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  1. good stuff thread.

    After 5 years I remembered my password, although it took me around 20 attempts. Pleased to see this place is still going strong. It's like a rock in the churning slurry of sewage that is the internet.
  2. What is the world coming to?

    Hey, it worked for Einstein: Bohr: Your dedication to upholding classical mechanics when physically explaining wave-particle interaction in the quantum realm flies in the face of our experimental knowledge. Einstein: Oh fuck off. Schrodinger: LOL. As for the video, yeah she probably should have been arrested for public disorder, but doing so after the offence is pretty pointless. Also I hope her social worker will take a keen interest in this footage; that's no way talk around your own kid.
  3. "The Killing" TV Show

    The second series of the Danish 'The Killing' is on BBC 4 in November and I think the first series is on iPlayer at the moment as they've rerun it recently. As for the American version, it's alright. There are some aspects that have translated quite well, but the political of the story so far seems a bit clumsily handled. I haven't seen the finale yet; I'm a little confused as to what they're going to do to cover everything unless they're splitting the plot into two series with a big cliffhanger.
  4. Job Hunting

    Sorry about this, but I need somewhere to vent my current frustration. Fuck employers and fuck the jobs market. Five months I've now been unemployed and getting on for around 200 applications. I started off trying to target jobs that would get a foot in the door to a career I would like to progress into (environmental chemistry and management) and which I spent 5 years doing undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications for. This resulted in one interview 120 miles away, which I failed due to having not enough engineering experience in spite of "coming across well, both professionally and technically" and "demonstrating detailed understanding of your discipline, and your explanation of challenging subjects was both clear and logical". Right, so with money tight I changed strategy. I decided to broaden my search to administration and laboratory work; I have experience of working independently in laboratories, doing data entry and analysis with Excel and Access and have experience doing admin duties in a retail environment. In the meantime I tried to beg for unpaid work experience with environmental consultancies. The result....nothing, all applications disappeared into the ether returning silence. Ok, let's change strategy again. This time I targeted retail, an area that I have a large amount of work experience within. Last Friday I got a call from a small branch of Waterstone's offering me an interview. This is it I thought. However today I hear that I've been rejected on the grounds of "not having enough experience with retail systems"; WTF! I've freaking worked for them before! I know their ridiculous, outdated, MS-DOS looking computer systems! I've also worked in another (damn-sight more respected and famous) book shop for a year. So now I feel like I'm at a dead end. I've been rejected by the career I want to go into, rejected by secondary jobs that would give me some decent experience and rejected by minimum wage retail. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm employable at all, or if I've accidently included some highly offensive acronym in my CV.
  5. 2011: The Musical Landscape thus far.

    2011? I'm still trying to catch up with 2009. Too much music and not enough cash is the problem. Liked what I've heard of PJ Harvey and Radiohead on 6Music, so they'll be going on the list. I quite like the summery Pumped Up Kicks track, although I can imagine it getting slightly irritating after a bit like Peter, Bjorn and John tune from a couple of years back. Oh, and my other half purchased the ubiquitous Adele, which is alright but vastly overplayed. I might investigate some of the others that have been mentioned thus far. Yeah boi! The 80's/90's hiphop electro scene has an incredible back catalogue.
  6. Pottermore

    Word. A major crush of my younger self and still highly sexy. Back on topic; I thought Pottermore was some village in Surrey in which a disaster had just occurred, I'm slightly disappointed. J.K. should probably have produced this at the same time as the last book for maximum impact, but I'm sure it wont be unwelcome. Like others it'd probably be better to have a new book, like one based on James Potter's crew. I imagine it a bit like Just William with magic. Or maybe a darker, more teenage/adult book focusing on Voldermort's rise to power.
  7. Veganism

    There are a few gluten free beers out there. One of my friends buys a ton of these whenever he goes to Sainsbury's and as a bonus they're apparently vegan friendly as well.
  8. Veganism

    Dude, go for the halfway house of vegetarianism first. Don't surf before you can swim. I lived with three vegans and a vegetarian for a year. It was alright although the food got a little bland and unadventurous after a while. The thing you've got to consider though is that veganism is a right ball-ache to maintain. You've got to pretty much cook from scratch every night and constantly consider whether you're getting all the nutrients you need (or else you turn jaundiced like one of my housemates). Oh and when going abroad you have to plan well in advance and research restaurants you can eat in. Recently on a trip a group of 12 had to travel two hours to reach a restaurant acceptable to the vegan clan... only to find it closed. I also never really understood why people go vegan either; the reasons just don't stack up. If it's for ethical reasons it just seems that you're arbitrarily drawing the line on what living creatures are ok to consume. Also, as arab freak pointed out, so much of the modern world is derived in some way from animal expoitation it would be near impossible to avoid them all. If it's for environmental reasons then, yes, you are reducing the amount of impact by avoiding meat. However, parts of a vegan diet such as soya and chickpeas will have been imported from far-flung parts of the world such as India, Brazil and North America and in some cases been grown on formerly forested land, so hardly impact free. I don't know, I just think the most sensible approach is to try and buy local as much as possible, reduce meat based meals to only 3 or 4 times a week and maybe try goats milk rather than cow milk. Or else try breatharianism for a completely impact free diet.
  9. 999 (not the tv show)

    If you read this literally it could be an extract from a surrealist stream of consciousness. Only called the rozzers and an ambulance once many years back when I came across a two junkies, one of whom had overdosed, in my local nature park. I got to put into practice some first aid training, which was a bonus.
  10. Rising Tensions

    Wait, have I got the wrong end of the stick. Is it rising sexual tension we're talking about here? If so then things have far from peaked.
  11. LEGO Model That Will Blow Your Mind

    Pffft, kids don't deserve Lego. I tried to build an awesome battle cruiser with a kid once, but he just kept pulling it apart and building shitty towers with mismatching blocks. So I threw the Lego in his face and stormed out the house.
  12. Rising Tensions

    I hate you all....that is all.
  13. 999 (Old TV Show)

    Man, looking back on this show is hilarious. Don't get me wrong most of the stories are pretty amazing, but the first one just made me think of: Also there is something very Alan Partridge about Michael Burke's presenting.
  14. Iran's Moral Police

    The incredible double standards of the Daily Mail always amazes me. A paper that decries the failing moral standards of this country at every opportunity finds themselves disgusted by censorship by 'extremist muslims' (without any evidence what-so-ever). Also from the article: Ummmm, how about no.