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  1. Is Game Ownership Important To You?

    I have tried to maintain collecting my games physical as much as possible over the last few generations. For myself I do not like the idea of paying monthly fee to experience a game. Being able to own it physically I can play and revisit games at my own pace. When subscription services decide to pull a game I do not want to be rushed to complete the game expiring. Makes you feel compelled to use the service to get value from it. This makes people neglect spending time from doing other things in life because they want to rush through one last game before it's pulled from the cloud.
  2. Online Leaderboards

    I like leaderboards in games with smaller population. A game I spent many nights climbing back in early xbox live days was a rhythm game called Boom Boom Rocket. However in games like the recent Forza Motorsport which puts you up against millions of players it puts you in perspective of how much you can improve. I think leaderboards can be a good motivator to "git gud" if its a game you enjoy playing a lot.
  3. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    For me my favourite gaming soundtracks are: Grandia Just the opening cinematic score alone gave me the impression this was going to be a memorable game with animation playing alongside it. Final Fantasy XIV Soken has made the music for this mmo better and better each expansion in the 10 years i have been playing this game. One of my favourite games to learn piano arrangements of for playing the music in this game.
  4. Turok Evolution on the original xbox. Enjoyed turok 2 and rage wars on the n64. This game had some very frustrating flying sections and I didn't get on with the game long enough to complete it. A bad impulsive purchase that day.
  5. General Retro Discussion

    A video of how the Special Stage was made in Sonic 2.
  6. Phantasy Star Online 2

    Got my first class Ranger to 75 just now, over the last few days really been getting back into this game. My subclass for Ranger is Hunter 55. Went from 48 to 75 in 4 days
  7. Phantasy Star Online 2

    I'm still on Ship 2 at the moment. The whole 60 blocks were filled when I had a quick go on pc version yesterday evening. The game stutters a lot in lobby for me but runs smooth in parties so I'm guessing it's a server side problem as this didn't happen to me on the Japanese client. Using 3570k and gtx 970. I did get bored soloing for a bit until I discovered you can now take bots into advanced quests. Might play a bit more over the next 2 days while off work in between forza 7 which I started playing few days ago.
  8. Phantasy Star Online 2

    People have claimed to getting AC using US Xbox Live giftcards but I wouldn't risk my money personally as I've read it working for some and not for others. I'm waiting until the Windows 10 release which is next month before playing PSO2 again so that I can play again from my desk and chair. I have had back pain and neck pain from playing PSO2 from my bed, haven't been on PSO2 nearly 2 weeks now. I have a level 45 Force called Gadwin and a level 47 Ranger called Jupiter on Ship 2:Ur
  9. Phantasy Star Online 2

    I reinstalled PSO2 few night ago to see if I would have a better time as a ranger called Jupiter. Knowing how the game works better now I reached level 25 in under 2 nights of playing. I would still give the game a chance @Ike if your looking for a online game to play. It can be played without spending any arks cash but it does cause a lot of inventory management issues. You will find yourself full of inventory well before finishing a quest as loot drops constantly. Having only one mag per character can also be limiting as you won't be optimal later on if you enjoy switching class types a lot. Extra mags can be acquired with arks cash. You can make up to 3 characters per ship so if you wanted to play classes to their full potential theres always that option. From what I learned playing the game you basically just want to pick up items with the most affixes to use them as fodder later on for modding your gear. Anything with less than 3 affixes isn't worth picking up. Meseta is very easy to acquire in the game as you advance difficulties, one npc gives Daily Missions that give you a more financial based rewards where as Client Orders give more reward in the form of experience points. I would encourage using multiple characters if you need meseta for gear as the daily limit on Client Orders and Daily Missions are on a per character basis, so on the same Ship your three characters can all earn meseta between them. For me premium status is unnecessary as most things in the game can be purchased from player shops for gearing up and its totally viable upgrading gear yourself too. Only thing that might not be worth doing is the crafting systems as you would only be able to use items made yourself as you can't sell items in the player shop if you don't have premium status. Gathering however is worth doing as theres client orders that can earn you in excess of 100k meseta if you want some easy meseta once a day. I will play the game for now at a casual pace on the xbox one but will switch to the Windows 10 version whenever it releases because playing ranger on controller doesnt feel natural like mouse and keyboard does. Playing as a force on controller is manageable and quite fun nuking enemies as I have been ever since unlocking my subclass at level 20, Gadwin is level 45 at the moment.
  10. Phantasy Star Online 2

    38 hours into PSO2 I uninstalled the game. I just couldn't enjoy this after waiting since 2012. It was a tedious experience levelling as it feels designed around doing daily quests to get anywhere and rares might as well not be called rares as they drop like candy on every difficulty I played (v hard mode). Players rarely communicate via text or headset much like ffxiv it is like playing with bots. Avoid.
  11. Phantasy Star Online 2

    I'm online at the moment if you want to do some hints.
  12. Phantasy Star Online 2

    I went with a newman force named Gadwin on Ship 2.
  13. Phantasy Star Online 2

    I'm still installing as of my last post. At 56% Installed now the game is around 68.76GB. You can launch the game from roughly 20%
  14. Phantasy Star Online 2

    PSO2 is ready to download for open beta now. It's working on my pal xbone, just change your region to United states in settings and you will see it in Microsoft store.
  15. Phantasy Star Online 2

    I've been playing Bless Unleashed last 2 days. It's been a lot better than Bless Online was so far. Made a Berserker and it plays like being a Warrior in ffxiv without the tanking responsibilities. I think this and PSO2 will be my go to games when I get burnt playing either one for multiplayer over the next few months. Hoping PSO2 launch goes smoothly on the 17th