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  1. Ring Fit Adventure

    It's very common for games to be exactly £10 more expensive on the official Nintendo store.
  2. Ring Fit Adventure

    Where’s the source for the price? Think I missed it somewhere.

    If anyone has a pre-order, you might want to consider cancelling it if there’s still time. This game will be £20 or less by Xmas.
  4. I saw the TV ad! Guess that means I can start counting down the days. I also need to attempt to finish Astral Chain in that time.
  5. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Great job on ALttP, guys. Personally I have completed that game in each of the last three decades, so I’m gonna wait until sometime in the next decade to do so again. It’s quite possibly my second favourite Zelda after Breath of the Wild. Maybe. Probably. I pretty much forgot that the NES games existed on the Switch. In the last twelve months, I racked up a whopping two hours of play on that service. The SNES library is just a million times more appealing, so I’m going to attempt to play it a lot more...if I can remember it’s there!

    When is the review embargo up please? There's no sign of this game yet in the Amazon UK Top 100, so seems it's going to need some pretty strong reviews to avoid being a commercial flop.
  7. Nintendo Switch Online: NES

    The graphics on Pilotwings were so bad they almost gave me a seizure. I don’t think it’s aged well at all. I struggled with Super Tennis at first. I mean, the ball actually goes out etc. WTF?! Guess I’ve played too much Mario Tennis Aces. F-Zero is just as I remembered it. Will be great to dip into this from time to time. Ditto Super Mario Kart. I’d totally forgotten that one has to finish in the Top 4 in order to progress to the next track. Not sure if I would jump into something properly just yet with so many actual Switch games to play. At some point I’d love to see what all the fuss is about with Super Metroid though.
  8. Nintendo Switch Online: NES

    Hi Principal Skinner. Hi SUPER NINTENDO CHALMERS!!!
  9. General Switch Discussion

    Errrr, yeah, I'm gonna need the GameXplain analysis video on this one. Is it a fitness application? Is it a game? What's the significance of all the cities?
  10. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Banjo & Kazooie is a bloody fantastic character, though I hope everyone doesn't feel that way as he's going to be very, very popular...
  11. Nintendo Direct 04/09/2019, 11 pm

    All in all, a really good Direct, but this year it wasn't as strong as what we saw at E3. Super Mario Odyssey/Sunshine or whatever at the end would've been perfect. It seems they are letting this year's four Mario (and Luigi) games sell for a while instead, which is wise. The highlight for me was unexpectedly the announcement of new Smash DLC characters. I wonder how many we will get...surely it will be between 3 and 5.
  12. Nintendo Direct 04/09/2019, 11 pm

    Somehow I think the GameXplain guys are expecting too much from this Direct. Saying that, the E3 presentation this year was exceptional and the Switch is on fire, so let’s see.
  13. Nintendo Direct 04/09/2019, 11 pm

    Ah yeah, it does specify Nintendo Switch titles.
  14. Nintendo Direct 04/09/2019, 11 pm

    How could I forget Mario Kart Tour? It should also be in this Direct.
  15. Astral Chain -- August 30th 2019

    I just completed the chapter that had me unlock my second Legion. If this one was normal length then the chapters are so.....long! There was just more and more and more even when I was expecting it to end. It took me three hours