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  1. Nintendo Direct Mini

    I’ve given this a little more thought, and honestly, I think opening the year with a Direct Mini was a very smart - if risky - move by Nintendo. It’s not that my opinion of the Direct Mini was negative - I actually quite enjoyed it - but I can sort of see Nintendo’s logic behind leading with a Direct Mini this year. Games which might have been otherwise buried in a typical Direct already have some mindshare, meaning that, when we do eventually see a typical Direct, they shouldn’t be crowded out by the hype for some of Nintendo’s larger franchises coming to the Switch. Similarly, it means that they can spend less time talking about these games during the Direct, other than perhaps showing off a release date for games which currently don’t have one, and give a greater focus to games that they didn’t talk about during the Direct Mini.
  2. General Switch Discussion

    It should definitely be there or thereabouts by now, I would think.
  3. General Gaming Sales/Charts Discussion

    I’ve actually been thinking similarly about the Xbox One X being able to play Xbox Two (or whatever it’s called) games, and becoming the budget alternative to Microsoft’s next console, should they stay in the hardware business. However, I doubt Sony would take that route, mainly because they don’t need to, but also because the PS4 Pro isn’t as large as a technological leap from the based model as the X was from the Xbox One. Something I definitely want to see from them with the PS5, though, is complete backwards compatibility with the entire catalogue of PS4 games, as opposed to 2 years of porting titles with slight visual touch-ups.
  4. Nintendo Event - TONIGHT 10pm

    Only just seen this, and honestly, it was not something that I was expecting. Actually, I don’t think it was something that anyone had been expecting. That being said, it really does seem like an interesting piece of kit, and I can’t wait to see how it’s supported going forward. Oh, and I could absolutely see the next Nintendo themed cereal box being a compatible net for this too, so if Nintendo doesn’t already have that planned...they should get in on that promotional tie-in.
  5. Solo: A Star Wars Story (May 2018)

    Official plot synopsis: Board the Millennium Falcon and journey to a galaxy far, far away in Solo: A Star Wars Story, an all-new adventure with the most beloved scoundrel in the galaxy. Through a series of daring escapades deep within a dark and dangerous criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his mighty future copilot Chewbacca and encounters the notorious gambler Lando Calrissian, in a journey that will set the course of one of the Star Wars saga’s most unlikely heroes.
  6. Final Fantasy XV

    Square Enix have announced the Royal Edition of the game, which has an RRP of £39.99. The Royal Edition includes: • An all-new dungeon - Insomnia City Ruins: Expanded Map • New features such as first person mode, new gear, and new bosses. • Armiger Unleashed – after you collect all 13 royal arms, a more action-oriented mode of the Armiger is unlocked • Royal Vessel – the boat from FFXV is now a controllable vehicle. The same body of water (between Cape Caem and Altissia) can now be freely explored. • All season pass content – Episode Gladiolus, Episode Prompto, Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades, and Episode Ignis. • Over a dozen pieces of DLC, including weapons, Regalia car skins, and item sets.
  7. Shenmue 3 (Kickstarter)

    It was a bit odd to find this in General Gaming! It feels like this needs a little bit of updating In June of last year, the game was delayed from December 2017 to an undetermined date in the latter half of 2018. Back in August, Deep Silver (Metro, Saints Row, Shin Megami Tensei) was announced as the project’s publisher, and this teaser trailer was debuted at Gamescom: In late September, WWG reported that they had learned that HD re-releases of Shenmue I & II were due to be announced in 2017, with their sources purportedly being linked to SEGA. The HD re-releases as described by the outlet would be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and have been in development since 2016. However, a few days ago [January], WWG reported that the project is still under way at SEGA, and that the HD re-releases were delayed as a result of the delay of Shenmue III to the latter half of 2018. News of this came courtesy of their alleged sources linked with SEGA from before, as well as being reiterated by journalists in Europe when contacted. SEGA were initially planning to announce Shenmue I & II HD at E3 2017, according to one source linked directly to SEGA, but are now apparently waiting for a more opportune time to reveal the HD re-releases when a release date for Shenmue III is pinned down. Some brand new screenshots from Shenmue III were revealed today [January]: Next month, in February, more details and screenshots are expected of the game, as Yu Suzuki will be attending the Monaco Anime Game International Conference on February 24th.
  8. General Switch Discussion

    Summary of Tatsumi Kimishima’s most recent interview with Mainichi Shimbun via Nintendo Everything.
  9. Kirby Star Allies

    Nuts that it’s already available to pre-load, but I absolutely agree with you: I think that’s entirely down to it originally being in development for Wii U. I get the feeling that it was originally going to be a 25th Anniversary game for release last year on Wii U, because, if I’m remembering right, the last Wii U Kirby title was Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush (/Curse), which was released in 2015, I think. Makes sense that they would have delayed it for the Switch, and probably shelved it/decentralised their focus on it to focus on what they already had in development in the meantime?
  10. Detective Pikachu

    FINALLY. That’s all there is to say, really...
  11. Furi

    I’ve also heard some excellent things about the soundtrack; how did you find it, if you can say anything about it?
  12. Nintendo Direct Mini

    Yeah, I’m pretty much convinced that there’ll be another Direct, if typical 25-50 minute length, in the next 1 - 6 weeks (i.e. by the start of March). A quick look at the Wikipedia page for Nintendo Directs tells us that Direct Minis are typically followed up by a typical Direct in 1-4 weeks, but focusing mainly on Direct Minis followed up by a Direct which aren’t both exclusive to Japan narrows it down to only three separate occasions where there’s a range of 8-37 days following the Mini before a Direct. I’m fairly confident in this: we have games which we’ve known about for over a year, such as Fire Emblem and Project Octopath Traveller, which remain without a release date, and whilst it’s of course possible that they’re H2 (or worse yet: delayed), I think that such announcements belong in a Direct, and might have been delayed to one accordingly. Honestly, I just hope we hear about Virtual Console sooner rather than later. If they take too long, I’m going to get a bit nervous about how they might be attaching classic games exclusively to the purchase, and use of, the Switch’s online service.
  13. Your 2018 Gaming Diary

    Hey all, hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year! What’s everyone played/been playing? Anyone completed a game in 2018 yet? Any 2018 gaming resolutions? My personal goal is to try to be much more consistent when it comes to gaming this year, and I hope to round off certain playthroughs which I’ve been putting off for a while now (I’m looking at you, Final Fantasy VII and Horizon Zero Dawn) before I dive into anything new.
  14. Nintendo Direct Mini

    The lack of Wolfenstein and, perhaps more noticeably, Yoshi and Fire Emblem, took me by surprise a little. A lot of ports and content updates, and I really like the look of Mario Tennis. And it’s good to know that they might be able to dip back into the DS/3DS catalogue going forwards. I don’t mean to start exciting anyone, but I just took a quick look at the Wikipedia page for Nintendo Directs, and there’s something pretty interesting I noticed regarding the Nintendo Direct mini format: they almost always precede a more typically formatted Direct by 2-3 weeks, if not less. Could just be an odd coincidence, mind you, but I thought it was worth sharing.
  15. General Switch Discussion

    Laura Kate Dale is claiming that the Direct will be approx. 15 minutes... ...and drop within the next 2-3 hours (i.e. by 15:00 GMT).