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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLejPbyiFo0

    SkillUp has a nice little review of the Legends mode that I find to be spot on. 

    Mostly he just shames all the shitty live service games that have the audacity to be $60 and release in horrible states. And even after multiple patches still don’t match the quality of this free update. 

    Hmmm. I broke the embed and have no idea how not how to fix it. Sorry all. 

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  2. Anyone else checking out Legends? I’m really enjoying it so far. 

    Almost done co-oping the story on easy (bronze) and did the first mission on Silver difficulty. It’s a lot more challenging and definitely adds to the gameplay in a good way. 

    There is a level and item progression best described as Destiny/Anthem Lite. Gear has rarities and Ki that raises your overall Ki to unlock higher difficulty.


    Seems a good amount of effort went into this for a free update even if it’s just reusing villages from the main game. 

  3. It’s not even that the president was given absolute power by the people, it’s that the rest of the republicans are afraid to go against him. He’s broken many laws while in office (easiest example is the Goya beans thing). No gop member seems to care to bring him to justice. So that’s what gives the absolute power. 

    In unrelated news a terrorist Michigan militia group was arrested with plans to kidnap our governor. Who trump hates. 

    fun times. 

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    Had 3/290 HP left at the end....


    I went into the fight without any death defiance and I wasn’t full HP. Absolutely crutched on the shield and blocking attacks. Wouldn’t have been able to get through it without that. Also had a massive amount of Doom buffs. Was doing between 250-500 with Doom from attacks and revenge. Plus had a buff to randomly trigger revenge effects without taking damage.



    Second edit. Okay beat it on the next run for reals. 

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  5. 13 hours ago, MindFreak said:

    Yeah. 300+ million citizens and these two came out on top. Remarkable.

    I fully expect Trump to win again. Biden is not sharp enough to overthrow him, I think. 


    12 hours ago, Will said:

    Yeah I think you’re right on that, terrifying really.

    Biden is like Hilary, it’s the candidate the DNC wanted for better or worse. It was as dirty of a nomination this time, but I think more people are disillusioned to it all. I think they’re trying to win off of the premise of “Hey look we got the guy Obama chose, so vote Blue” and that’s a shitty platform to run on. About as shitty as “Hey if you vote blue we’ll have a woman President” The big problem with that as a platform, lots of people didn’t like Obama so that’s not going to sway votes their way because Biden doesn’t have the goodwill they think he does.

    They don’t actually give a shit. It’s all just a fun game of dividing people, it’s very us against them and if you’re not with us you’re part of the problem mentality that is fostered. 

    I could only stand about 30 seconds of the debate. 3 people all trying to talk over each other because one buffoon doesn’t understand the preschool concept of taking turns. 

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  6. Run 20, just got past that boss. Barely.


    I have 39/225 HP left and I defied death 3 times in this fight. Was using the Exagryph with triple shot (and faster attack speed) chain lightning cast and thankfully my attacks could deflect. 

    But even with multiple upgrades to attach percentage I was only hitting for 25 per shot, and that Minotaur has A LOT of HP to slowly chip through.

    I fully expect my run to end very soon. 

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  7. 4 hours ago, drahkon said:
      Is it the 3rd world boss (putting this in spoilers, just in case it isn't so I don't spoil it for you) (Hide contents)

    Theseus and Arterius?

    For this fight, try to focus the Minotaur but deal some damage to Theseus, as well, whenever possible. Don't get the latter down to half his HP before Arterius is dead, though. Once Theseus gets help from a God, maneuvering through the arena becomes much more difficult. It's much better to kill the Minotaur first.

    Some general tips (if you don't know already)

    • put your Darkness into +1 Dash and Death Defiance first !!!
    • then collect 15 keys to upgrade the mirror and put Darkness into max health, more Cast, bonus damage while Cast is in enemy, and backstab damage
    • get the upgrade which lets you swap your keepsake after every Underworld region
    • select a Keepsake, which ensures you a boon that you need (do not underestimate Athena's defensive boons; especially the Dash + Deflect boon is a must)
    • for the final area choose a Keepsake that increases survivability

    It is indeed that boss, and that’s been the general strategy I follow. Just hasn’t quite worked out yet. 

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  8. I’ve got like 18 runs in now and still am not getting all the way through it. I just cannot push past a certain boss. Regardless of weapon I can fairly reliably get to the fight and just cannot win. 

    Still having a good time but it’s like running headlong into a wall over and over. 

  9. 3 hours ago, Rummy said:

    Its really quite crazy stuff to see in our lifetimes imo - especially from the USA. You guys need to get your house jn order and be prepared for him absolutely fucking off democracy and not transitioning(dont make the mistakes of thinking Trump is bluffing anymore and you can call it) - my hopes for justice/democracy as traditionally seen prevailing soon die more and mlre day by day.

