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  1. Guitar

    I come back and see this at the same time as a friend was mentioning that he might like to start learning to play the guitar, brilliant. I've just read through this thread and I didn't see anywhere that this came up but my friend was wondering, as he's a totally complete beginner and only now is he really even thinking that music is more than just some background noise, where should he start? Buy an acoustic and go from there? Or get straight into an electric guitar? I'd really like to help him out, he's been in a bad state since last September and I might be able to pass on this info to him to get him to think about something other than his current situation.
  2. How was your day?

    Today was one of those days, the type of day in which you wake up at a stupid hour, 8 hours later you cook something badly so your stomache is rumbling and also you're quite tired even though you've only been awake for 9 hours. Totally going for a walk tomorrow to find a job so that I'm not in my overdraft by October. Also so that I'm not extremely bored.
  3. How was your day?

    Today I went for a walk. I really need my camera to arrive just so that I can do something when I'm walking around. I also watched Galaxy Quest, a film I remember from my youth which I've wanted to watch again for a while.
  4. Need a bit of help with my html

    I was just wondering what program are you using for the text in your html and CSS to appear in all those colours? Is it Dreamweaver?
  5. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Oh no I wasn't asking if it was possible. It was done last year, with great success. I was just wondering if this was a cheeky way of bypassing their rule of no console online gaming on the slower speed internet service.
  6. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    I found that just after I posted my original post. It is taking it's sweet time connecting, or doing whatever it's doing, after I chose the UK on the PSN option. I've another question related more to other parts of eletronics. If the accomodation provider tells you you're not allowed a games console online function on their internet would it be possible to just do some internet sharing through my PC and just download the stuff that way? Technically it doesn't count as online play.
  7. How was your day?

    Went for a walk today and bought 6 cartons of apple juice for 3 pound. Started working through a book I bought and was having much fun doing it. So much so I smiled at the progressive outcome. I've not felt like that since I followed my first photoshop tutorial 5 years ago to make fire. I had maltesers for dinner and watched a few things on iplayer. It's great that you don't need a TV Licence for it.
  8. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Hi there, on behalf of a friend can anyone tell me if it's possible to download things, for example the new dynamic themes and/or Fate/Unlimited Codes, on the computer and transfer it across to the PS3 or PSP for use that way?
  9. How was your day?

    Jesus. What do you use normally? A time machine to see it before it even loads? Today was a fun and tiring day of movement. That sounds like a lazy sentence but the meaning behind it is not lazy. A few weeks until Uni starts and I'm getting the same feeling I had last year; to play and complete some games I've put on hold for ages. Last time it was Half Life 2, this time... I don't know.
  10. University of Manchester

    I have a friend who lives there and it's a great place. The city really feels big, he told me once, however once you get to know it and walk the streets you find out that everything is a lot closer than you think. The Town Hall is only a few minutes walk to one of the best Chinese bakeries in the city. As for the Uni, his brother goes to Man Met but I think he told me they are pretty close to each other. It's not that far a walk to the centre of Manchester either.
  11. 3D Modelling Thread

    You're using Maya so I don't know how different it is to 3DS Max. In 3DS Max I think what you could do was make another small model in the shape of the eye socket, then use a boolean. Or just edit the poly, editing the edges and verts, pulling the shape back into an eyesocket shape. I have to say that I've not used 3DS Max since finishing my first year last April so I could probably be wrong.
  12. How was your day?

    Today, being Wednesday, is my last full day at home. I shall be packing and heading off to my accomodation tomorrow. I. Cannot. Wait. to get away from this place. Yesterday I worked for 8 hours getting my last hours in before I leave. Including monday that's about 60 odd quid for both days. Yeah I'm on 4.50 an hour but it's a job in which most of the time I'm sat down sucking on the ice made in the ice machine next to my seat. Nothing exciting happened today. Nothing at all. 8 hours of literally stood/sat around doing fuck all.
  13. Where youve been.

    I've been to Scotland, Wales, Florida, Spain, France, Malta, and Turkey. I've been to Germany like 4 times. During one of those trips we got on a minibus and travelled to Ukraine. So I highlighted the countries we drove through as in my passport it says I've been there. Future trips are a trip to Japan and possibly back to America one year.
  14. How was your day?

    I had a go on that. First time around it told me my wii fit age was 19, the same as my real age. Then 2 weeks later I tried it again. Even though I was 1 lb lighter, I'd suddenly aged 3 years to 22. Piece of shit game thing. My day was exhilarating. I stayed at my grandparents, ate food, watched TV and installed a few things on my laptop running the 7 RC to see if they worked. Most of them did. Although 7 doesn't like my laptop's graphics card as it constantly fucks up.
  15. Languages - Do you Triumph or Faiiiil?

    I don't remember what happening at the beginning of my High School life, I think I started with just French first. Then Spanish got introduced a year later which we all had to do for the next 2 years aswell as French. Then in Year 9 you could choose your subjects and you had to choose a language because we suddenly became a language college. Even though I was in the top set for both languages nothing has stuck with me. I never thought I'd do well at all with either of them. Hell I thought the double L in Llamo (that's name isn't it?) was a capital U. Only after a few months did I finally realise my mistake. I also took Italian extra classes which I didn't actually pay attention to and so nothing stuck. My school, I found out in Year 10, was meant to be linked with a Japanese school but because of HSBCs strong ties with China, or something, they linked with a Chinese school and so extra Chinese lessons came up. I'm annoyed I didn't do this, but I distinctly remember it being on at dinner time on a Thursday. No idea why I didn't go. I was really, really interested in China and learning the language but then, suddenly out of nowhere, one day in Year 10 my mind suddenly skipped across some bodies of water and I became infatuated with Japan. Ever since then I've been trying to learn the language. After 5 years I've got the hiragana and katakana nailed, and only now am I starting on the kanji. The hiragana only took me a few weeks to learn... Oh and there's also Russian/Ukrainian which I know how to read and write. I also understand a few words but I will never be able to hold conversation. Life story ahoy!