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  1. 4 hours ago, Cube said:

    Started Bloodborne today. I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing, just seem to be roaming streets and murdering people for an unknown reason so far.

    Yep. You’ve got it figured out. Just keep doing that and wandering further and farther. 

  2. Just a small PSA for anyone not already playing subtitles (with subtitle speaker turned on) May give small spoilers in regards to names. 


    The Stranger was still labeled as such but


    The witch of the woods was labeled correctly....except if you re-enter her home after the initial meeting when leaving the home again her name is in the subtitles.


    I don’t directly name anyone in those spoilers so if you’ve played past a certain point no fear is necessary. Hell personally I don’t really consider the info spoiler but err on the side of caution after being told it was a spoiler what the chronological order Dragon quest games are in. :indeed:

  3. Personally I really like that we’ve been trending towards the quick turnaround times between announcement and release for games and consoles. The fact that a lot of games are doing this now actually kind of goes against the “investor” theory. Especially since with how this industry works (developer pitches to publisher, publisher can control PR) a game can be in development with continual progress updates to show that it is worth the monetary cost.

    Its typically the larger publishers behind these early reveals, but you can’t convince me that Sony had to show Death Stranding in order to appease shareholders. They’ve got plenty of other products and divisions to utilize for that purpose with a faster ROI which is exactly what most investors want. Showing games early is purely to drum up hype for that game/publisher/console. And it is still viable and it still makes sense to do. Imagine if games were only ever announced at E3 and only ever 3-12 months out from release. Sure games would still be coming but I certainly wouldn’t enjoy not really know if next year I won’t have anything to look forward too. To be a dick....it’d be a bit like the GameCube era. 

  4. Super Troopers 2. Hilarious. Go watch it. If you like the first one at all you’ll enjoy the second. I don’t think it fully captures what made the first such a cult classic but it really doesn’t need to capture that. 

    Edit @bob The chainsaw gun is a Lancer. So I guess not really that good a job on the references :p

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  5. Denizens of the PS4pro, resolution or performance? I played Horizon all with resolution as I could see the difference there. I just switched on this and don’t see a huge detail lose but the jump in FPS is absolutely huge. This is what I want from the next generation. The 4K fidelity and the smoothness of this game at 1080. 

  6. I’m not mindlessly bashing buttons already on regular. I’m just bad. I already know I need to slow myself down in how I play. More Hellblade, less God of War.

    I cheesed the fight a bit though, R2 throw plus immediately recalling and throwing semi stun locks them while doing decent damage. 

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  7. 26 minutes ago, Hero-of-Time said:

    The story has just MASSIVELY kicked in and has done for the past hour I've been playing. Not gonna spoil anything but if you played and enjoyed the other games in the series then you're gonna love what's ahead.

    No kidding I have tears of joy in my eyes right now. This is me at this moment :bouncy::bouncy::bouncy:

    Ahh the difference 2.5 hours can make. 

    I’m not feeling the combat personally at the moment. I really enjoy the unarmed moveset, but the current enemies are kinda dicks with a zero windup time unblockable (or I’m just bad) combo breaker. I’m mostly not feeling the moveset for the Ax much. The gameplay is much less hack and slash than before and has more methodology behind it that I have to get used to. Slow down on bludgeoning my way through everything. 

  8. On 4/13/2018 at 7:51 AM, drahkon said:

    I'm confused. Are you still drunk? Did you simply copy a text you wrote yesterday but didn't post in here? What is happening?

    Yes, I believe I was still quite drunk. And was watching Spaced. Then fell asleep on my couch and had a hangover the rest the weekend. Which is expected when you drink hard from 11;30 to 5ish. 

    Annnnd tonight its beer and bourbon. 120 proof single barrel bourbon. Good shit. Does the UK sell american bourbon in the same manner as the US sales Scottish or Irish Whiskey? Which I guess scottish whiskey js jjs scotch but eh. Question still stands. Cause bourbon is good and tall should try jt. Just like Irish Whiskey. Scotch is......moldy. Well blended ks. Single malt is freakin great. 

    Watched Super Troopers today. Good fucmkng movie. Go see it, it lives up to the first but I dont think surpasses. Which thankfuck after the anchorman and joedirt sequel teavestyies or....travesties. I should find a movie thred to more choerently post that fact maybe. BACK TO GOD OF WAR INSTEAD THOUGH FUCK YEARH CAPSLOCK. 

