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  1. Game deal

    Thanksies. Also, is there an Elkjøp in town? I thought there was, but now I'm unsure as I can't find it at their webpage. If there's not that's gonna suck, as I may not be able to camp out with my friend.. Probably though, he'll just have to leave for school earlier.
  2. Thursday: Get out of school, camp out somewhere, pray. Hopefully come friday I won't go home disappointed.
  3. The european Wii launch is looking to be a MESS

    How could you make this post without shouting "OBJECTION!"? :horse:
  4. Game deal

    Which Elkjøp? (in town? city syd? city lade?) It will be done. A CAMPAR IS ME!
  5. Game deal

    That is low. (SUPER SECRET SEINFELD REFERENCE) So, er, when are you getting more units after the original.. 36? And wait, what the hell, the most Wiis in Norway? O.O Do you mean.. Just counting Spiderman(/GAME) or as a whole? Heard anything about Spaceworld? Wtf though. Oh, and when's the 2nd shipment of 18? I know a guy who's #26, so maybe I can snag his if I overpay him (though let's not hope it comes to that..)
  6. The european Wii launch is looking to be a MESS

    Might just be that his composite connectors are semi faulty and don't work well.
  7. Game deal

    Hmm, that might just make me rather fond of you.
  8. The european Wii launch is looking to be a MESS

    Yes, but how was that situation related to this one? Just because he refused to pay money to call someone for your point to be proven (in which case it would've been better, like I suggested, to send an email and paste the reply here, as it's rather hard to paste a phone conversation), does that mean you are not expected to prove any future points you come with? No. It has absolutely no relation and bringing it up is simply childish. Just shows you have nothing more to come with, and you're using this unrelated situation as a last resort.
  9. thoughts about the Classic controller

    I've always thought it was for games such as SSBB, where they didn't want to use the new Wii controller.. Naming it the classic controller is probably because it resembles the old control style, from NES (or more like SNES, as the Wii Remote is more like the NES controller really) through GC. It appears to be due to playing the games, but I really think it's because it's a more regular, classic way of control.
  10. Wii have a problem...

    £5 says that in a few weeks time we'll see a "OMG I BROKE MY TV!" topic from this guy.
  11. The european Wii launch is looking to be a MESS

    HOW is that instance related to him wanting an official source? Now you're just slapping yourself again.
  12. The european Wii launch is looking to be a MESS

    This is, by far, the only post I've seen from you so far that I can actually completely understand and agree with, and best of all, respect. I hope you'll consider presenting your arguments and views this way rather than your previous, well, overreactings and shoutings and whatnot. I salute you if so. :wink: (just as long as you realize that you refusing to play Zelda is your problem and decision; and having made this decision you have no more right to whine about it)
  13. The Reviews Thread

    Does that mean that maybe in the future we don't have to put up with your lame bitching and moaning about insignifigant scores? Oh god yes.
  14. The european Wii launch is looking to be a MESS

    The Opera browser isn't out until around christmas anyway. Maybe even later. And also, the way the Opera browser looks to be built, I don't think it'll be a huge problem. Also, let's see you manufacture the amount of consoles, games, controllers and cables to fit the demand. It's not like they haven't manufactured a bitch load already, it's just that the demand is insane.