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  1. 30 Day Video Game Challenge Thing.

    Day 10: Credits sequence Another difficult one as credits scenes normally don't really stick with me. Usually I just have to let the feeling of finishing a game sink in. Fun side question: do you guys skip the credits if you can? I always watch them at least once, but skip them if I have seen them already. Games with a minigame like Smash Ultimate depends if I feel like doing the minigame. Anyway, I like games that show enemy lists in the credits, especially with names. Like in Kirby's Dream Land or Super Mario World. But one that stuck with me from one of the more recent games I played is Doom. Really cool perspectives from the Doomguy and his enemies.
  2. Nintendo Treehouse Live: 10th July 2020

    Not too fussed about Paper Mario, but I'm curious to see what third party IP WayForward is going to make. I'm trying to think what it could be but can't think of anything. Maybe something Disney like they did with Ducktales Remastered? I love how directly Nintendo fires down the possibility of it being first party. That prevented a possible meltdown or two.
  3. CrossCode (PC, PS4, XB, Switch)

    I never really figured out how they work, but there is some kind of tag system. At least I see tags next to some topics in the Nintendo part of the forum. But I don't know if it can be setup so that topics tagged Nintendo for example also show up there. Might be worth asking in the Board News part.
  4. PC Gaming Discussion

    I've been very modest, only picked up Sonic Generations and Jurassic World Evolution. I did spend another euro on the Humble Summer Adventure Game Bundle, and that got me Oxenfree, The Walking Dead Season 1 + 400 Days and Batman: Enemy Within.
  5. 30 Day Video Game Challenge Thing.

    Day 9 - Scariest moment That's Resident Evil 2 for me, and I remember the exact moment. And someone put it on YouTube! Those hands coming through the window, I was not expecting that as a 12-year old kid!
  6. N-E Book Club (or just a chat about books)

    I try to read every evening in bed before going to sleep. I have a Kobo eReader but we also have a library subscription so I still read the occasional paper book. Currently reading Kafka on the Shore from Haruki Murakami. I read The Wind-up Bird Chronicle, 1Q84 and Norwegian Wood as well, and I think he's become my favourite writer. I used to read a lot of fantasy (Robin Hobb, Tolkien, Christopher Paolini and of course George RR Martin) but lately I've shifted a bit more towards science fiction. Stuff like The Forever War, Dune, Leviathan Wakes and Ready Player One was also quite enjoyable for all the retro references. So if you have any recommendations in this genre let me know! I also like to read biographies from musicians. Johnny Cash, Lemmy from Motörhead, Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden and the two-parter from Moby were all quite good reads. Ah, life as a rockstar. Oh, and finally, my Goodreads profile: click!
  7. Paper Mario: The Origami King

    Cool, I have a similar one but from Yoshi's Crafted World. But it folds in the same way, you can keep folding it endlessly.
  8. 30 Day Video Game Challenge Thing.

    I was going for games with a general great soundtrack, such as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 and 4, or Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Those soundtracks either changed my musical taste or are very complimentary to the kind of stuff I like. But it is musical moment so a complete soundtrack wouldn't really cut it. So... Day 8 - Best musical moment: Metroid Prime - Phendrana Drifts That ambient, atmospheric soundtrack with the piano track you hear the first time you step into the snow-covered Phendrana Drifts is amazing. The whole game is great in setting the mood and creating atmosphere, but this bit has stuck in particular.
  9. 30 Day Video Game Challenge Thing.

    This was also on my shortlist! But in the end I decided against it because the two most effective weapons are the baseball bat and the prod, and they are not long range.
  10. 30 Day Video Game Challenge Thing.

    It is indeed, but I'm saving this one for Day 23! The Tomb Raider reboot was also the first thing that popped into my mind, as the archery is amazing and the bow is basically all you need. But I'm going a bit further back in time and I choose Unreal Tournament - Game of the Year edition. It had so many iconic weapons and it was also one of the first games that I played online. Stuff like the Shock Rifle (and the one-hit-KO InstaGib version), Flak Cannon, the Pulse Gun and of course the Redeemer, such a great collection of weapons. Each one had an interesting alternative fire as well, which you could sometimes combine with the main fire. The GOTY version introduced even more (crazy!) weaponry.
  11. 30 Day Video Game Challenge Thing.

    Day 6 - Most relaxing navigation With the risk of using this game now and not be able to use it later on (hard mode!), I'm also choosing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Crossing Hyrule has never been more pleasant, especially when you have powered up in the late game with plenty of stamina. Jump high with Revali's Gale then sail through the air with your glider. Or just get on your horse and gallop across the fields or follow a path. Even running and mountain climbing is a treat.
  12. 30 Day Video Game Challenge Thing.

    Day 5 - 3D Platformer Of course it's going to be a Mario, but which one? I never owned the N64 so I don't have any particular love or feeling for that Nintendo generation. My first 3D experience was Super Mario Sunshine which I really liked. Later I played Super Mario 64 on the DS, and of course Odyssey is an amazing game as well. But the most magical one for me is Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii. Galaxy 2 may have the better levels, but I prefer 1 because of the Observatory hub and for introducing the planet concept. For me that's the pinnacle of 3D platforming. Bring on the remaster Nintendo! Edit: so yeah I agree with @will' who posted it minutes before me.
  13. 30 Day Video Game Challenge Thing.

    Day 4 - Favourite villain/antagonist Sarah Kerrigan - StarCraft series This needed some thoughts as well as there are plenty of baddies, but a lot of them are pretty cliche. Sarah Kerrigan though is a deep character, who starts out as one of the good guys but gets infected by the Zerg. Through the stories of StarCraft, Brood War and StarCraft II she goes from being the good girl to the bad girl under control of the Zerg to the bad girl controlling the Zerg but ultimately redeems herself. I cut some corners here as she is technically not always the antagonist since you can control her in one of three story paths in StarCraft. But for a big part of the StarCraft series she is evil reincarnated.
  14. 30 Day Video Game Challenge Thing.

    Pfew, another hard one! So many good local multiplayers, it's too bad I don't have the chance often these days to play like this. I have good memories of linking up by cable with Pokémon Blue/Gold/Sapphire. Playing the SNES with my brother (Mario Kart and Killer Instinct). Playing Smash Bros. Melee with a mate. Playing Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit on PC on one keyboard with 2 people. And that one time we got a full band together to play Guitar Hero: World Tour. But I'm also picking Wii Sports! I had a Wii with this on my student dorm and everyone joined in on the fun. Boys, girls, gamers and non-gamers. Everyone could pick it up and everyone loved it. I think this is the only time a Nintendo commercial realistically portrays the target audience for a game, namely everyone!
  15. Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling Review Reviewed by @S.C.G and me, a real team effort! I really enjoyed my time with it as you can tell. Curious to hear if @drahkon agrees with our verdict.