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  9. I hadn’t even checked the map until you mentioned it. It’d call it borderline useless. I’ve just returned home in the game after initial events so looking at the map I’d say it’s not meant to be a minimap like GTA or some Zelda titles where it gives mostly complete information. I think it’s purposefully a guideline of “this is the general area points of interest are in these directions, try to find them” type map. 

    But yeah in terms of being useful in finding your way through a maze like area....it’s useless. 


    Also, not technically a map, they didn’t indicate north. It’s really just a drawing. (props to whomever knows what show Ive referenced) 

  10. They need to keep Splinter Cell at least semi tight and linear. Maybe adopt a more Hitman esque structure where you can have a lot of different options on handling a situation. 

    I think the Open World aspect could work ala MGSV, but I also find MGSV to be an overall weaker game of the series (for a lot of reasons but the world didn’t help). 

    There’s also the fact that Ubiopenworld games are so damn formulaic. I’d feel like I was playing assassins-dogs-cry cell starring Sam Fisher. 

  11. I’m stupid and will probably buy it twice.....er, second and third times. But obviously first purchase will be PS4. Switch will come much later if and when I’m feeling like playing out of home.

    Had it hit the Switch at the same time the choice would be a bit harder. 

    Not much harder though. I’d like to support that version plus the portability is nice. And Sony isn’t possibly to lose the next installement if the remaster doesn’t do well. 


  12. I take back what I previously said about 4K Blu-ray playback on the Xbone. It keeps darkening the screen at random now while watching The Last Jedi. Like it’s trying to enter a power saving lowlight mode usually reserved for when the console isn’t being utilized. 

    It goes away if I touch the controller, or just ignore it for long enough 15 seconds to 2 minutes, but it might come back in 15 seconds or 15 minutes. Quite bizarre but I haven’t been bothered quite enough to attempt to fix it yet. 

  13. 33 minutes ago, Fierce_LiNk said:

    Woooooooo! :D

    I'm still tempted to play it on the original hardware in the future (but honestly, I probably won't now as this will do now), but I'm delighted with this. 

    Have you ever held a Dreamcast controller for hours at a time? Be glad to play it on non original hardware. 

  14. Pi oi I mean oi oi   Because Tyres js the best character jn Spaced. And Brian is secoda best. 

    Lesfy work wearly. Like 11:15 instead of “only gor the only for the hardcore UK Raver” ( spaced quote) then went to a deadish bar drank a few great brews had some laughs with the bartender. Made freindsos with a buddies girl. Then we went to her house to keep drinking. For a kiddle school teacher she s pretty awesome. Non joking I dainf said if it don’t work out werebkeppkng her and gettinf rid of him. 

    It was a good night. Got home bout 7. 

  15. I disagree, it’s still slow even on the X in my experience like loading pictures or the store items, and my internet is quite speedy.

    There are some bizarre decisions about it as well. Displaying your email on the dashboard, having to go past Mixer, and like 3 other categories to get to the store. 

    Back to saying good things though, I’m off nightshift after tonight and have a 3 day weekend so I’ll probably fire it up and partake in some backwards compatibility. I’ve been wanting to play Black again

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  16. 2 hours ago, Aneres11 said:

    Fuck me we've had more than the standard one post in a month in here! 

    I'm very excited for 4k Sonic Generations! 

    Correction, we’ve had positive posts! With exception of HoTs lack of playing The Witcher....

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  17. 1 hour ago, Shorty said:

    I've just been reading that Xbox One's 4k Blu-Ray capabilities are super-butt compared to a much cheaper standalone BR player, so maybe this system's not on the horizon for me after all. Although I have never played almost any of the games HoT highlighted (just Kotor 2)...

    I suppose I’m not the best for anecdotal Blu-ray viewing opinions but I honestly think the Xbone did just fine with 4K. Blade Runner 2049 was fucking beautiful, and Watchmen was also quite good looking. I didn’t rebuy Fury Road though, and that’s the extent of my 4kBluray experience. 

    Now on to the other thing you mentioned...@Hero-of-Time, you bolded Jade Empire and Kotor 2....don’t those earn your immediate ire on account of being western RPGs?


    Anywho I’ve thought about this just the other morning, and it’s not OG Xbox but it does fall under BC. I would really enjoy the FEAR games being made available for BC. Or even remastered into a triple pack budget release. They were all fairly competent and fun games and hell the original even still holds up graphically in some ways.