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  1. Prime? I finished it one wintery Saturday several years ago. I remember picking my GBA Micro up as soon as the credits finished to play a quick bit of Chu Chu Rocket to cleanse the pallet. I did go back after a while and start a new file with the fusion suit.


    I remember the exact moment my backlog came into existence. One Christmas (I could also have been eleven!) I got FOUR Snes games and I've been playing catch up ever since. Pop n Twinbee, Cybernator, Mickey Mania and Buster Busts Loose.


    What about the Dark Tower? Have you still got that edition of Wizard and Glass knocking about?? How is Animal Crossing going? I didn't get it for the 3DS (though I've been tempted) but the DS and Wii ones consumed a lot of time. Don't suppose you have Fantasy Life?

  2. Super Smash No's : Stock issues

    I got the same email. Oh well. Looks like at our house we'll have to have pre-Smash actual fights to decide who gets the Wii remote / Pro controller / Gamepad. Surely more adapters are coming though. Someone in the biz must be able to get an answer out of Nintendo on this? EDIT: Reddit user SSB4 seems to think so: EDIT 2: Just had another email from Amazon with a voucher worth £3 off my next order.
  3. 'old Patch'? Ouch, that hurts. If I could stay awake long enough, I'd give you a taste of me walking cane.


    I'm doing fine thanks. Still working through the backlog of games that started when I was 11. I'm going to finish it one of these days. I just need Nintendo to perform a little worse in the next few years...


    How are things with you (Pete I know about)? Still not finished Metroid Prime?

  4. Mass Effect 3

    Nicely put. I do agree that there is no point in buying it if you own another console / PC. Currently, the only way I can play a Mass Effect game without buying new hardware is to play this one. And surely experiencing one game is better than experiencing none. Fans of the series have pointed out the emotional and continuity flaws of playing only the third game, but I think they would also be glad that such a stellar game, even in isolation, is being made available to a wider audience. For what it's worth, I have been playing it steadily since launch and I have to say I have been continually blown away by it. The amount of detailed content has left me totally absorbed in what feels like a vast, living, breathing, fully realised universe. Having only owned a Wii last gen, the HD visuals have augmented my experience somewhat, but there is clearly more to the game than just sweet looks. Do I feel like I have missed out by not playing the first two? Not at all. The story is still very powerful with some difficult decisions to make, and this feels very natural. I've accepted that Shepard has a history with some of the characters and while I may not fully appreciate the emotional connections he may have had with them, to me it feels like a small part of what is a colossal game. To series fans, it will perhaps feel like a large part, but that comes back to the point that Zechs raised: I don't really know or understand what I'm missing and therefore I don't feel cheated or short-changed.
  5. Mass Effect 3

    So . . . anyone playing this? I haven't read the whole thread, but it seems there isn't much love for what is probably the most critically acclaimed Wii U game so far. Are people that upset about the trilogy snub? Or has everyone played it already? Ok, after reading more of the thread, it seems there are a multitude of reasons, some voiced with passionate disapproval. Oh well, it just seems odd that one of the highest rated Wii U games is selling so abysmally.
  6. Aw crap, got confused there. It's a 3GB download for the entire game. The *update* is 302MB. Which leaves me with 24GB of storage.
  7. I got the same email. I'd prefer the disc, but I think I'm happy downloading it. It's a 3GB download though, which leaves 24GB to spare, I suppose it's not a big issue and it's kind of useful not to have to swap discs to play it.
  8. I've just got off the phone and they said it's an issue with many customers that have ordered the Premium bundle. "Expect an email in less than 24 hours detailing what the resolution will be." Hmmm.
  9. I've contacted them, but heard nothing back yet. By 'replacement', surely you don't mean sending the whole Wii U box back to them for one that has Nintendo Land included?
  10. Ah, not just me then. That quashes my theory about a rogue Amazon despatcher rifling through boxes for stuff to sell on ebay. Still annoying though.
  11. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

    Thanks! I did do that - apparently the scene is extended on the second playthrough. Are there any other incentives to play a second time? I did miss the Communion Spring scene though. Didn't even notice it had appeared as a location until it was too late. ? Were they bad? I didn't notice. Actually, do you mean the odd blurring effect that was so prevalent in the first game? It was certainly better in this one. It seemed to happen mainly when a cutscene was ending. I've finished the game now.
  12. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

    Ginnungagap! Progress has been slow and steady. I'm on the 8th chapter; Emil is wrestling with himself and all the characters have all gone their separate ways, to regroup later in Altamira for what is presumably the final showdown. I'm enjoying it, but I'm not sad to be near the end.
  13. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

    Oh yeah, a few letters got away from me there! Proper nouns is what I meant. I always say Fla-noir, as in the French noir, with a 'nw' sound. But the game doesn't. Really bugs me. Forcystus, yes! Yggdrasil being another imposing name.
  14. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

    I'm up to Chapter 5 now and have come across all of the original Tales of Symphonia characters except
  15. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

    Absolutely. I suppose the skits offer more social and 'fun' conversations to take place, allowing a bit more scope and freedom. That sort of light-hearted dialogue would probably seem out of place in the main story. Having said that, the 'It's nazdrovie' scene worked well, as did almost any scene with Raine and they were part of the main story. I'm on Chapter 4, having just defeated the Light Frog and arrived at Flanoir. That light frog was one mean fight. I'd just put two level 1 monsters on my team and they died every time they were brought back to life. Between me and Marta, we managed to get it down to almost zero health a bunch of times, but he would heal himself, which brings me on to one irksome thing: Hit any of my team members while they are casting and the arte is then cancelled. Hit the light frog with a 5 hit combo and he carries on as if he was being bothered by a butterfly! Grr. That fight took a long time... I have the fastest text setting, which displays the text instantly. Because of this, I tend to skip a speech bubble when I've read it, so I miss a lot of the spoken dialogue. You can't skip the skits (that I know of), but I don't mind. I'd be more annoyed if I couldn't skip the main story dialogue.