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  1. Don't excuse yourself, that message was genuinely entertaining to read :D I hope the baby was cute! >:D


    Well, you make a great impression whenever you post your drawings, definitely! You should post more in the general chat forum, I and many others, I'm sure, would love to get to know you better! Do you post more in other parts of the forum (I have no reason to go near the gaming parts)?


    Your rambling is cute, you should blog!!

  2. One of my current worst nightmares is having a baby, but I enjoyed the sense of urgency you convey! In what way would it alleviate your urge to send me/"us" a card?


    Reminds me of the dream thread, I guess that got buried. But I've N-E dreams before, though I don't know what you look like so you've never been featured in them! Please continue having crazy N-E dreams :D

  3. It's ok, thanks for letting me know :) Hope the process of the move goes/is going smoothly for both you and Flink!

  4. Eenuh! I have no idea whether or not this will sound really bratty, but...will you be designing any Valentine's Day cards? :) If I were a king, I would appoint you my official greeting card supplier!

  5. They were like...avocado in vegetable form. The taste was nice, but unremarkable. You need a new joke vegetable :/

  6. Omg. OMG! Guess what? *doesn't let you guess* I finally tried artichoke (hearts) last week :D

  7. Your avatar is amazing XDDDD

  8. I feel weird about the friending function/feel like it's redundant...I want to be friends with EVERYONE! But I'll settle with the cool people for now ;)

  9. I'm interested in watching your Christopher Columbus video! Pass please? :)

  10. Hey, thanks for inviting me! I've been working a lot lately and don't think I can handle another game, I don't want to disgrace your first mafia with poor activity! I'll be waiting for your next one!!

  11. The way it ripples and warps is like a horror movie >< I don't either, I tried to learn a bit two summers ago because I encountered so many Polish customers at work, but didn't get very far! Find the Polish family member(s) you descended from, and make them teach you :D

  12. The first pic in the video accompanying the first song is frightening :s Apart from that, she's like a Polish Salena Jones with a higher voice! Thanks for sharing again :) Having her songs on CD quality would be a dream indeed. Do you speak any Polish?

  13. Oh :s It's also in Control Panel (the icon is like a blue clock, near the bottom right corner). Meanwhile, this might help?: http://www.gate2home.com/?language=nn

  14. Accessories > Ease of Access > On-Screen Keyboard (unless you somehow deleted it)

  15. What OS are you running? Windows has an On-Screen Keyboard, should be in Accessories somewhere :)

  16. I love that Anna Maria Jopek song you posted so much! Been listening to it for ages :D

  17. I'm curious...have you ever actually eaten an artichoke before? :p I've always wondered how it tastes...

  18. Encountered any zombies lately? :)