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  1. Most are safe bets, but it can go every direction. I hope they keep a lot of the Smash 4 characters in like Mega Man, Bayonetta, Robin etc.


    1) Decidueye (Pokémon)

    The guy is popular and can be a good replacement for the fast Greninja

    2) Alolan Raichu (Pokémon)

    With Let's Go announced, I think we can do with some more first generation Pokémon! At first I thought Eevee, but I think Alolan Raichu can replace Mewtwo and Lucario.

    3) Spring Man (ARMS)

    Nintendo still wants to make ARMS happen, so I think this is a safe bet. Maybe Twintelle for her popularity and more female characters.

    4) Funky Kong (Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze)

    Because Funky Mode.

    5) Ridley (Metroid)

    Make it happen, it is time!

    6) Rex (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)

    Too bad for Shulk who is way cooler, but I think Rex takes his place.

    7) Olberic (OCTOPATH TRAVELER)

    Out with the Fire Emblem swordfighters, in with some new ones!

    8) Musashi (Sushi Striker)

    Another new IP to push.

    9) Solaire (Dark Souls)

    The guy gets an amiibo, so I guess he can also get a spot in Smash

    10) Steve (Minecraft)

    If there is any chance of a Microsoft character, my money is on this guy.

    New stages

    1) New Donk City, with Pauline singing in the background. Maybe including a switch to a 2D version halfway?

    2) Inkopolis Square, with Pearl and Marina singing in the background. Yes, more singing in the background! Changing to the night version of a Splatfest occasionally.

    3) Snipperclips stage, similar to the PictoChat stage were pieces are being clipped off.

  2. Never played it but looks okay enough, will definitely play the free version once it releases. Although I think Splatoon 2 will be a better provider of Switch shooter goodness.

    I think the founder's edition adds all current and future champions, and some exclusive skins but probably not all available cosmetic upgrades.

  3. Yeah, pretty terrible night again but great fun! And is pipe frame the ultimate kart? Saw a lot of people using it!

    Some highlights:

    Glen-i picking on me as always :p

    I never had so many sour last laps as this week! Getting hit by whatnot seconds before the finish was kinda the standard yesterday:

    And absolutely loved these last seconds, perfect for my result of the evening :grin:


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  4. So, is it free to start or free to play? Makes quite a difference since F2S means you will have to dish out money eventually to continue, while F2P means you should be able to play the whole game without spending a penny if you have the patience.

    Might give it a whirl tonight.

  5. 9 hours ago, Sméagol said:

    Ah... Whoops. Thursday is the 31st.. I forgot I had already planned something. Ehh, make it next Thursday, unless I have something planned then as well..

    That's actually where I'll be.

    I mean, I could potentially join when I'm on the train back.

    You trust the NS wi-fi to be stable enough to play an online game? :grin:

  6. So anyone up for some Splatoon tonight? We are playing with 6 or 7 so 1 or 2 more would be nice so we can make full teams!

    We want to start at 20:30 UK time.

    Edit: it's 20:30 UK time!

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  7. I've read that the gameplay will be a notch slower compared to BF1, and will return more to the roots of the series. So no HP recovery, ammo needs to be picked up, and you will be able to build ditches/fortifications. Unfortunately the trailer gives a totally different image of a fast-paced action FPS and is therefore criticized. And of course because of what @drahkonis saying above as well.

    I only played BF1 (and a little bit of BF2 a long time ago), so I can welcome a bit less arcade style BF game!