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  1. Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield (2019, Switch)

    I got the game on Saturday but yesterday evening I finally had some time to play it. I've only put about 2 hours in and the game is charming, but also has it's flaws. No voice acting as mentioned before is really a miss. That opening sequence with the guy talking in the stadium, at first I really thought the audio was missing as the mouth kept moving. It just looks silly. I know it's impossible to voice everything but they could have done it at least for the cutscenes. Another issue is the same I had with Ultra Moon's opening. You can't take 2 steps without someone healing you as @Hero-of-Time also mentioned. As if the game is afraid to give you any bit of a challenge. I really like the bit where the starters are playing around before picking one. I hope there are more moments like this in the game, it's so charming and really adds character to the 'mon.
  2. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    A set of three new posters is up on the Dutch My Nintendo site (so I'm guessing in all EU sites since they ship from Germany again): Mario Kart, Metroid and Zelda. 300 platinum coins plus postage, same as they had with the Splatoon ones. I'm gonna skip on these but the quality of the Splatoon ones are good so if you fancy them grab your chance. Edit: and you can also bet 10x 20 platinum points in a raffle to win an SNES Mini. That's kind of weird.
  3. N-E Cafe Podcast

    Listener question: I was looking at the list of 2020 games and there is not much confirmed yet, only a couple of big titles like Animal Crossing and Xenoblade HD. Realistically, which games do you expect for 2020?
  4. N-E Cafe Podcast

    On it, should be up in a couple of minutes
  5. Fire Emblem: Three Houses (26th July 2019)

    Honestly who keeps that many clothes on in the sauna? Some waifu fans will be deeply disappointed by that!
  6. N-E Cafe Podcast

    And here is the official introduction, all up in the main site: I've listened to the podcast and it's awesome. Some great bits of banter there!
  7. N-E Cafe Podcast

    I already proposed posting it on the main site in the staff section, so I can get to that tonight with a nice introduction plus the first episode. I can always embed the SoundCloud, but I think in the end you want it on as many outlets as possible so I would definitely put it on the NE YouTube. I don't have that access but I'm sure we can find someone who has. Anyway, awesome. I'll give it a listen soon!
  8. Mario & Sonic at the 2020 Olympics (Switch)

    For everyone who is still on the fence, why not give @Josh64's review a read?
  9. General Retro Discussion

    Damn, I think I sold my copy back in the days for 10€... Being a poor student and a gamer was a bad combination, I've sold quite some valuable stuff for dirt cheap back then...
  10. Luigi's Mansion 3 (2019)

    Luckily the game runs great in handheld so you could just keep playing while in the chair with someone digging around in your mouth. I wasn't thinking about getting this game as I've never played a LM game before (I know!), but man this all sounds quite convincing. I may pick up the LM remaster first as I've seen it for around 20€ new on 3DS and continue from there. In fact I have LM for the GameCube at home borrowed from a friend but never got around to playing it.
  11. And it's not like they didn't market it. It was in a bunch of the Directs, they put Hero in Smash, and the 10-hour demo. I think the timing is just bad. If they released this in the barren first half of the year instead of now it might have sold a lot better. What always held me back of starting a DQ game was the fact that it's called 11 (or some of the earlier ones on 3DS). It makes me feel like it is an ongoing series and I'm missing out not having played the first 10 parts. Which is nonsense, as it is a standalone story, right?
  12. Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield (2019, Switch)

    A new batch of info about the games will be shared tomorrow:
  13. A Smashing Cast: Episode 1 Now Available!

    Cheers! Yeah, exciting and slightly stressful times are ahead, but after the first weekend of redecorating (read: thrashing the place) I feel like we are still on schedule. If I never need help I know where to find you Sam (for the site, not for redecorating ). And I'll fill in your schedule soon @LazyBoy, just need to figure out when I have an hour off where I can both play and talk.
  14. A Smashing Cast: Episode 1 Now Available!

    I saw my name mentioned a couple of times in the other thread, and I never replied there so I'll just go ahead and shout out here. First of all I love that you are considering putting this under the NE brand and are effectively helping making the site and forum a better place. That's always very welcome! I'm liking the hybrid idea between playing games and a discussion. It's a safe way to have a fallback in case the discussion goes stale, and it should lead to not having to edit different takes in the end like you have with normal podcast discussions. I think there are some difficulties to tackle first. One is getting good audio input from all the talkers and get that recorded, getting the Smash games recorded and syncing that up. For audio you could go for a Skype or discord session and record that. If you want really good audio though the best way is to record everyone individually and then merge the different tracks. That's really time costly though, plus everyone needs a recording option. For video I think the best thing is to get someone who can record be the spectator, that way he can mess around as well. Ideally you need someone who can hook up the Switch to a PC or a standalone capture card. How do you record gameplay @RedShell? Then there is getting the group together. 4-6 people is a lot, especially on a weekly basis. But I think the key is to start easy and from there build up your quality. So start with recording the Skype session and syncing it with RedShell's recording. If that is doable you can start thinking about an intro and an ending graphics, and maybe some extra overlay in between. That's my take on the technical side of things haha. I have some experience with video editing but not for this site. I can always help with social media posting, managing the YouTube and stuff like that. I would also love to be one of the talking members although it really depends on what day it would happen. Finally I just bought a house (:D) but that means I have absolutely no time until Christmas to do a lot for this (:().