    I can't say Britian is doing much better mind and thats one big question/scenario I am going to be curious to see - the British(until recent lawbreaking ;) ) are often considered for their democracy and eternal defense of it BUT;


    If Trump loses the vote and refuses to leave I am very very VERY curious to see how BoJo the Tories our geneeal governance etcetc. then decide to approach it - will they support abstain or object? Sadly the correct action is that last one but I genuinely am not sure this current govt/cabinet understand what the path of correct action actually is.

    Your first line reminded me of the semi-unrelated nine inch nails Pandemic line of shirts. Specifically this one, https://store.nin.com/collections/pandemic/products/stand-for-something-2020-tee

    As for him not bluffing and all.....well with all the other Republicans backing him he has gotten away with so much more than is legal. No one is holding him accountable. Anyone that tries is ineffective because the rest of the Republican Party stonewalls it. Like his impeachment, it went nowhere when it got to the republican held senate. 

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  10. 23 hours ago, Rummy said:

    I've seen the news that Cindy McCain(wife of John McCain) has endorsed Biden in an arguably unexpected move - hows it seem to be going down over there? I know Trump won't be happy lol

    It’s going. Anecdotal but I’m seeing absurd amounts of yard signs endorsing trump anytime I drive anywhere. 

    He has a lot of supporters still, and he has a lot of supporters who will follow through on voting for him. There’s also a good subset of people that literally do not care because at the end of the day they see it as “owning the libs” and it matters more to them that they upset someone else.

    He’s been setting up a narrative of how the election may be fraudulent and blah blah blah. Effectively just getting it into people’s minds that if he doesn’t win obviously he was cheated. Of course if he does win, well I’m sure the results were all 100% fine. 

    Gut feeling, the psychopath will probably win again. America has been divided and the conquering is in progress. 

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  11. 17 hours ago, Dog-amoto said:

    Instantly turned off by the word Rogue (sexy X-Men member excepted) so I’ll give this one a miss despite the great reviews and the fact that I’ve enjoyed their other titles like Bastion and Transistor  

    I didn’t really like Dead Cells and Binding of Isaac, so I’m not getting burned again. 

    Now obviously our tastes are different as I like both of those games you mentioned, I’ll say this is FAR superior to Dead Cells. Dead Cells relies to heavily on being skill based for the lack of true progression between runs. You almost always fail based on your skill until the bosses where it’s just luck of the weapons you have. It’s not a game I’d recommend to everyone.

    And Binding of Isaac is nothing but skill and luck of the seed for a run going well (but runs just seem quicker and better than dead cells.) But I find it so fun despite/in spite of its high difficulty. It ironically is a game I would recommend.

    Hades is not really like either entirely. It’s rouge like in that when you die you go back to the beginning, all you lose though is gold which is only used during runs for temporary benefits. All your other currencies you keep to improve the hub-ish area and to permanently improve your character or unlock new weapons. Honestly the gameplay feels a bit more Soulsborne in that regard, and in between and during runs has actual story exposition as well. The biggest thing for me though is that, it is just plain fun to play. I find that it plays similar to Bastion, so grinding away like that I never feel that I’m not making progress because I’m just enjoying playing. And like Isaac would definitely recommend. 

    Im not super trying to convince you really. Just trying to more explain the game. If you don’t really enjoy Dead Cells or Binding of Isaac, while this is more forgiving you probably still wouldn’t enjoy this. 

    Anywho....I’m just loving this game currently. Just unlocked a scrying bowl in Hades. I have 11 runs and killed 2026 enemies throughout those. That’s a lot of murder. I’ve made it to the 3rd area, and damn that boss. Like damn. But yeah, this game is right behind Ghost of Tsushima has my top of the year. Course I’m a simpleton and Maneater is up there too. (FFVIIR  is not)

  12. On 9/18/2020 at 6:21 AM, Ganepark32 said:

    Hades is bloody brilliant. Its a Supergiant Games game so that was never not going to be the case but as someone who doesn't normally go for roguelikes, this is fantastic. A perfect blend of everything they've done uo till now with the Bastion style action combat/weaponry, Transistor style combos and Pyre's excellent visual and narrative design. So happy to also see its selling well on the eShop. Its well worth a try out.

    So the short of the massage is that Hades rules, everyone should play it.

    Super duper seconding this. Hades is my new jam. 

    I really need to get around to playing Pyre, I bought it at release because.....Supergiant Games. But I am playing Hades and loving it. Kinda surprised it doesn’t have its own game thread (well the PC one does)

    Regardless people need to play this game. It’s good. Imma go pimp it to anyone I can. 


