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  1. Outer Space

    Some believe that the outside force acting on our universe is actually a universe/dimension of anti-matter. An alternate reality/universe/dimension that acts in total balance with our own using the properties of anti-matter to sustain life instead of matter! This balance supposedly prevents the universe('s?) collapsing in on itself. Supposedly... Remembering seeing a doc about it, some of my facts might be a bit shaky so I'd recommend looking it up yourselves. In fact the LHC ATLAS experiments are to determine the existence of alternate dimensions and the mysteries of Dark Matter as well as Dark Energy which makes up 70% of the universe. The cool thing is if anti-matter and matter collide they are nullified so if their was a dimension of anti-matter and we collided it with ourselves it would mean the complete end of existence as we know it. Cool! The scientist even theorize that the hidden dimensions(as much as 6 including the 3 we perceive height, width and depth) could be the unidentified forces that give gravity it's properties. Check the LHC experiments here http://public.web.cern.ch/Public/Welcome.html
  2. The war on terror

    All the Afgans and Iraqis I've seen on TV that support the war seem to still have their houses standing... Don't trust the TV peeps, we can argue this all day but in reality we only know as much as we've been told.(cept Danny it seems who's sauntered down Taliban Lane) It's kinda presumptuous and a little ignorant to have such bold statements about something that we really know little about. That's what led the German public to think they were in the right in WWI/WWII. The public repeat what they are told with such pride and even joke, not truly understanding the horrors of war. Or at least that what I read in "All Quiet on the Western Front" (of course not applied to all, some here are probably informed in one way or another but I'm pretty sceptical about much that has been said in this thread.) And me? I think wars are necessary vice of the human condition but should be our last possible option. The government just seems to bloody love it though don't they?
  3. Rate the last film you saw

    C'mon, when the little lady took a bullet I was jumping for joy. That was excellent build up!
  4. Rate the last film you saw

    It was actually supposed to be in black and white, which makes the CGI a little more bearable but the production company didn't think a black and white film would sell so they had to rush colour into the creatures. Nonetheless it is low budget CGI but still better than other out there (Megashark Vs Giant Octopus lol.) And yea, I loved the film. Especially the Dark Tower references.
  5. The Book Thread

    Just read this autobiography about Howard Marks. The notorious marijuana smuggler Great book about his drug exploits with his college, the IRA, MI6, various mafias, yakuzas, smugglers, mass media, afridi marijuana cultivators, narcotics agents and high security prisons. Of course mixed in with his globe trotting adventures with his family and as the king of smoke. A great read but don't be fooled, you don't have to be a big toker to enjoy this. A great inside look at the drugs industry of the 70s and 80s. Now I'm reading I'll tell you how it turns out...
  6. Scottish/Welsh/Cornish independence

    Why the hell would we complain about Edinburgh? It's our goddamn capital mate that doesn't make a lick of sense. A scot in power? You mean that sham of a man? Yes it's in North sea I never said Scottish sea what the hell's you're point? Drilled by foreigners and they have to pay the UK for that, money we see very little of. I have been to faslane you fool! My dad used to work there. (I know this keeps coming up lol) And I've done a documentary piece on the peace camps and rallies there. Yes it would mean job loses but how many jobs would in inclusion of Green energy production create? Plus Scotland voted NO on Nuclear power plants and was completely ignored. How's that for democracy. Alot of Scottish folks are very deep rooted in their history and consider the Union and outdated entity which just isn't working mate. History shapes and changes society. Even your dismissal of our history shows how far our attitudes are apart. Man that's just incredibly ignorant. So we're all just a bunch of mindless thugs huh? Even though England's renowned for starting trouble abroad whereas the Tartan Army is mostly welcomed in any country? We vote for MSP's but in our position we don't have a damn say in anything. We are vastly outnumbered our votes get local politicians elected but we have no say in world matters. Something that is becoming frequently more worrying as the current government continues to act on policies without our blessing, but that doesn't mean a damn thing. Such as Closing down A + E services in Scotland the only the SNP turned about. Feel pride for a Scottish PM is damn shallow and hardly an excuse to stay with the system. The future world depends on how much oil they find because it will determine you gets the business ends of the US's foreign policy next. If you cannot accept that people against the war are not a small minority, that it is actually quite a strong talking point among people who don't want to be blindly following their government in it's warmongering, then I shouldn't even be talking to you mate. Afghanistan is a country that's been invaded by foreign powers foi the last 100 years or so. The country should just be left the hell alone and allowed to pick up the pieces rather than blown to fuck. There you go mate calm down though. This doesn't feel like a discussing, more like "Shoot down anyone who supports Independence" though it was nice to hear something more than "We shouldn't give up the UK because it's the Status Quo" I mean you can disagree with me but it feels like you're taking this personally. Even though it was part of the British empire but nevermind. Because even if it was the other way around England would still have the majority vote. And I can tell you alot of people WOULD be pissed it that were the case. I really don't see why a unified sterling and a unified Euro are very much different. And yes London is completely out of touch with Scotland, the MP's down their act as if Scotland a burdern that needs to be pleased rather than actually trying to make a difference and improve the lifestyle. The huge amount of people living in poverty here is a clear example of that. Scotland is just a bunch of statistics to the current government and the voices and opinions of Scots are leargely unheard. Well maybe but then "what a pathetic argument" isn't exactly good manners is it?
  7. Okay....That Was Fucking Awesome!

