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  1. Hello, I still have the blank .PSD template of these if anyone wants it.
  2. The graphics aren't massively better (if you want to "show off" your 360 I still think GoW will be the game to do it) but to be honest I don't see how they could've made them more "realistic" whilst still keeping the Halo feel. Personally I think it looks great anyway, but then I'm not someone who obsesses over graphics. What does make a difference is all the little differences in the UI, weapon effects, the water, etc. I think when the final game ships if you go and play Halo 2's Zanzibar and then 3's (for example), you'll notice a huge difference. And yeah, in the beta you can only play in a game with up to 7 other people, as there are no Big Team playlists included. The max in the final game is 16, as noted above. Edit - by the way the exact size of the beta is 911.17mb and it took me 5-10 minutes to download, I assume it will take just a bit longer when everyone and their mother is downloading it
  3. Right now I get the vibe that they took all the best bits from both Halo 1 and 2 and then just merged them together. There are hundreds of differences and nuances, way too many to list, and after playing Halo 2 so much for so long it's difficult to adjust at first. I really like it though, the new equipment is excellent and the Spartan Laser is boss. The fact that this is a beta astounds me, can't wait to see what the finished version is like.
  4. They sent codes out to random users of Bungie.net, I guess I was just lucky. Also I sucked a few cocks
  5. By the way, the following playlists are available and they all work exactly the same as their counterparts did in Halo 2: Rumble Training - Unranked - Can go into a game with 5 other friends Team Training - Unranked -Can go into a game with 7 other friends, so essentially you are able to play games with just you and your friends. Rumble Pit - Ranked -Can only play solo Team Slayer - Ranked - Can go into a game with 3 other friends Team Skirmish - Ranked - Same as Slayer I assume that you can play split-screen in any of the playlists that allow you to bring friends with you, not tried that yet. Hope that clears up any confusion. If any of you have any questions I don't mind answering 'em
  6. They send the code to your Bungie account, which as far as I'm aware you can only access via Bungie.net. It is NOT sent as a message via XBL.
  7. I'm not sure why I got an award but thanks anyway. No funny comment to go with that, too much pressure.
  8. Sure, but then your general beef should lie with those posters and our forum shouldn't even enter the equation. It's not exactly something we planned to do as a forum-wide attack, and none of the staff want anything to do with it, myself included.
  9. I don't really visit here anymore but after last night's events and this resulting thread, I just want to make clear that EF is not considered to be a "rival" forum, nor do we condone anybody who goes onto there and slags this forum off. There seems to be a distinct vibe of "EF is the enemy" from various people here which I don't particularly understand nor do I appreciate; we are a completely different forum which just happens to have some members that post (or used to post at least) both here and there. We had nothing to do with any of this, so leave us out of it. I don't really understand what happened anyway, and understand less why people are still going on about it.
  10. You're all acting like this is a huge surprise? It's been known for a while now that there were only 20 or so weapons. Which means going back to the basics.
  11. I just finished the last episode of Sopranos Season 6. Now I have to wait ages for 8 more episodes, and then it's finished for good. In the words of Tony, "mother fucking c**t".
  12. Sorry if I'm being dense, but what game was that for?
  13. Not snowing when I went to sleep last night, woke up this morning to this:
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