Phew it's working, on both Sword and Shield. Was really worried I might have got the wrong one or something after the news the other day lol. xD Anywho, had a quick go, seems alright so far. The story so far has made me laugh a few times, and it's nice seeing Pokemon I haven't caught in SwSh yet. I enjoy completing the dex so I'll have a good time even if there's not much story. I haven't really played it enough yet to analyse it much more than that. xD But I'm glad it's here.
  10. Jeez, bit worried now. I just heard the information about people buying the wrong DLC. I bought mine from ShopTo, and the old email just says "Pokemon Sword OR Shield DLC". So not sure what happened there... Guess I'll find out tomorrow lol. xD
  11. PC Gaming Discussion

    KANE LIVES!!! PEACE THROUGH POWER! PEACE THROUGH POWER! Remaster unlocks tomorrow at 6PM (if I've calculated it correctly xD) wooooo!
  12. I've pre-ordered the DLC but, I do hope that it has more complex maps and exploration than the base game. I really enjoyed SwSh, but that's my criticism of it. xD Like, I hope these DLCs aren't just basically two big flat areas like the Wild Area.
  13. No waaaaaaay, literally after reading your post I encountered a Shiny Eevee. Unfortunately it escaped the Ultra Ball I threw at it. Also, does your Malamar have the ability Contrary? I'm guessing because with all the stat reduction moves Eevee uses that would make it really useful haha!
  14. PC Gaming Discussion

    SAME! Well, I haven't pre-ordered but it will most likely be a day 1 buy for me and I can't wait!
  15. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    Today I finished Halo 2 on Legendary (PC/Steam). It would say it is the most difficult single player game I have ever played, but Ecco the Dolphin exists, so it's in second place. xD But it sure was difficult. I died a lot and really appreciated each checkpoint. It was also really excellent fun. I've never played through Halo 2 before. I really enjoyed the story, the music and the gameplay. I also liked the Arbiter's gameplay a lot with the temporary camo mechanic. You can tell the developers really cared about the game. Amongst the story there's also lots of humour. Several times I actually really lol'd just hearing the daft things the enemies (and sometimes ally AI players) would say. I'm looking forward to Halo 3, and after that looking forward to seeing how Halo 4 compares to the first 3. As I understand it, at that point it was taken over by 343 and Bungie broke of from MS, sacrificing ownership of Halo and began work on Destiny (which I've never played).