    So do I get my Ps3 or what :P
  8. Scottish/Welsh/Cornish independence

    50% of Scots live in Canada. Should we unite with them too?(Because of the Highland clearances coincidently, that borders on genocide and ethnic cleansing for historians) National Identity was a response to why I refer to myself as Scottish, not an argument exactly for independence. Do none of you refer to yourself as English? Using the logic of Scottish notes being redundant then you should be backing the crossover to the Euro. And then our currency would also be controlled by London which would mean we would be feeling the full whack of the recession, which we do feel. Jobs are being lost up here too. Sometimes I think I would have a better response here if I said I supported the BNP or something...
  9. Scottish/Welsh/Cornish independence

    Platty My dads being working there on off for 10 years and it has always been a problem for him. And I'm serious when I say every time I visited (about 10 times) they have never once accepted my money, even when I have had no money otherwise and had to walk home. Taxi drivers have also given abuse (What the fuck is this mate...?" when giving them Scottish notes. I suppose it is up to the individual teller, maybe once they hear the Scottish accent they check the money who knows But yea no one can tell me it doesn't happen.
  10. Scottish/Welsh/Cornish independence

    Some places do accept them. But many places will reject them, even if you point out sterling on the note. Especially London. I have never passed a note over a shop counter in London and my dad has to get any notes on him changed to English notes when he heads back down for work. The law says you are supposed to accept it but many stores just don't. Dunno why not to be honest. Thanks Columnar, at least someone's ok with at least one of my points.
  11. Scottish/Welsh/Cornish independence

    London(Corrected, I generalized England when really I only experienced London's attitude to Scottish pound) won't even accept Scottish money. So much for that lol. But yea lack of national identity as British you mean? I consider myself Scottish, and a majority in Scotland do. We have very much our own national identity, heritage and culture. We are considered our own country you know, even if it doesn't feel like it. Why is that paticularly disturbing? Btw I don't want this to be interpreted as a hate England thing ignorance on either side is just as bad. My cuz's are English I could never hate them :P
  12. Activision To Cancel Sony Support?

    The bluntness of this does seem a bit strange for a company like Activision. Or maybe they are just Christian Bale p*ssed at their sales.
  13. The Movie News Thread!

    That is definitely a nice goddamn bunch. Comic con....Weaver...Ripley!
  14. Scottish/Welsh/Cornish independence

    And I take it South Ireland is in all sorts of hell and pain right now at not being in the union? Ack nvm, everybody here seems to be hardcore unionists.
  15. How good is HD?

    Games are vastly improved. Films not so much(not as big a difference as VHS - DVD) . They are sharper, clearer and cleaner but not enough to warrant the price tag when 10 mins in you forget about the differences and just enjoy the film. That's just me though I guess. I do have a trained eye but it just doesn't matter to me when DVD quality isn't terrible and you pay so much extra for a bit of shine