    Also I enjoy they feature the Goddess Nyx. Which most records about haven’t survived to this age. The things that are known are goddess of night and even Zeus doesn’t pick fights with her. Only other time I’ve ever seen Nyx mentioned was in the Ilium/Olympus book series. And I think that was a single paragraph. 

  13. Am drinking and trying to force myself into being more sociable like I used to be, even if it’s mostly online socializing. 

    I don’t really have any good news per se, but didn’t want to post in the bad news thread. Um,  my sisters youngest just turned 10 recently. Becoming a real person of their own, always had a lot of personality but is now a vegetarian and has stuck with it for a few months (other than seafood being the exception. 

    The middle child recently did an equestrian meet for the school team and took a number of first places. Also, has a love for legos that may one day rival @ReZourceman. I got a Mandalorian set for the youngest birthday and it sat unopened on the table....middle child went to their mother and stated:

    “Seeing the LEGO set sitting there not built is hurting me”

    I buy that child legos for every gift giving occasion. 


    The oldest had a birthday a few months back. I bought a couple switch games for them, Okami HD (which they’ve played enjoyed but got stuck) and Darksiders 1 which they absolutely loved and played through in like a weekend. Kid has good taste. 

    whelp fuck, that’s all I got. I’ll leave you fine folks to your evening/morning. It’s only like....3am uk?

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  14. Orange man is now actively and openly trying to sabotage the USPS, while simultaneously tweeting in all caps to “Save the Post Office”

    This is in addition to acknowledging they need funding and also saying he will veto any bill that comes to him offering funding to the USPS. It’s amazing. 

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  15. On 1/14/2018 at 4:18 PM, Nolan said:


    Well frankly he’s both racist and xenophobic. And he sadly represents a large subset of the US population. It’s a “we got ours, fuck the rest” mindset, it’s also a mindset that the US is the greatest country in the world. Freedom this freedom that, unless you disagree with my idea of freedom, then I just hope you die. Locked in a political civil war where we can’t even have a reasonable discussion.

    Frankly I kind of hate this place and it’s jingoist bullshit. I work with, hell am related to the types of idiots that voted trump and think he’s the bees knees making America great again. Their ideal of whats great is skewed though, they have this image of Cold War America. Economically viable, anyone can get a job at a real wage and buy two cars and a house. I don’t think we can ever reach that ideal again. Not with the way the world works.

    I feel like I’m ranting in a non-conducive manner. So I’ll stop there. 

    This post is 2-1/2 years old, and that first paragraph for anyone that didn’t believe it then look at how Covid and just wearing masks has been politicized....


    Anywho just bumping this because I received a mail in flyer imploring me that trump needs me to apply for an absentee ballot to vote for him. This is literally stunning to me. For a couple different reasons. 

    Firstly, he has been fiercely against mail-in voting and calls it a hotbed of fraudulent votes, the poster has a quote of him saying absentee ballots are fine because they require a precise process to get your voting rights. Just absurd. 

    Secondly, I live in Michigan, our Governor has already months ago decided to mail out applications for absentee voting to all registered voters (due to the pandemic). Trump had a Twitter hissy fit over this and also incorrectly assumed she was sending ballots to everyone. He was and has been extremely disrespectful towards Governor Whitmer calling her “That Woman in Michigan” and the applications was just another step in his hate towards her. 

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  16. I definitely don’t like going and reading old posts of mine. Even if they’re rather innocuous I’ll often still cringe and wonder why the shit I would post whatever it was. Oh well such is life. 

    I do miss being part of a good forum community though. The tight knit communication and some of the cliques and some very real friendships made. I’ve never quite had that last part here, but I think the time zone difference really makes it more difficult. Plus I’m crass and unlikeable oftentimes. But just hoping in and reading posts from names you recognize is nice, and makes a real community. 

    I think I’m rambling. 

  17. 3 hours ago, Fierce_LiNk said:

    I don't know how this started, but I sometimes watch videos of people going to a chiropractor and getting their necks cracked. I don't even search for it anymore, but it's just there when I load YouTube up...

    It's oddly satisfying. The neck and hip cracks at the best. Hnnggggg.

    Every morning I crack my wrists, sometimes there’s 3-4 distinct pops in one motion. 

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  18. Just now, soag said:

    Nine inch nails are amazing live!! 

    Whole reason I went, easily my favorite band. My friend sent me a text asking if I wanted a ticket because her brother bought some. We were center aisle 2nd row (for only $155!!), couldn’t turn it down. Also the Fox Theater is a beautiful building with wonderful seating. 

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