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  1. {{{HD Rumble}}}

    You mean it wasn't worth all the research and development that went into it just to eat virtual sandwiches?
  2. {{{HD Rumble}}}

    I know @RedShell covers it perfectly in the OP, but until Golf Story, I'd only really noticed it in really specific examples in games (collecting coins in MK8, rolling through pipes in Mario + Rabbids) - but Golf Story's implementation is the first time I've thought "Ok, this is definitely a big step in rumble!" The golf swing on the title screen is a great example, but my favourite use of HD rumble on the Switch so far is how well it adds to the dialogue in Golf Story - it's used to great effect to convey emotion and tone of voice for each character. It really does add a lot to how Golf Story tells it's story. Also, the noise it makes when you hit a ball off the screen is really cool:
  3. Indie Games

    You're still 3 more courses away from the end. I finished it a couple of days ago 100% (or at least filled out the 'Stats' card) in about 15.5 hrs. Such a great, charming and even hilarious at times game!
  4. Radiohead

    I've been listening to A Moon Shaped Pool a hell of a lot since Sunday and I love it. I was a bit apprehensive during the build up to it, especially after the good-but-not-great King of Limbs, but it's absolutely a return to form. Rankings? Today at least, I'd go with: Kid A > OK Computer > A Moon Shaped Pool > In Rainbows > Amnesiac > Hail to the Thief > The Bends > The King of Limbs > Pablo Honey
  5. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    You're in luck - it's on PSN for £9.49 until the 16th! Linky.
  6. Minecraft!

    $2.5 billion??! Joke's on them, I bought it for under a tenner when it was in Alpha.
  7. Destiny

    Yeah, I'm going to have to get this Daft Punk helmet when the game launches:
  8. Destiny

    Just out of intrigue.... does anyone still have a spare PS3 code? Wouldn't mind trying it on past-gen!
  9. Destiny

    Man, it feels so good to have this game hooked to my veins again.
  10. Destiny

    I'm calling it now: Game of the Year.
  11. Destiny

    I preordered on Amazon months ago - not knowing just how freakin awesome this would be!! And you get access to the Beta version if you pre order from there - I got my Beta code email a couple of days ago. According to the Destiny website, you also get access if you pre order from Game and Gamestop too.
  12. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    The way I do it is when you're in a game, go to the trophies page then you can double tap the PS button to switch between the trophies and the game you're playing.
  13. Destiny

    Oh man, this game.... sogood. I've been playing the shit out of this over the weekend, and here's a few pictures from my travels: Gazing out over the horizon (seriously love the art style in this game): I found the area from the E3 2013 demo! I took this photo tonight, chilling out and looking at the view before the Alpha is shut down: And as I was looking out, more people came to join me! I bought a sweet new ship too: This is the gear I finished up with: So badass:
  14. Destiny

    I was playing the game via Remote Play last night, and it works smashingly. And this isn't my picture, but the control scheme on Vita works really well:
  15. Video Games Industry in UK

    Many people seem to forget that Grand Theft Auto - arguably the biggest franchise in gaming - is made in Edinburgh.