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  1. Death Note

    My meager 2cents re the dubs Vs subs discussion: I prefer subs, always. I don't think i am a purist but i prefer watching series (or movies or whatever, really) it their original form. Then again, not being a native english speaker makes me process them differently. It just rings wrong to me. Portuguese dubs, i just process them flat and either i like them or i don't. It may seem i'm just talking rubbish here but it's really hard to explain what i mean... I can vouch for this. In fact, watching DB in japanese does ring wrong to me. Sounds a bit contradictory, i know, but it's the truth (maybe because i grew up with it? possible). However, the portuguese dub of DB was a work of love- the actors were having fun, with all good and bad, and you could tell. Unlike, for instance, the portuguese dub of Sen to Chihiro. It made me want to boil kittens in hot mint syrup (as Filipa Maló is able to convey emotion as a brick wall being prodded with a pin. I hated her for what she did to Chihiro. Still do. I'll stop ranting now.). Having said that, and getting back to topic, i don't think i can deny there has been much improvement on dubs over the years. The few Death Note eps i watched dubbed in english were really good- but i like the japanese voicing better. FMA:B was not bad either! However, i'm not going to say they suck just because i prefer subs- there are really good people out there doing a great job dubbing series (another example being Haruhi Suzumiya).
  2. Alternative Vote, please vote!

    Best line ever. I wish I had thought of that. xD having said that, I'll retire...
  3. Royal Wedding

    I watched and enjoyed it a lot! Maybe because it was the first time I got so see a "full-throttle" royal wedding of this caliber in my lifetime- we have no monarchy in Portugal, only "would-be monarchs" should there be one. The royal couple looked lovely together and there were a few giggle worthy moments. The touch of Prince William driving the car himself when leaving Buckingham Palace was brilliant. Also... Was it just me who jaw dropped at the sight of Philippa as a bridesmaid in her stunning dress? I mean... Whoa!!!
  4. N-E Survey

    I'm part of this group. Except I'm from Lisbon. Oh yes. ^_^
  5. I'll be b...... I'M BACK!! (Terminator 5)

    I couldn't agree more with this. I believe that the only way to save the series now would be to have a T5 by Cameron. Personally, I would love to see that happening; just don't know if it will. Just dont want more of T-Salvation. Please. *Hugs knees and cries*
  6. 3DS StreetPass Plaza

    Got a few hits last time I went to central London. Got a couple as well in Harrow. But can't wait to get back to central London and try again! Street pass paradise!
  7. Coolest thing I've seen lately!! Must have!!!
  8. Happy birthday, Scoopmeister, random N-E boy!
  9. Merry christmas

    Merry Xmas, everyone! Hope you all have many pressies, heaploads of yummy nomz and a lovely time with the ones you love!
  10. I hail you, Killer Kirby!, serial-Alatreon-slayer, partner in crime on MHT, meister of all things Dragon Quest, Yasunori Mitsuda lover and fellow Martian Successor Nadesico fan! Happy birthday, mister!!!
  11. Your Christmas list

    I could say i already started my Christmas shopping... but i act on the basis of just walking around, stumbling on something and thinking "oh, god, X would love this!"- usually ending up with a trip to the till. It has to just... hit me. I hate having to put time aside to actively go buy presents, normally ends in disaster and me getting things i'm not keen on giving to people. I just randomly walk around and let shelves inspire me. Having said that, inspiration doesnt always strike so i like having plenty of time to do my shop runs. But i have a feeling that this year it'll go well. I have a few ideas already. As for my personal list... I just want AC:B-Codex. And a loads of luvs from the ones who mean a lot to me. I'm easy to please! xD
  12. Satoshi Kon Has Died

    I have to say, i was absolutely gobsmacked when i heard these news yesterday. And quite upset, actually. Absolutely adored Kon's work, with the breathtaking Paranoia Agent leading the way. A huge loss for the anime world.
  13. 1- This has got to be the most unfair question ever... selecting a fave? Leaving all endless supplies of goodness out? Can't, just can't. I love Twix. I love those chocolate oranges- they're worse than crack. I love Double Decker. I eat dark chocolate like there was no tomorrow. Really, can't pick one. 2- That has to be Grand Prix or Regina chocolate bars with pineapple flavour (ShadowV7- shush, you.) Could only get them back home but i'm not even sure they are produced anymore... Other than that, recently bought 1 bar of dark chocolate with lemon and ginger which was DIVINE. In Paris. If only i knew i would've bought the entire shelf. And chocolate and fresh basil bombons which i also got from Paris. But those i can buy from their shop online. :grin: 3- When i was ickle, i had a friend who set up a company called Chocolarte. She specialized in handmade and PAINTED chocolate pieces which were breathtaking. And not only they were visually beautiful but also delicious- even if sometimes it broke our hearts to eat it... I remember offering my mom a bouquet of flowers entirely made of chocolate.... and it was yummy... *teary eyed* 4- programs about chocolate? Hell, i like pretty much everything about chocolate. Especially eating it. 5- no i did not! My chocolate trivia levelled up!
  14. When you read this you will smile :P