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  1. Getting into Competitive Pokémon

    I finished my in-game team's stats+moves, well I'm sure I'll tweak it, but anyway I had a few casual online battles. Won two with a bit of luck, and lost three others, barely denting the opponent's team lol. I don't have much competitive experience, and I've quickly learnt that a team of sweepers doesn't cut it, so I definitely need to add some strategy to my team, and figure out how to counter stuff that's currently destroying my team. xD I happend to encounter and catch a shiny 5 star Runerigus in a Max Raid the other day, so I might raise it to set up Stealth Rock and Toxic Spikes.
  2. Jeez, I learnt a lesson in the Battle Tower the last few days. This is just my experience, I'm sure this is quite a general thing to say, and it probably depends on the Pokemon. But it seems like for a Sweeper it's probably better to have an Adamant (+Attack -Special Attack) or Modest (+Special Attack - Attack) Nature over a Jolly (+Speed -Special Attack) or Timid (+Speed -Attack) one. My team was mostly made up of Sweepers with Attack/Special Attack boosting Natures. I randomly made the decision that going first was more important, so I started using Speed boosting Mints on them. For me - big mistake. I found that it really made the difference between a 1HKO on a lot of Pokemon. So I switched them back using Attack or Special Attack boosting Mints, and the Battle Tower suddenly got easier again. I was still outspeeding most Pokemon, but 1HKOing more of them. And with that, it's just one more 50 BP to earn to get the Mint I need for my last Pokemon. Then that's my team's stats all maxed out. Just need to get High Jump Kick onto my Cinderace, and decide what items to give them all, and my in-game team is all set for now. I'll probably have a few online battles with them to determine their weak points and get some experience. And then take a look at training some more Pokemon that aren't just Sweepers. xD
  3. The new updates coming, the Galarian Slowpoke and Gigantamax Pokemon have got me back into the game. Pre-ordered the DLCs, caught Slowpoke, and spent several hours this weekend looking for the current Gigantamax Pokemon. Managed to get all of them except Appletun. I did see one by joining someone else's Max Raid, but unfortunately I threw a Dusk Ball by accident in the day and it got away lol. I also spent some time working on my team. All of their EVs are sorted now. So in theory I should never need an EV reduction berry ever again, since I'll train any future Pokemon from scratch. Just got to get a few more Nature mints. and quite a few more Bottle Caps and they're all done.
  4. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX

    Just played the demo (never played before) and completed two dungeons. Played for about half hour, I like the art style but I found the game a little boring. xD I'll definitely try again later or tomorrow though.
  5. I've never used ShopTo before but I just bought the Expansion (twice, one for each game xD) from there and it worked perfectly. They give you a code and then you open up the eShop on your Switch and select Reedeem Code. Also claimed all the available Mystery Gifts I've been too lazy to get this last couple of weeks haha, and caught a Gigantamax Coalossal and Lapras, will work on the rest later. That's me all set for the DLC, looking forward to more news about it.
  6. Pokémon Direct January 9th 2:30 UK Time

    That's great! Thanks for confirming. I automatically assumed each one was a seperate, (normally) £27-ish expansion lol. xD
  7. Pokémon Direct January 9th 2:30 UK Time

    Does buying the Expansion pass get you both The Isle of Armour (Armor?) and The Crown Tundra?
  8. Pokémon Direct January 9th 2:30 UK Time

    Really pleased with today's Pokemon Direct! If I'm completely honest, as much as I really enjoyed Pokemon SwSh, since completing the dex, I haven't really played much. I think it's mainly due to being a bit burnt out after playing so much up until that point. But I think also a part of it is that there's not much left to do unless you're into the competetive side of the game. Still need to finish working on my team, but I just haven't felt like it for a while. But, having two new large areas to explore, some new storyline and 200 additional Pokemon is great news! Although, I hope there is more to these new areas than the existing Wild Area. Like more map complexity and actual exploration. The Wild Area in itself is great and I've very much enjoyed it, but there's not really much exploration there. It's two big flat fields. xD
  9. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Brilliant intro. Can't wait to play this!

    Merry Christmas y'all! 🎄❄🎅
  11. QAPLAAAAAAAAAA'! Pokedex complete! After being at 399 for like a week, I finally got foggy weather at Bridge Field, and caught Mimikyu.
  12. Xbox Series X - Christmas 2020

    Does it switch into portable mode? xD
  13. What Have You Bought?

    I just bought a PokeBall Plus for the Mew. Which means I've basically just spent £40 on like 200 bytes of data. Was it worth it? Darn right. Just waiting for it to arrive haha.
  14. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    Weeell I don't really want the game, but I entered anyway. If I win, I'll give the download code to a charity. I'm sure some endangered animals or trees will appreciate it. 🤡
  15. I did a bunch of trades with a pal the other day and we got each other all sorted for finishing our dex's! Today I got to 393. All that's left are a couple of friendship evos, a few weather specific finds and a rare max raid with a 15% encounter rate. Bye bye wishing peices lol. For the weather ones, I'm aware it's possible to force certain weather by setting the Switch's clock to a certain time. But I feel like that's just a little slightly bit cheating. Although it wouldn't bother me in the slightest if someone else did it, everyone should enjoy the games the way they want. But I just can't bring myself to do it lol. After that I'm gonna start making my in-game team as competetively useful as I can. @Glen-i's guide will certainly be a big help! Edit: 1 Day later 397 now! Rhyperior (the 15% dude) was a NIGHTMARE to catch. I had to throw wishing pieces into a den at Dusty Bowl. Hope for a rare raid. Then hope it was there at 15%. And THEN hope I actually caught the darn thing! It took several hours, but I eventually found one and was lucky enough to catch it with a Dusk Ball. All that's left now is to catch Milotic and Mimikyu, which are both weather dependent, and breed a Feebas. So it's just a matter of time muahahahaahaaaah! If the weather's not right that day there's not much I can do about it, so I'll probably start working on making my team more competetive now anyway. Edit 2: Days Later 399!!! Got foggy weather in the Lake of Outrage today. Caught a Milotic and bred a Feebas. Just need fog at Bridge Field or Giant's Mirror for Mimikyu now.