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  1. Trick to Boot GC Imports on your PAL Wii

    wow it works, it's actually not that hard when you know what to do, i count to 3 after i have hit the eject button then press start you then have plenty of time to switch disks.
  2. Godzilla: Unleashed, first screens

    i must have missed the gc version, last godzilla fighter i played was on the sega mega drive and that was awesome.
  3. Telltale seeking for Wii programmer to port PC games

    it's news, so it should be okay it will be awesome to play sam and max and other adventure games on the wii.
  4. New GC Freeloader works on PAL Wiis.

    blocking the disk is not exacly hard they could just take the disk label or store a hash of a portion of the disk loading code in a black list. no patching system could get arround that with out altering the actual disk it's self.
  5. Konami's Cancelled Titles

    Jikkyou does really well in japan, putting it on the wii is just the logical move.
  6. Wii glitches

    the only problem i have had is in zelda i use to get this very annoying poping sound in the dungeon with those magnetic lifts, but when i changed the sound over to surround it seemed to fix the problem.
  7. If One Saw A Wiimake on the Shelf...

    re4 but only with more mercenery maps, controls, maybe online and an extended story mode.
  8. Opera Trial Channel Impressions

    i made a flash/php/javascript based mp3 player for the wii you can upload it to your server (remote or local) then put all your mp3 files in the media folder then just point your browser to index.php. ill be adding playlist support and a few other things this week you can download the first version here. http://filemega.com/files/wiicaster_mp3.zip
  9. Batteries

    these are hard to find eneloop http://www.sanyo.co.jp/koho/hypertext4-eng/0511/1101-2e.html bit more expansive at $20 aud for 4 batterys but they keep there charge allot longer.
  10. sorry subtitle should be Defender of the Stars. Dragon quest is heading to the ds in a main entry Dragon Quest 8, square/enix anounced it today at there press confrence the title is being developed by Level5 and will include online support. pretty dam exsiting news heres a low rez shot taken by famitsu.
  11. Red Steel Thread

    yeah it whould be awesome if the setup worked like zelda's. have the walking and side steping as the dpad and the analog control for turning and then you just use the remote for aiming.
  12. Wii don't need no HD! COD3. Enjoy.

    i had lots of problems at first but i found that my controler was not synced correctly it use to do this jumping thing every now and again. the movement is still very floaty i hope this is improved in metroid and farcry (have not playied redsteal yet).
  13. Your Wow Wii Moments Thread

    think im addited to boxing it's awesome, actualy wii sports turned out way beater then i expected given the bad review scores.
  14. Wii Friend Codes Thread

    mine is 1833 8815 5777 8169 ill add everybody's tomorrow.
  15. 1 day to go!

    Finaly got my wii today (aussie launch), wow is the system and remote small. i have only playied wii sports so far and it's fun even my dad came in to room to have a go (that has never happened). btw it's very hard to get games in australia ebgames was sold out of all there games (even spongbob), i seen about 3 copies of zelda and redsteal and only one copy of call of duty 3 which i nabed (at kmart) systems are impossible to find if you didn't pre-order at least where i am. some games didn't launch today there is no farcry, down hill jam, madden & marvel. farcry has a n/a release date in the online store i checked and enouther has it removed, so it may have a faily large delay till the end of the month or till next year sometime. if you didn't pre-order your wii in europe your going to have one hell of a time trying to find one and make sure you pre-order games!