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  1. *voice of Pit*

    "Sorry to keep you waiting!" :heh:




    : peace:

  2. Hey did you know that GAME are selling Black Wii's for £99.98!? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


    By the way, are you still playing MH, amigo? I've been getting back into it recently, playing online with Mokong and some of the other pros. You up for hunting online again sometime?


    : peace:

  3. ExciteAni.gif


    Just in case you forgot. ;)

  4. ¡Feliz Cumpleaños! :yay:

    Broadcast Yourself
  5. Happy Birthday mate! :yay:


    : peace:

  6. 600 hours, wow! that's an impressive amount of play-time, you certainly got your money's worth there. icon14.gif My most played Wii game is still Mario Kart, at around 370 hours.


    I was planing to get MH at launch, but then NOE's fantastic release scheduling came along and messed with the plan. :indeed:


    Anyway, darksnowman and / nando / both picked this up yesterday (and flameboy is after a copy), so at least I wont be hunting alone. But yeah, if you ever fancy coming out of retirement give us a shout.


    : peace:

  7. Ah good stuff, cheers for that.

    Looks like we'll get the best of both worlds then. :)

  8. Cheers, man. :)

    Yeah, you should stick around. Oh and how about joining the MK7 league?! It's every Thursday at 8:15pm (9:15pm CEST). Check out the details here:


    And join up if you can.


    Take it easy.

    : peace:

  9. Cheers. :)

    I still play the Wii version, but very rarely these days, usually just go on when there's new DLC up for grabs. But yeah, I didn't complete the museum on the Wii game, the problem is I spent so much time with the GCN/DS versions, (as you can no doubt tell from my Wild World vid on YouTube ;)) that I just didn't fancy doing it all over again for a 3rd time. :heh:


    Was AC on Wii your first experience of the franchise?


    New MK league vid highlights are now up by the way. :)

  10. Cheers. :)

    It'll be back soon, hopefully next week. ;)


    But for now... Super Tingle Pose! :heh:

  11. Congrats. :hehe:

    Yeah, levelling up in GoldenEye takes a loooooong time. :eek:

  12. Don't know if it's just the euphoria of Spain having won the World Cup, or if your attempts to brainwash me have worked, but something strange is going on...



  13. Excellent hunting tonight, amigo! : peace:


    We really showed that fire bird thing who's boss. :heh:

  14. Excellent. icon14.gif


    I look forward to receiving more Wii Music Vids from you in the future then. :smile:

    Got one from / nando / the other day, so he's still playing too. Us three should do a collaborative song sometime, 2 parts each. :hehe: What do you reckon?

  15. Federer? Pfft. :indeed:

    Man, I can't wait to destroy him/you at Grand Slam Tennis. :laughing:

  16. Guess what? I'm finally a Monster Hunter! :D


    How many hours did you clock on this in the end then, or are you still playing!?

  17. Hehehe, yeah that was a fun match. Isn't it time for Mr. modesty to retire? :heh:


    And how dare you post that on my lovely profile page?! I edited that atrocity right out. :D

  18. Hehehe! What can I say, I :heart: Mario Kart.

    And yeah, we'll easily hit 400+ by this time next year I reckon.


    Man, talk about value for money ey? :cool: