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  1. 29 minutes ago, nekunando said:

    Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove or Breath of the Wild DLC.. What's the better investment..? Both currently £17.99 :smile:

    I was thinking about the same and went for Shovel Knight! BOTW was great but I still have enough to do without the DLC. Plus I'm not really interested in most of the DLC content.

    Playing Shovel Knight over the weekend I think I made the right choice. Got myself the Pro Controller for a proper D-pad and am enjoying it a lot! You can really feel the love for NES platformers like Mega Man and Ducktales, but it still feels original enough. 

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  2. Quite an okay sale! I have 20 euros left on my account, so I'm in doubt: either Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove or Shantae + Mighty Gunvolt Burst.


    And yeah no excuse to not pick up Rocket League so we can set up a proper N-E footie competition!

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  3. On 12-5-2017 at 10:52 AM, Vileplume2000 said:

    Poor wifi is an issue; I cannot play online or watch movies from the News section because it is not getting enough signal. My wifi signal is not the best but the Switch is worse than my smartphone for example. But even my phone often has trouble with streaming videos. So I ordered an access point; should fix it (also for my other devices)!

    Dock scratching I don't see yet (only some stains where he rests in the dock). I did put on one of those god-awful screen protectors just in case (I hate applying these; mine has 2 small air bubbles which I can't get out. Luckily you don't notice them when the screen is on.

    Since getting an access point I don't have any connection issues anymore. Shouldn't be since I can use 5Ghz channel and the dock is 0,5m from the access point, in handheld about 2 meters!

    Dock scratching however gets worse. First I only saw some stains but now on the right side I see scratches. Luckily on the screenprotector so I'm thinking about upgrading that to a glass one (now it is a plastic one).

    Anyone have any experience with sending back the dock only for warranty? I can go for a week or 2 in only handheld mode, but don't want to send in the full unit.

  4. So I am trying to decide whether I will go for the DLC or not. Right now I finished the main game but still have about 30 subquests to do, next to collecting more Koroks/shrines/gear. So time-wise I don't need the DLC since I got plenty of hours to go.

    What bugs me though is that the DLC adds a lot of stuff to make questing more convenient. Stuff like the Korok mask, Hero's Path, Teleportation Rune and the Ancient Saddle are super useful. But they should have made this post-game content and not paid content.

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  5. Today most matches were book vs film for me, so looks like indeed most votes were for film.

    They should really make the Splatfest last longer though, it was finished already while I was 12 points short for King.

  6. Yeah I think I remember that race, I placed second if I recall? With my skills and 200cc it was unheard of. And then this psychic horn as well, something was definitely going on, I think I entered some sort of other dimension. I wanted to capture that race but could not find the capture button at these insane speeds haha.

  7. 14 hours ago, dazzybee said:

    Are you Dennis?

    That would be me!

    14 hours ago, Glen-i said:

    He is. The very same Dennis that ruined my Rainbow Road race 3 weeks ago.


    Also me! :) I can't see what I'm hitting you with. Was I just holding a shield behind me?

  8. 10 hours ago, Jonnas said:

    Is Nano Assault EX any good? I'm undecided between that and Mighty Switch Force, and I have Gold Points for either.

    EDIT: There seems to be a Steam version of MSF called "Hyper Drive Edition". If that's the straight up superior version (there are extra levels, right?), I might just buy the game there, and use the points on Nano Assault. But I'd prefer to hear a second opinion first.

    They are both fun games. Got Nano Assault EX through the Humble Bundle and was hooked to it for a while, although sometimes it is frustratingly difficult. Mighty Switch Force is also good, both part 1 and 2. I don't know if the Steam version has extra levels though.

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  9. 20 hours ago, BowserBasher said:
    EDIT  I’ve just noticed that in this race whoever was in last place and threw the blue shell actually got hit by the blast as I was lapping them  😂


    11 hours ago, Glen-i said:



    And finally, some awful bullying of @Vileplume2000


    Yeah, that was @Vileplume2000 feeling the full brunt of Mario Kart's rage. And yes, I was the one who nudged him over the edge.

    @BowserBasher, You're not gonna believe who it was...


    Yeah, I think he deserves some sympathy this week...

    Thanks for the extra love @Glen-i, makes my 4 points in GP1 even more bittersweet haha.

    And here is the faithful Blue Shell accident from my perspective:



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  10. 8 hours ago, dazzybee said:

    What a great game. Don’t understand flying through the air at all... had s game and for batter 14-1 (I was with a player called @Cube wasn’t you was it?) and the level of control they had was ridiculous. Also raised a really annoying thing - matchmaking. Two rookies next to a veteran and an all star... hmmm... annoying. Still great fun. 

    Weird the game you can create a lobby from the main menu but then not search for a game... does anyone know if you can join a friend’s game?

    Need to get 4/6 of us together for some games. 

    Yeah also played some games yesterday, as expected great fun! Never played RL before so I started with the tutorial. Decided to go online after that and saw @Nicktendoonline as well. Sent him an invite and moments later we were in a team playing matches! @dazzybeeI think the host of the party can search for games (so invite people from the main menu and then the host player can search).

    Matchmaking is bad indeed. Played some games with rookie and semi-pros, which was equally matched. But also got slaughtered 14-1 against some killer team. Guess it should get better when more newbies pick up the game and start playing.

    Graphics are mediocre in handheld (haven't tried TV mode yet). But as soon as a match starts and things get moving I quickly look past it.

  11. Just bought it through the Nintendo website since I still had some credit on my account, so it should have been downloaded to my Switch tonight when I get home. Feels modern to buy a game like this haha. Can't wait to give it a go, never played it before but looks fun as hell!

  12. 9 hours ago, RedShell said:

    I'm actually a bit disappointed. :heh: Got some more nice gear though, so that's cool:


    That must have taken quite some rerolls! Just to know, what is the best strategy to get stuff like this? Never really looked into the reroll/competitive gear for Splatoon.

    On 11/5/2017 at 5:37 PM, Glen-i said:

    Around 9pm. So I'm thinking Thursday 9:15pm might be a good weekly time to get some Splats in.

    6 people or more would be fantastic, because then we can properly utilise Private Battles. 4 (Or 2) players would still allow us to do League Battles at least.

    Of course, if there's just 3, Turf Wars/Salmon Run would probably work best.

    So I'm gonna go ahead and try and get this ball rolling. I assume @Sméagol is already cool with this time?

    N-Europe Splatting

    Thursday 9:15pm

    Current Members: @Glen-i, @Sméagol

    Won't be able to join at that time, sorry! 9:15 UK time is 10:15 here, and on weekdays I try to be offline/away from screens around 10. Would be interested in some earlier times though (8PM UK time for the occasional games or Salmon Runs).

  13. So apparently the game is 29GB retail download. And if you have the game card you need an update of 14GB to play it.

    Rockstar statement:

    “If using the physical cartridge version of LA Noire, the game will require a 14GB digital download containing required gameplay data as well as general bug fixes and improvements. “This file can be downloaded to either the Nintendo Switch console’s internal storage or a microSD card.”

    “The Nintendo eShop digital version of LA Noire, including all bug fixes and improvements, requires 29GB of available storage. Because this exceeds the available internal storage on the console, the eShop version of the game must be installed to a microSD card (sold separately) that is inserted prior beginning the download.”