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  1. General Switch Discussion

    Colorware have gone all the way and have finally gone ahead and painted an NES-inspired Switch. They also have an American SNES-inspired Switch, too. The price tag is steep, though, at $599. There are also Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers with these themes being sold separately. Not really a fan of the SNES one, but I think the NES one looks pretty sleek. C’mon Nintendo, just hurry up and give us some more colour variants for the Switch...
  2. Football Season 2018/19

    Quiet in here considering the Champions League kicked off yesterday...with some superb games. Messi’s hat trick against PSV was probably the highlight of last night: The talk of tonight is probably City losing to Lyon at home and Ronaldo getting a red card for, well...I’m not really sure, to be honest...on his UCL debut for Juve. I have no idea what the ref on the byline could have seen in this to warrant a red card? It’s never fun to see footballers in tears, and I can see why Ronaldo is frustrated, because we’ve seen slowed down replays and I don’t see it either. I have to imagine that Juve will appeal that, and I’d be surprised if an appeal ended up being unsuccessful.
  3. PlayStation Classic Announced (3rd Dec 2018)

    I don’t know if they would be...I think the original PlayStation had sales greater than the combined sales of the NES and SNES?
  4. Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4/Xbox One - 26 October 2018)

    Uh, so Online just got announced via their YouTube and social media accounts...Online is coming in November of this year, initially as a public beta. Hmm. In addition, they had a Q&A with IGN regarding Online. What an odd way to announce it. It’ll sell like crazy, but we’re what, five weeks away? I know that they’re about to ramp it into high gear...but still, such an odd choice to leave advertising so late for such a big game.
  5. PlayStation Classic Announced (3rd Dec 2018)

    I think I’ll wait and see what else is coming with it. I have a backlog which could fill up an entire corner of the Smithsonian, with a good number of those games being on the PS1, but I’m not really in any rush to get through it anyways, and I’m enjoying bouncing between new and old games. If it has a fair amount of the games in my backlog (like three or four), then I’ll probably pick it up, but otherwise, I might just put this money towards a PS3, which already has many of the PS1 games that I want to play as Classics. Or, unless it’s overly priced, I guess I might as well just hunt down the physical PS1 version of the game of the game instead, seeing as my PS1 and PS2 still work fine?
  6. PlayStation Classic Announced (3rd Dec 2018)

    Up for pre-order on Amazon UK.
  7. PlayStation Classic Announced (3rd Dec 2018)

    I mean, the SNES Classic had an original RRP of £69.99, didn’t it? £20 more for games from a generation later, many of which are visually more complex being in 3D, doesn’t seem too much for me, especially when £100+ was a number being floated around by many when speculating about a hypothetical price for an N64 Classic (some of that I’m sure down to the controller). I don’t know, I just guess it’s just a bit too soon to call judgement on the price seeing as we have another 15 games to be revealed. Yeah, I’m not too confident either, so I’ll probably wait to see all of what they’re offering before I consider picking it up. And I had no idea, that would be awesome! Now if only Konami could get to work with getting the rest of their legacy titles already found on PS3 on the PS4...hahahahaha.
  8. PlayStation Classic Announced (3rd Dec 2018)

    I actually can’t remember a time when I haven’t seen a mini console (probably unlicensed...) packed with old SEGA games. At most, I just think that the Nintendo NES and SNES Classics proved that mini consoles produced by the original manufacturer could generate insane demand, and sell much better than slowly drip feeding the games digitally onto their digital storefronts. I just wish that PlayStation had a bit more to show us in their initial reveal, because I don’t think that anyone’s really salivating over Final Fantasy VII considering that it’s on PS4, unlike Final Fantasy VI for the SNES Classic, which had such a large gap between its last console release (Wii/PS3?) and it’s release on the SNES Classic. Revealing this with games like Metal Gear Solid or Symphony of the Night, which aren’t on PS4, I feel would have made much bigger waves.
  9. Netflix

