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  1. Monster Hunter 4!!!!

    Noooooooooooooooo!! oO What the hey...
  2. 3DS eShop Thread

    This is awesome news!! I never played this GB game before! Finally get to try it!
  3. Fantasy Life (26th Sept)

    Thank you very much!! But I'm guessing the post quota is higher, since I already posted over 50..
  4. Fantasy Life (26th Sept)

    Whow, this game just keeps looking better and better! Btw, is anybody able to point out to me how I can give thanks to other members posts? I'm not able to find it anywhere... :/
  5. Petit Comptuer

    Yeah, Basic is a pretty old language, but it is pretty powerful! And considering that this DSi ware BASIC version will allow you to use DSi functions like the touch screen into the code, means this will surely be a ton o fun!! @RedShell Awesome! Those video examples look brilliant! Also, on PetitComputers homepages, they got a bunch of source codes for different purposes. Some games too.
  6. Petit Comptuer

    Hehe, yeah I know what you mean.. Hope I will find time to write some cool DS mini games or something.
  7. Fantasy Life (26th Sept)

    Hmm, this game looks very interesting!! Thanks for all the nice screens, RetroLink!
  8. Petit Comptuer

    http://www.petitcomputer.com/ BASIC is BACK! A programming language fondly remembered by anyone who programmed computers back in the day. In the golden age of BASIC, it was easy for anyone to write a program. Now we offer you this exact same capability, but this time with the advanced features of the Nintendo DSi™ system. Everyone can easily enjoy creating their own original programs, from those who ever dreamed of being a programmer when they were younger, to the young programmers of today. Many programs are included to ensure that you can fully enjoy using BASIC. The included programs were also written in BASIC, so you can add new features to them in order to enhance your games. You can also take the programs and data you create and convert them to QR codes that can be shared with friends who also have Petit Computer on their Nintendo DSi systems. (Programs included: 12 feature samples,5games, a character picture tool,a background screen creation tool,a graphics tool,and a picture-drawing tool. Check out the website for more information! Let's hope it comes to Europe soon!
  9. 3DS eShop Thread

    Well.. I just saw this fun, new application got added to the American DSi shop. It's called; Petit Computer! And it's a BASIC programing module so you can create your own games and applications using DSi features! When I first saw this I was thinking it was too good to be true! But then I went and checked out their website and this looks like the coolest thing I have ever seen!! I sure hope it comes to the European market soon!!
  10. Monster Hunter 4!!!!

    Aahh, all this talk of monster hunting makes me want to start up that old dusty Wii and play some quests on MHTri! I sure hope they do this game (MH4) right, and release it worldwide with online game-play!
  11. I'll add you in now dude, cheers!

  12. Time Travelers (Level 5)

    A salty tear just rolled down my cheek..
  13. Time Travelers (Level 5)

    Hah, awesome! DOT is one of the best cartoon adventure games I ever played. And still today, it ranks very high on my list of favorite games! And speaking of learning English.. My first meeting with adventure games was those old AGI graphic games with text based actions. Like "Police Quest 1", "Leisure Suit Larry 1" and "Space Quest 1-2". And speaking of time-traveling.. The Space Quest games have quite a lot of good clock-bending scenes!
  14. Yeah, I'm just about to finish the story on HoR now, so I think I will play some KI:U or MK7 for a online action while I wait to re-play HoR. But thanks for the add. I will prob not be online as much as I normally would this month - It's summer time, and I'm aiming to spend as much time as I can outdoors! ;)

  15. Yeah sure! I haven't actually played HoR in a while due to annoyance at their website's issues, and currently trying to breeze through Bowser's Inside Story, but I'll add you back when I get home from work(silly 3DS needing to be online to add people grrr!)