Mario Kart 8 Deluxe League 2018 (Random Task Edition)

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Thanks to @RedShell for the new logo.

It's the Mario Kart League 2018!

Signing up Basics

  • Each League night will generally be on a Thursday at 8PM (GMT) unless otherwise stated.
  • Please post a comment declaring yourself IN! to sign up for that week.
  • There is an "Always in" list for regular racers who don't want to post every week. Please tag me (Glen-i) if you want to be on this list.
  • If you have declared yourself IN! and can't make a night, please inform me on this thread before the league night starts. Frequent no-showers will be penalized.

League Nights

  • There are generally two types of league nights.
  • Player's Choice nights allow racers to freely choose what vehicle they use and what tracks are played on.
  • Theme Nights dictate a specific vehicle setup and track order that must be followed.
  • Each night consists of 3 GP's, making for a total of 12 races. Please allow 45 to 60 minutes of your time to take part.

Points System

  • After each GP, the points you earned will be recalculated by me using this formula. (Total points divided by Number of Players multiplied by 12)
  • Your grand total is divided by the number of GP's you've taken part in, giving you an average score that will determine your placing in the league. This means that even if you miss a night, your score will not be affected, but your placing may change depending on changes in other people's scores.
  • In GP's that utilise Battle Mode, the points you earn are determined by your place, not the amount of points you got.
  • If your total attendance is below 50% at the end of the year, your score will be discounted from the final results.


  • Theme Nights must be followed. However, if you don't have the right vehicle part, let me know ASAP. I will try to find an alternative part that has the same stats.
  • During Player's Choice nights, please do not choose a track that has already been raced on that night, it's only polite.
  • Do not rage quit, if I start to notice people "disconnecting" regularly, you may be penalized.
  • If you do disconnect, rejoin the room as soon as possible. You will earn one point for that race. But I'd be willing to discount that GP's score if it would result in lowering your average score. But don't take the mick. Be aware that discounting a GP will affect your total attendance.
  • Remember to let me or the host know if you can't make the night as soon as you can.
  • Have fun! And feel free to show off your hilarious (Or skillful) moments with the Switch video capture!

Theme Night suggestions

  • If you have a suggestion for a Theme Night, please send me a PM with the details and I'll try to implement it.


What is the Random Task Edition?

It's the Mario Kart League, except I'm gonna dish out Random Tasks to the players that declare themselves IN early-ish each week. Successfully pulling off the week's task will net you bonus points. Fail the task however, and you get docked points.

How does it work?

Every player who declares their IN-ness before I post the Theme reminder on Thursday will get a Private Message with their random task. If the player successfully performs the task, they will have 10 bonus points added to their race score. Fail the task, and they lose 10 points.

That doesn't sound so bad, if everyone has to do it, then it's fair.

Oh, did I forget to mention that not everyone gets the same task? Your task will not be the same as everyone else's. There will be 3 different tasks that you could get. You must also keep your task secret. No blabbing.

Can I abstain?

Sure you can, just tell me so when you declare yourself IN. Or declare yourself IN after the Thursday reminder. But you're throwing away precious points. So you probably want to just go for it.

If you want to be in the Always IN! List, let me know.

There's also a list for people who always want to do the Random Task. If you want in on this, let me know.

Sign Up Now!

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Right, I need to get a few things out of the way first. I'm gonna address a suggestion made by @DazzeL


As an idea to float, what about shorter, sharper seasons making it a bit easier for people to say commit for a season then have a break and then return etc?

I would like to point out that it really doesn't matter if you can't make a night, as long as you turn up for half of them, your score will count in the final results. The total score is determined by your average score. Total points have no effect on your placing.

However, I'm nothing, if not open. If you would like me to split the year up into shorter mini leagues (I'm thinking 3 leagues of 4 months), let me know. If you want the league to be one long league, tell me. Let's get some voting going!

I'd also like to confirm if @BowserBasher is reprising his role as regular host.

With that out of the way...

First League Night: 25th January 8pm


We'll ease into the year with a good old fashioned end of month Player's Choice night. Don't wanna dive straight into the crazy just yet.

Sign up now!

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1 hour ago, RedShell said:


If Redshell is late, don't worry, he's just getting a new Switch.

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I have a rare free Thursday so I'm in. If you all let me win so I start the year top of the league, I might cancel next week's plans to defend my title.

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Next League Night: Tonight 8pm


Room 1: @BowserBasher is host







Still time to Sign Up!

1 hour ago, Clownferret said:

If you all let me win so I start the year top of the league, I might cancel next week's plans to defend my title.

League hasn't even started yet, and we're already seeing underhanded tactics. Good job!

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5 minutes ago, Glen-i said:

Well, that was a hilarious first race! I'm such a jerk.

Well, at least we can say that the new league has officially begun now. :p

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2 minutes ago, RedShell said:

I got a shot if he didn’t.

Great, send me a link when you can then.

I'll post the results some time later after Rocket League and food.

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That Boomerang throw actually worked twice!? Wow! Spectacular! I'm so proud of myself! Even if karma hit me like a ton of bricks in Ribbon Road.

Righto! Here's the table after the first night.


Very early days, of course. Averages will fluctuate all over the place over the next few weeks. Of note is @BowserBasher and I both getting a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place tonight. Creepy. What's even creepier is that @viceview51 and @Nintendo Fan have the exact same score. How'd you manage that?

So, all warmed up with racing? No? Cool! Let's get you up to speed on Battle Mode then!

Next League Night: 1st Feburary 8pm


Room 1: BowserBasher is host




Pretty simple schedule here. Because there's only 8 courses in Battle Mode, I won't enforce the "Don't choose the same track twice" rule, obviously. But let's try and do each stage at least once, right?

Sign up Now!

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1 hour ago, RedShell said:

Some clips from last night:


Holy sweet Jesus Christ! You guys did each other dirty!


Love it! Awesome Video :laughing:

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