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  1. Yeah, it can be a bit of a bubbling cauldron. Just wear your thick skin, it'll be fine!

  2. Hey Ryuk, I just wanted to say that you shouldn't listen to people saying stuff about you posting too many threads at once. While a mass wave of new things to talk about can be overwhelming, I don't think you've gone OTT. Ignore them and keep posting :)

  3. Your turn to post a pic to caption :)

  4. [1 of 1]I've been taken aback simply with the thrip protests. The contents of the thread are of debate and discussion, and all views are being aired - no matter which way these discussions go, if done with reasonable rationality they won't end with any harm. People like O_W thoroughly enjoy a good debate, and mokong is perfectly happy to retort and counter anything O_W has. It's really nothing out of the ordinary.

  5. [2 of 2] This thread is not supposed to reference the award itself. PERSONALLY I think he's very successful and I have no qualms with that, but again the award and who voted for him and who didn't is not supposed to be involved in this thread.


    normally I'd allow a continuation of the thread for people to air their concerns over actual post contents - to me it's more exciting as a forum when we have such situations, but I wasn't happy with the concerns about it being a thrip - of which Maddog was the man who voiced his concerns loudest. All in all, I've come to the conclusion that we have nothing at all to argue about between us :P lol

  6. My eye is quite sticky.


    So is my stick! My selotape isn't very sticky though. My bras keep falling down.

  7. Sticky Ms makes everything mmmmmmmmm delicious!

  8. "The issue of whether Mokong would have been fine with it should never have even had to come of come up though. Whether he approves or disproves is neither here or there. It's the fact he had to in the first place. That's what matters here."


    "If you have an issue with the thrip and are unable to actually contribute to the thread's topic - or perhaps unable to get past all the long posts and just want to have a whine at me, then you can just PM me.


    We're sorting out our thripping policy backstage. Mokong's fine with the thrip, so surely that's all that matters in this instance."


    He had to in the first place because people like you were crying about it.


    People were crying about it in the first place because they assumed that because it was done without his permission, and he would object to it.


    So people were crying about it because it was viewed as an assault on mokong's freedom.

  9. [2 of 4] I understand this, which is why I said that we're dealing with how we proceed with thrips from now on. Permission will be asked. But because mokong did clarify his lack of offense, I feel no need to apologise to him. And because I cannot change what has happened in teh past, I would ask you to tell me exactly what it is that is the problem here, and what solution there is.


    I can tell you why it happened in the first place.


    I made an award thread for most successful user IRL. Mokong was voted for, for his family development over the year. The matter of the subjectiity of the title was raised, then focus was shifted towards whether having children counted as success. Several people argued with this claim, some choosing to focus on the argument's victimising of Mokong.

  10. I thripped it, while Mokong was writing his lengthy reply. The argument was sustained, then the thrip was realised, then people took offense to the thrip - people who were not involved in the thrip. People who took offense for reasons they won't clarify beyond what I presume to be that they are fearful of their freedom on this forum.


    My reasoning was, and is, that mokong is an experienced admin of this site, one who has gladly shared his entire life so far on the forums with vids and pics. He is not the sort of person who is worried that something he has posted on an internet forum available for the whole world to see will suddenly be moved to... the same internet forum available for the whole world to see. He is a logical enough person to see that the context is not lost at all, and as an admin he would understand why the posts may need to be moved.

  11. [4 of 4]

    If you have a personal issue with the way I mod then please say so. The fact is that the majority of my modding is unknown. If you are just looking for something to complain about then feel free. I'm frankly a little pissed off in general at how people fly off the handle about things, especially when it's things that genuinely have nothing to do with them, and when all parties actually directly involved are totally fine with it.


    If the title was "argument moved from other thread because it was going Off Topic," would there have been a problem? Genuine question.


    This is a message to you because, again, the thread is going off topic and you refused to take my advice and take it to PMs so I thought I'd take it to plublic message myself.

  12. relativelysober Chess?

  13. Got a minute to free the awards? Ashley ignores my pleas

  14. Beep boop beep! You can release the flying monkeys now!

  15. I did :) as I said, executive decision from up top. Figuring you having first post in each thread is unfair for all. Don't fret! It'll be open as soon as I can get a red to do so

  16. Lol :P it was an executive decision. You're the only person who uses that button, it seems!

  17. Tomorrow evening perhaps - got a mate who really wants to help me with my BISH list during the day!

  18. Right, I'm on there. Sent you a game request :)

  19. Sure man :) I'm jayseven on chess.com/facebook. I'm drinking tonight so I won't be awesome but yeah hit me up

  20. Chess! I am going to watch MOTD tonight at 10:20, I'm up for a game before then if you're around but dunno if we can squeeze all three in. Tomorrow I'm busy morning/afternoon but free all evening. You still got the facebook app?

  21. Poo Bum Wee Wee.

  22. I'm sorry if that bothers you.

  23. I'm on New York time.