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  1. One Piece: Unlimited Adventure Wii scans

    I posted that remark ages ago... Ancient times... I'm open for any good exclusive game.
  2. Digital drugs

    Can you get serious internal organ damage from excessive listenings of these sounds?
  3. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    It is a Wii.
  4. Nintendo Fixes Star Issue!

    Now they shall FIX their organisation and attempt to become superior again, in all respects.
  5. Sweet Sixteen.

    Enjoy youth while you can...
  6. component cable or a rgb cable

    Composite is the best.
  7. Racism: Your View.

    Theres an opening for a topic on "discrimination", which is much broader and covers other issues such as HIV, Age, Gender etc.
  8. SSX Blur

    Indeed. Waste of money, might as well leach off others that have the game or rent it, beat it and thats it. The money can be better spent on essential food/drink/living supplies.
  9. Sonic And The Secret Rings

    My expectations of this game aren't that high. I have an expectation of a minimum benchmark of 80% average ratio with 50+ reviews. It looks like it could just be the greatest 3d Sonic game of all time or could end up being a cop out like Banana Blitz was.
  10. Most Overrated Game Series?

    Responses drought...
  11. Bowser or Ganon?

    Go turn on Super Smash Bros Melee, set them on level 9 preset difficulty with a fair normal stage and set the time for 99 minutes or 99 stock (lives). See who wings. I would put money on Ganondorf, as Bowser seems to have a preset to be slightly inferior to other characters, I don't think its technically possible for Bowser to OUTRIGHT beat certain characters on preset difficulty levels.
  12. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    Yeah I was always going to play it as The Legend Of Zelda is one of my favorite gaming series. I was going to purchase it regardless of the outcome with respect to scores. Although I was rather annoyed when I saw the game suddenly dropping in average ratio well below my EXPECTED benchmark of 96.00% to surpass Resident Evil 4 and for a little while, it had done so... But after playing it, i've come to accept it as the game isn't supurb. [spoiler=]Whats with the ending, Ganondorf just stands there with a blade in his chest, didn't even fall to the ground. I assume he became a mere mortal, powerless, meaningless and was disposed of courtesy of the light spirits into oblivion. His grunts and groans were terrible and made him sound like a puny weakling. No POWER to them. One of the worst endings in a Zelda game to date.
  13. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    You'd think that as Link got closer to the TRUE source of evil, that the challenges ahead of him would get more DIFFICULT with greater enemies and larger landscapes, but instead what we got is smaller, easier and emptier landscapes. This is not symbolic of Link becoming "more powerful" as this should've been illustrated with greater challenges which it wasn't. As a number of users have said already on a number of occasions, the second half of the game just feels second rate as though the developers had to sacrifice tweaking it just that bit more in favour of attempted profit maximisation. This was majorly brought upon by what I believe to be Nintendos reactive stance on the game. 11th hour decision to make it available on Wii also, instead of dissing the failure console that is GameCube and making it solely for Wii to begin with. When you plan for things properly, in most cases, you get the desired result. In this case, a more proactive approach to developing this game would've resulted in a far greater product that could've really given OOT a fight for the crown of universally regarded best Zelda game.
  14. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    Wrong name. Mistake ON MY PART. Not Stalfos as they are rather easy,... Whatever the name of the enemy is that has a different set of armour and fights with the Darknut... The pointy like helmet, different shaped sword and shield but is FULLY armoured... Or is that also a Darknut also but has different armour and a round shield instead of a POINTY one?
  15. Perception of poor third-party performance sees big names hold back This is what i've said in the past basically. Why develop for an unproven system? Going by their past performances on 3D systems, its no wonder developers are reluctant to develop for Nintendo systems, when they can develop for the HOLY GRAIL that is Playstation 3 and 100% guarantee sell millions of units. Nintendo, its acquisition time, start using that fortune and dry up supply of premier games on other systems...