    Avatar: The Last Airbender is being remade by Netflix as a live-action series, and will be helmed by the animated show’s co-creators: Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. Jeremy Zuckerman will also be returning to compose for the show. Time to make up for The Legend of Korra, guys...it’s a good thing that this is the first time that anyone had remade the show in a live-action setting. YES, THIS IS ABSOLUTELY THE FIRST TIME THAT A LIVE-ACTION REMAKE OF THE ANIMATED SHOW HAS HAPPENED, AND THANK CABBAGES IT IS RETURNING UNDER THE ORIGINAL CREATORS AS A SERIES AS OPPOSED TO UNDER A HOLLYWOOD DIRECTOR WHO HAS NO IDEA WHAT HE IS DOING WHEN HE SETS OUT TO MAKE A MISCAST VERSION OF THIS INTO A FILM. Never happened before. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I wasn’t shouting. I absolutely adore this show, having grown up with it on Nickelodeon, and it really is something else. This is another chance for me to implore you, if you haven’t already watched the animated series...do yourself a favour and go watch it. The complete series was released on blu-ray a few months back and can be had for as little as £25, and you won’t regret it. It’s basically a Western-made action-adventure anime heavily influenced by Star Wars taking place in a fictional world heavily inspired by Asia, with a loveable cast of characters and some of the greatest character arcs to be found in any medium. It’s humourous, but filled with wisdom accessible to those young and old(er), and you will likely be shedding a tear (or a waterfall) from time to time. I make a point to watch the show in its entirety every summer, and can’t recommend it enough to those who haven’t seen it.
  10. PlayStation Classic Announced (3rd Dec 2018)

    People are going to say that they’re copying Nintendo, but I mean, if Nintendo aren’t doing it this year and next year is PlayStation’s 25th anniversary, I think they should definitely do it. They probably had a digital collection or something like that in mind until the Nintendo Classic systems were released, and I’ll take a physical console over a digital collection any day! I don’t think that any of the Crash Bandicoot trilogy will be coming (apart from possibly Team Racing?) given last year’s collection, and so I doubt that any of the Spyro trilogy will turn up either. For a similar reason, I doubt that Resident Evil 2 will be coming, seeing as Remake will be around a month away when this releases. Also, it seems a little odd to me that they chose Ridge Racer 4 over a first party Gran Turismo game? I had a PS1 when I was little (in fact, I still have it) but I was so young that, of course, I missed out on pretty much all of the critically acclaimed and “must play” games, so I’m really hoping that some more of the games that I’ve heard such great things about are on their way. I completed FFVII earlier this year, so the only game of the five that they’ve shown so far that is really catching my eye is Wild Arms, which I’ve watched and read great things about. What other games do people expect/want to turn up? I feel like Konami being in on this would be huge, of course, with games like Silent Hill, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Metal Gear Solid. I’ve also heard a lot of great things about Final Fantasy Tactics, which I think would be different enough to VII for Square Enix to consider adding it, too. It’s a bit of a shame that a lot of the games that I’d like to see are probably a bit too niche/similar/part of the same genre for me to want here, like Xenogears or Vagrant Story, but regardless, I’m looking forward to finding out more!
  11. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    Yeah, I’ve got to agree, the family subscription is very good value. I have to imagine that they’ll cycle it back at some point when they realise that a lot of people are taking advantage of the family subscription, especially when SNES games hopefully get added to their classics library down the line. I still think that there’s got to be something going on that they aren’t letting us in on yet with regards to how things are being handled, because I would imagine that they would want to keep the subscription price the same, at least within the next two or three years, and it just doesn’t make financial sense for Nintendo to let us have access to everything first party from the NES to the N64 (I think anything put out on the GameCube and beyond are probably best suited for HD remasters or some sort of Virtual Console-esque, straight-to-eShop kind of thing) for such a low price per year once games from other consoles are (supposedly) added down the line. I’d have to imagine that some sort of change in plan, or some currently unmentioned quirk, is why they’ve been mum about SNES games coming to the library since it was first revealed that they were coming on the Online page last year.
  12. Death Stranding (PS4 Kojima)

    The game is closing out Sony’s TGS presence in a 70 minute slot on September 23rd. Could they be hinting at a gameplay demonstration?
  13. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    PlayStation’s Tokyo Game Show Lineup has been revealed (note that times below are JST, and therefore BST+8): That 70 minute slot for Death Stranding to bring an end to their presence at the show on the 23rd is obviously the thing that catches the eye most. “And then after that...” — are we about to get our first gameplay demonstration?
  14. Marvel's Phase Three