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  1. Modern Warfare 2

    Got this today, installed it on my laptop, its basically a joke, all online games are laggy, the game takes long to respond andthe ginle player gets incredibly slow and laggy when there's too many enemies on the screen. I dunno if its my laptop or the game, but i think its the game and its shit, im having to install it on my pc now.
  2. Hu guys merry xmas Basically I'm having trouble setting this up on my computer. For some some reason, every time i try and load it, an error message comes up saying 'iw4mp.exe has enocuntered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.' I think it may be because of the firewall, how could i disable then and then re able that? Any other suggestions? cheers.
  3. Katie: My Beautiful Face

    They should have acid thrown in their faces, see how they cope. She was coping brilliantly and had a lovely personality in the documentary. I don't like the last bit where she turned away from the shop assisstant and stood in the corner while her sister bought some make up because she was embarassed. It's so incredibly pathetic that we live in a society where people are 'embarassed' about something they have no control over.
  4. Katie: My Beautiful Face

    Bless her, she feels embarassed whenever she goes outside. It wasn't her fault but she's feeling embarassed and guilty for it, because people stare at her.
  5. Katie: My Beautiful Face

    Katie: My Beautiful Face on Channel 4. It's about a former model and TV presenter who was stunning until her psycopathic boyfriend raped her and then hired a goon to throw acid in her face. She's physically scarred now really badly, and is blind in one eye and has to eat through a straw. This angers me to the point that I believe the people who did it shoud just be shot outside, or even better, have acid thrown in their faces and see how they cope. Looks were everything to this girl, and if someone did it to me, I'd kill them.
  6. Katie: My Beautiful Face

    Is anyone else watching this right now on Channel 4? Very distressing documentary. It just makes me so angry that someone could completely ruin someone else's life in such an evil and easy manner.
  7. 'Science's Last Taboo'

    It was an interesting show that raised some good points. Any scientist who still believes white people are more intelligent than black people needs to meet some of the white friends I have. Then they'll change their mind. The next show is on tonight and is at 10 on Channel 4. I think from memory it's about how ethnic minorities try to look white to fit in to a predominantly white society.
  8. Pornography

    Two words: Conservative Christian. Unfortunatly, I'm one of the few liberal types in my church, and it's extremely embarassing when the priest does a whole sermon on the topic, especially when there are far bigger issues in society that need to be dealt with. Fantastic, more jokes like this please!
  9. Pornography

    Porn: do you like it and what are your thoughts on the matter? My views on it are rather liberal: watch it if you want to, don't if you get 'offended' by it. Can I take this opputunity to dispell myths? 1) Porn is degrading for women. I've heard this many times, but I fail to understand how gay porn can be degrading for women. Female dominated porn is the exact opposite: it is degrading for men. But if the woman in question enjoys it, and is being paid well, what's the problem? 2) Porn is for people who are single and sad. Wrong! Couples are known to use porn to stimulate and inspire them, and anybody in a relationship can watch porn, whether that are having sex reguarly or not. 3) Porn is destroying society. Wrong! Racism, homophobia, rape, theft and murder are far more destructive than porn.
  10. Worst Place to live on Earth

    After doing this thread, Afghanistan came to mind. But yeah, it's been a dystopia ever since its creation.
  11. The general point of this thread is for members to say the place they'd least like to live on Earth, past and present. It can be down to a number of factors, from minor niggles like scenery to major ones such as governments. I'll start. Past: Soviet Union, 1920-1953. Stalin was a complete an utter psycopath, obsessed with the blood of hos own people and crazed by his own absoloute power. No one was safe from this nutter, not even members of his own family. From devestating war with the Germans, to overnight disappearences by the secret police, Stalin's Russia had it all. Hell has never been so vivid. Present: Saudi Arabia. Do you like being oppressed as a woman? Do you like seeing your friends publicly beheaded for minor crimes? Do you like not being able to do anything, go anywhere, say anything, or being able to practise your religion freely? If so, Saudi Arabia sounds like the perfect place for you! Upon your arrival to this family friendly destination, you can see such sights as women being stoned for adultery, religious police terrifying the population and al-Queda trying to bomb the local populace persitently! Scorching hot 50*C temperatures included, to try and put the 'skin' in the 'skin cancer' part of your holiday!
  12. Griffin on Question Time is surely a good thing. Everyone is entitled to free speech, irregardless of how wrong or bigoted those views may be. I just wish he'd stop deficating on Christianity by trying to give his party a Christian image. The cringeworthy 'What would Jesus do? He'd vote for a racist, bigoted, homophobic facist!' campaign is actually rather offending to practising Catholics like myself. The idea that Jesus, perhaps the embodiment of morality and good actions, would give even a second thought to the BNP is blasphemous.
  13. Metroid Prime Trilogy

    In Prime, Omega Pirate was apparantly one of the hardest bosses, but I remember when I played it on the Cube, it only took one go to defeat him. To be fair, though, I was playing with a walkthrough. I can't wait to face him on Trilogy. Still no further than yesterday, because I haven't played it yet.
  14. Metroid Prime Trilogy

    I've got Super Metroid on the VC, but got stuck on that ship place and haven't picked it up and played it since. MP is just brilliant. I've just played that bit where you get the thermal visor and then have to use it to escape through a series of rooms filled with Space Pirates and Metroids breaking out of their cages. Scares me shitless, but so much fun anyway.