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  1. Toy Story 3 (Spoiler Tags!)

    Saw it yesterday in 3D, thought it was a let down really. (The whole thing not just the 3D). Just thought we'd seen it all before. Wish they'd spent the time on an Incredibles 2 rather than that.
  2. Wii General Discussion

    Any idea if Wii controllers are universal please? Thinking of getting a couple sent over from the US for use with my UK Wii. Cheers.
  3. World of Warcraft

    To help speed levelling up use the add on Quest Helper.
  4. World of Warcraft

    Very happy to duel whatever anyone else here might have.
  5. The Dark Knight Discussion (Spoilers)

    I thought the Joker is a bit further up the list on people to blame. Isn't Batman tormented enough? If he'd been any more down about things he'd have had his fringe over his eyes and been listening to whatever the kids listen to these days.
  6. World of Warcraft

    Haver plays a rogue? Still, better than a fury warrior I suppose.
  7. "f*ck off, i'm ginger" (bbc3)

    That's pretty much what the program said, suggesting the reason you might be a socially inept retard is that you're ginger and you've had to deal with that. It also commented on the different way folks view ginger men and women. Ginger women being "allowed" as men often go for delicate (so light skinned) women that look like they need protecting. Women however tending to go for darker looking men. It was an alright show, but not good enough to stop me from channel hopping.
  8. Ocarina of Time 2D creator died

    So maybe he did get hit by a car, but had a fairy in a jar. (Flipping heck, think if it'd been Jordan).
  9. Post Your Purchases

    I know I posted it before, but today I went and picked it up. I like it a lot!
  10. Jordan - You Can Do Eeeeet!

    I heard he already had. ... Oooh, the driving test! Yeah unlucky bud. What was the prob, control pad instead of keyboard and mouse? (I failed first time too, so you're in good company).
  11. Post Your Purchases

    Put a deposit down on one of these today...
  12. Ricky Gervais- Fame

    I got some tickets through the post this morning. Going to see him in Nottingham.
  13. Post Your Purchases

    The TV I ordered finally arrived yesteday. Also got some tickets to go see Ricky Gervais in Nottingham.
  14. Hot Fuzz

    Was most excellent. Would have liked to see a bit more of Bill Bailey, Coogan and Stephen Merchant though. Some folks reckon it went on a bit too long, but I think it was just about spot on.
  15. Help me with my 'Customer Relations' -_-

    I'm a sales admin that hates the general public. Though most of my work is over the phone, so I don't have to look at the customers. The thing is to just help them out as much as you can and don't make any fool mistakes. Oh, and if you listen to my boss then you're not to wear your MP3 player at work (this was at a low volume while doing a boring job that took about 2 hours with only one earphone in) as it's "not condusive to the sales enviroment" ... the next day him and his wife were making racist jokes about a customer. So maybe be racist and see if that helps.