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  1. Here to revive an old favourite ladies and gents . Basically just a rating between 1 and 10 where 10 is the highest and 1 is not the highest but is considered the lowest and 5 can be average and this run-on sentence is on purpose! Enjoy CR-Eers!
  2. It's been awhile, but I'll try my best! The 2006 N-Europe Member Of The Year You lot decide. Thread Starter Of The Year Flaight for ultimately crushing my "Rate the above poster's signature" thread Best Mod Of The Year Flink Best Admin Of The Year FLink Most Helpful Member Of The Year Most Respected Member Rokhed Best Newcomer Of 2006 Don't know any. Most Knowledgeable Member Of The Year Hell if I know! Funniest Member Of 2006 EEvil is by far the funniest member I have ever seen on these boards. Best/Worst Negative Member of 2006 Haver's always annoyed me. Spammer Of The Year Dante makes happy spam in the hot people thread. Most Missed User Of The Year Stocka - I never see you on msn anymore! User With The Best Sigs Of The Year Flameboy101? he made some kickass sigs. User With The Best Avatars Of The Year Ash - he still sports the avatar I made! If You Were Stuck In A Lift With An N-Eer ........ Who Would You Most Like It To Be Sprout. Futurama quotes and GEC's all the way. The Taciturn Award (this award goes to the user who doesn't post much, but when they do, it really is a post worth waiting for.) Offerman. A legend. The User Who Spends Most Of His/Her Entire Life On Here (in the hot people gallery) Dante. Best Forum moment of 2006 Noticing Dannykong posts once again! Damn chav :p The N-Europe 2006 Award For Personality Of The Year Sprout. Best User Ever Choze. I probably would have never stayed at the old C-E boards if it wasn't for him :P The N-Europe 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award: Who makes this forum what it is today?[/b] Without a doubt it was FLink.
  3. From the desk of the Regginator

    Quite clearly fake. Although, the patterns on the crumpled paper would actually in reality be carried over if they were all placed on top of one another before crumpling. It's just undirected folding. That said, undistorted text and blatent false statements throughout make it pretty obvious what the authenticy of it is. I'm shocked considering the posters aren't unanimous on that... Does "oo oo oo ah ah!" make more sense to you?
  4. Photoshop this #3.....CVD

    1- Brokeback Mountain - Substeinar 2- Spiderman - Haver 3- Crime Scene - Guy
  5. Drawings (56k warning)

    Say it isn't so!
  6. Photoshop this #2.....Sarka

    Aw mine has been removed
  7. Photoshop this #2.....Sarka

    I'm sorry, but it had to be done :p edit Thats just not appropriate. Ashley.
  8. Photoshop this #1....Dabookerman

    Aw... I finally have time to photoshop the mop only its been done Great entries though - I'm lmaoing.
  9. RE Gamerthon -Closed-

    I'm really only decent in 2v2 games, so it'll be an easy win against me. As for AOEIII, I'll try for Dyson or Stocka. EDIT - want to make Generals + Zero Hour seperate, because it seems like there are more people playing Zero Hour and making it Generals only isn't quite good (especially for those of us who only play Zero Hour)
  10. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    Someone call Nintendo - they've finally got a reason to overwork the developer for a July 6th, 2006 release!
  11. RE Gamerthon -Closed-

    So no AOEIII? But there were so many people wanting to play!
  12. Farewell

    Hm... well, i hope you get through whatever's troubling you, Stocka. We'll have to get together on AOEIII again for old time's sake Come to the DarkZero side!
  13. RE Gamerthon -Closed-

    Jot me down for some Zero Hour and AOEIII. Should be very interesting - I'll have to start playing again!
  14. RE Confession box

    :bowdown: :bowdown:
  15. MGS movie

    I'm pretty sure Kojima wanted to be a director for films and ended up in games. chances are if a MGS movie was to be made he'd do it himself so as not to ruin it.
  16. RE Confession box

    - I dropped a knife earlier and it got stuck in the table. I covered it with the table cloth. - I hate my sister. - I think of kicking children all the time. - I scare old ladies by staring at them as they walk by. - I absolutely HATE my eyepatch... Last time I visit London...
  17. Zelda: Twilight Princess Discussion (SPOILERS: BEWARE)

    Why not? That'd make a beast of a final battle. Too predictable? Yes. Proability of it happening? Not too likely.
  18. Zelda: Twilight Princess Discussion (SPOILERS: BEWARE)

    It's like staring in a mirror.... Exactly how I started out on C-E - a Zelda 2005 (now TP) thread.
  19. Anime and manga discussion

    You spend more on Anime in a month than I spent on everything in 2005 :p
  20. Anime and manga discussion

    'twas only a fansite with links to subbed versions for those of us who cannot understand Japanese :P No different than getting them from Limewire really.
  21. Anime and manga discussion

    Same place I get it, my friend http://www.dubiouslink?.com/ - Bleach-Society and Dattebayo will still be subbing - Lunar and Hell-Fansubs have stopped - episode 72 is actually pretty decent considering it's filler Shame, I'll have to start deleting from an incomplete fansub collection...iIve got 2GB left on my hard drive
  22. Zelda: Twilight Princess Discussion (SPOILERS: BEWARE)

    I believe Nintendo said it would be out soonest March 31st/April 1 - the end of their fiscal year. Whether it was region specific, I don't know. I hope they do release it within a close timeframe though - I need my Zelda fix.
  23. Happy Birthday the FIERCEZORR

    Happy bday F_LiNk, enjoy yourself
  24. My Princess Peach Cosplay! #^_^#

    Indeed. Wayne Campbell says "Shwing!"