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  1. NE in the Irish Examiner

    We all have to start somewhere.
  2. NE in the Irish Examiner

    Thanks conzer! "games expert" right :P
  3. NE in the Irish Examiner

    Last week I did a short interview with a journo from the Irish Examiner for a Manhunt 2 ban feature he was doing, and contributed a small piece attacking the ban (a miniturised version of my editorial for the site really). I just got word it was featured in today's paper, but alas I cannot get a copy of it up north here. So if any of our Southern forumers could grab a copy - it's primarily based in the Cork region - for me, and put a scan on the board, I would be forever grateful! My onslaught on print media begins!
  4. Funeral for a Friend - Belfast/Dublin

    Escape Artists Never Die and Streetcar were the encore songs last night! The band left the stage, and the lights went dark... people were waiting about for something to happen. We had been at the belfast gig the night before, so we knew what was coming.... once the ringing of the Streetcar track started the place went mental. edit: why on earth would you decide against going to a FFAF gig?
  5. Funeral for a Friend - Belfast/Dublin

    You should check out Casually Dressed and Deeps in Conversation if you haven't already BeerMonkey, and grab some songs from their EP online. And yeah, the whole 'emo' thing is really old these days. The word doesn't mean anything any more.
  6. Funeral for a Friend - Belfast/Dublin

    They weren't supporting actually, I caught Shikari a few months back in my union (Mandella again). The pits is essential for the Shikari spirit. Replicate the video for Sorry You're Not A Winner. Supporting last night were Delamore, who were pretty decent, and The Haunts, who were alright... but we were wishing them off the stage to get FFAF on. Recent gigs include Alexisonfire, any fans about?
  7. Funeral for a Friend - Belfast/Dublin

    I love the Lost Prophets' latest album. Delightfully poppy. I did a bit of moshing, but I usually leave it to the professionals.* Preferred to jump and sing with my friends. *except when I saw Enter Shikari, when it was pretty much demanded.
  8. Funeral for a Friend - Belfast/Dublin

    It was - only my second time in Dublin shockingly (first was obviously the Wii event at the RDS, good times eh?). It's a really good venue, much better than the previous night's (the Mandella Hall is in our union, it is literally just a hall). And they had popcorn for sale! I was getting shocking love in the crowd with my 'corn, randomers kept asking for some. We weren't sure where the Ambassador was, ended up strolling up O'Connell Street alcohol still in hand, singing FFAF and getting tourist pictures. Got a few "bloody northerners" looks lol. Quality times. Oblivion is pretty excellent, it's similar to some tunes from their second album, 'Hours'. Songs earlier than that are much harder (and probably better). Conor recommends: This Year's Most Open Heartbreak She Drove Me To Daytime TV Streetcar Red Is The New Black The Art of American Football
  9. Funeral for a Friend - Belfast/Dublin

    Aye, they're as Welsh as they come actually! Different strokes I guess, Conzer. I can't get excited about Metallica to be honest.
  10. Anyone attend? I was at both gigs - Mandella Hall in Belfast and the Ambassador Theatre in Dublin - and they were bloody amazing. Shouted back every line at them. Genuinely life-affirming. Any fellow FFAFers on the boards at the gigs then? Peer opinions would be welcome! (first emo insult gets a ban )
  11. Some photos up on the blog - http://www.n-europe.com/blog - full video/pictures/impressions coming soon! Hope you had fun Chris!
  12. Howdy all, If you're free on Friday, and fancy helping NE out - we need someone to go to GAME, in Oxford Street, London with our good friend Ollie and cover the Mario Strikers launch event there (even Ian Wright will be there, ooh!). None of the staff in the area are free (read: are lazy) and we don't want poor Ollie to be lonely. You'll produce an event video, including short interviews with GAME and Nintendo reps, and you can obviously chat to any members of the public, get their thoughts on Ninty, the Wii, Ian Wright - all the things we're concerned about round here! (we're trying but we don't think they're going to chat to Mr. Wright, him being so important and everything) If you want your face on the website, and can definitely make it to GAME on Friday morning/afternoon, then post here! We want you to post some questions (max 3) you think would be good to ask a GAME or Ninty rep. The less boring, the better. Whoever posts the best q will be chosen to star in the next NE event video (the excitement!). We don't have much time, so we will pick the person tomorrow evening at 8pm. You guys have until then. Good luck!
  13. Write For N-Europe!

    Sorry Chuck, no reviews - just features. And applicants can be of any age, we're not going to discriminate! Just, you know, against people who are rubbish. :P
  14. Write For N-Europe!

    Want To Write For N-Europe? That's right forumers, we're looking to expand our staff at NE. Regular features is something we try to provide, but with changes in the staff and the demands of higher education (yes, we have proper lives too) we're simply too short of time and manpower. That's where this comes in. Obviously you guys like talking about Nintendo - we want to know who is interested in taking that a bit further, and contributing to the main part of the site on a pretty regular basis? What we're looking for are people to write features on Nintendo, and relevant gneral gaming issues and news, that sort of thing, submitting an article at least every fortnight. If you enjoy writing on the boards about the latest goings-on in the world of Nintendo, and need something extra to fill in those hours in the evening, then we want to hear from you! Applying is simple. We want a sample article, around 700 words. It can be on anything Nintendo or games related you want, but if you're stuck here are a few potential topics: 1 - Sonic arrives on the Wii. Is Nintendo Sega's new spiritual home? 2 - Ocarina of Time gets released on the Virtual Console, and everything throws around 'Best Game Ever' titles again. Does a title like that even mean anything anymore? 3 - The PS3 seems to be receiving little but scorn and derision from the media and consumers, while the Wii races ahead: a pattern for the future of this console race? Just pick a topic you can connect with, start bashing those keys, and mail off the finished product to our Features head honcho, Mark, at [email protected]. We'll be keeping this open for two weeks. After a while we'll throw it open on the main site, but for now we want to give you guys a chance to get in. All the best, Team NE.
  15. Wii Launch - Report For N-Europe!

    Good luck Chris! If everybody could throw their stuff in the thread here but gather it all up and post it on the site on the weekend. 23 hours to go. : peace: