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  1. The Recession

    Life is definitely harder to do well in since the recession started back in 2008, although it was definitely a kick up the arse for me. A lot of admin type jobs just vanished and made me realise the importance of getting a skilled job. I didn't go to university. I decided to take up IT and it has taken years to get where I currently am. My salary is double what I was on back in 2008 and my job is pretty cool (I look after around 1% of the Internet). My currently role feels like 50% hard work and 50% good luck, but I think that if you give things 100% of your effort, you will succeed. People will see hard work and reward you for it.
  2. Any Gardeners here?

    I'll be buying my first house early next year and I will definitely be growing my own veg, it's a great idea and food is only going to get more expensive. I definitely want solar panels too in order to live the good life. I live in Basingstoke, but plan on moving to Southampton as the homes tend to be older there and have bigger gardens. Do you make your own compost? I am going to try and avoid buying fertiliser and make compost using food waste and other things like fallen leaves. When I get my own garden, I will divide the area for fruit and veg into 30cm x 30cm squares and will have around 100 of these for various vegetables. Some crops need less space, like onions, so I will try and be as efficient as possible. If I can persuade my wife, we will also have around 3-4 chickens and give them a nice and big coop and run to live in. Apparently they make good pets and it saves the inside of the house getting messy. Yup, I feel old too... I will be 27 soon, so perhaps I am!
  3. Restored faith in nintendo?

    I am pretty sure I didn't say that since I did own a Wii. I have owned every Nintendo console apart from the 3DS. I hated the Wii as the graphics were terrible and the controller just didn't work for me. The GameCube controller and the Xbox 360 controller were so much better, but that is just my opinion. Nintendo had to re-release the controller with motion plus because it was so bad. I didn't say that Sony and Microsoft need to think twice about plowing money into consoles with decent specs. I hope they do because the Xbox 360 and PS4 were bargains for the consumer, unlike the Wii, which was a rebranded GameCube (you could buy one for £79.99) with a new controller. Thanks kav82, you are welcome to call my post one of the most retarded and uninformed you've ever seen, but it's quite similar to what everybody else here is saying, apart from the fan boys. Just out of curiosity, why do you have CoD on the Wii? Don't you have an Xbox or PS3? Anyway, you guys are welcome to feel outraged by somebody giving their opinion.. I might buy a Wii U at some point, but I don't even know where I would put the controller when not using it, so can't fathom even owning one at the moment. I'll probably get the next Xbox or Playstation and rely more on my PC.
  4. Restored faith in nintendo?

    The Wii made me lose faith in Nintendo, much like most people on here. Most Nintendo fans migrated to the Xbox 360 and so did I, but the lack of Nintendo's core franchises on such a platform made me lose 90% of my interest in gaming, which is a shame as I miss the glory days of the GameCube, which was an absolutely stunning console. The DS maintained my interest in Nintendo for a few more years, but game makers eventually ran out of new ideas on how to utilise the handheld's features and the 3DS has done absolutely 0 to fix that... I haven't bought a 3DS and I don't think I will buy a Wii U either because I hate tablets and can't see how one will ever fit into my life. I'll buy a 3DS when they release a Pokemon game on it, but I am not sure if I'd even buy a Wii U if they released F Zero on it since the Wii U is already an ugly and obsolete console and it hasn't even been released yet. Its a shame that Nintendo games have to run on such terrible hardware these days... Like others have said, the Wii U will get the last few multi platform games being released on the Xbox 360 and PS3, much like how the Wii got PS2 ports.. People who think that the Wii U will be remotely close in terms of specs to the PS4 and Xbox 720 are kidding themselves! If they try to release the same games on the Wii U, they will look horrific in comparison, so why waste your money? Half the cost of the Wii U is probably spent on that ugly tablet controller that will give people nothing but a headache. Nintendo just seem to be trying to copy things they think will become popular, like 3D and tablets.. Where did the innovation go? Sony and Microsoft are going to have twice the amount of money to spend on producing a console with decent specifications, unless they also decide to waste the same amount of money on useless peripherals and sell at the same budget price with the aim of making a profit. If companies want to bring multi platform games out on the Wii U in the future, they will have to make the graphics look horrible and spend ages adding lots of useless features to utilise the second screen, which wont even be available if using the controller as the main screen? The whole concept of the Wii U sounds like a mess.
  5. Are both the processor power connectors plugged into the sockets the right way round so that the shapes line up inside the socket? That caused me to have that sort of problem. At least it sounds like you are very close to getting there.
  6. You need to connect the SSD to a sata cable and then connect the other end to a sata port on the motherboard. your motherboard might have a mix of sata 2 (3Gb per second) and sata 3 (6Gb per second) ports. Make sure you plug it into a sata 3 port on the motherboard so you get the full speed. The motherboard instructions probably tell you which ones are which. Then just find a power cable from your power unit that fits and plug that into the SSD too. My SSD came with a bracket but I dont think I used it. The hard drive bays pop out on the fractal design cases and there are the screw holes available to screw the SSDs on to the normal 3.5 inch bays. Not sure about your case though. Try finding screw holes in the case that line up with the screw holes on the SSD. Edit: nevermind. Ignore this post! Its interesting to know where an SSD goes in an antec 300..
  7. Yeah, the 7850 and 7870 are close. I might end up going for a 7850 and over clocking it if it comes with a good cooler. It is also very power efficient at stock speeds. The cost of the top models is kind of crazy if you can get away with a bit less power.
  8. I dont bother worrying about static and touch all parts of my components when installing them so I would say that is the least of your worries. Whenever I build a new pc, it will either not power on or show any video signal and it typically takes an hour or more of confision until I notice a silly mistake like a cpu power connection being put in the wrong way. Just take your time and read the instructions. Youtube is also great for quick and simple tutorials. Good luck with the 60GB hard drive guys. I know that such a capacity is the only choice on a budget, but my 80GB drive is a real headache in terms of storage and I have no games installed on it. I use a 2TB hdd for file storage, but im upgrading to a 240GB SSD asap since I will be installing games on my next PC and dont want to worry about moving files around all the time. The agility 3 is a good choice, but you might want to think about saving up and eventually replacing it with something bigger in the future. The price of SSDs seems to have halved recently so maybe a 240GB one will be affordable in a year or so. I am in Malaysia at the moment and went to a shopping centre in Kl called Lowyat Plaza. It has nothing but shops selling pc components and you can get anything you want, its brilliant. I picked up an i7 3770k a few days ago for just £200.. I also purchased a Corsair H60 water cooler for my CPU. I havent made up my mind whether to go for 8GB or 16GB of RAM yet. I am planning to use vmware workstation and have a cisco contact center solution along with a call manager up and running from time to time so I can route voip telephone calls and play around with vxml scripts, but I might be able to get away with 8GB. I was thinking of buying an AMD Radeon 7870, but Nvidia will be releasing their 660 next month, which will offer superior performance and be in the same price range. I will wait and see which one is cheaper. My case of choice is the white fractal design r3 with usb 3 and a transparant side panel. I have a black one at the moment, but it shows dust and the led light never worked.
  9. How much work do you do at work?

    About 15 mins a day. I havent done any work for the last three weeks. people think im doing stuff but ive just turned not doing anything in to an art since that is my job these days. Just make yourself look like ure thinking really hard about things, type away at the keyboard when youre just googling random things and rush around like you are busy.. That is my life at the moment and ive been told that im doing a great job.
  10. Ain't Got No Job Satisfaction

    My job is ok. I am 25 and it is probably the first decent job I have had. I gained my CCNA networking qualification in July last year after studying networking for 2 hours every evening for 6-8 months and that led me to getting my current job. I am a trainee for a company deploying Cisco Unified Communications technology, so I am basically learning how to build and deploy the VOIP telephony/contact centers for companies around the country. I am also in charge of our company lab any everything network related in our office. I am getting hands on experience with routers, switches, servers and etc, so I am really lucky in that respect. I did want to get into a proper networking position and had little interest in voice, but here I am. The company is very relaxed, so I work half an hour less each day than I am contracted to and I haven't really done much work in the last 6 months.. Every day is pretty much just me figuring out what to play with in our lab each day... I create virtual machines and mess around with them. I kind of feel my role is redundant as nobody needs me and I have got a feeling the company is eager to promote me as soon as possible so that I actually have a purpose, so I am just rolling with it at the moment. I am getting paid for doing pretty much nothing each day and its the first time I have got promotion prospects. My life does feel a bit meaningless with nothing much to do at work. I also worked for a bank (office environment) and left after 3 years. Time flew past and I stayed there for so long because it was quite a comfortable role and wasn't that demanding. I also didn't know what I wanted to do in terms of a career. I kind of look back on that role as a waste of 3 years of my life. I utilised my last year by studying web design in my evenings and gaining a foundation of knowledge for a more technical role in the future. I worked at Barclays and all they cared about was getting rid of people and cutting costs and they took this to the extreme. They had people going round each department timing how long things took with a stop watch in order to calculate how quickly different jobs could be done in order to get rid of as many people as possible. By the time I left, I was doing the jobs of 3.5 people and I was treated like dirt. Banks don't care about their employees, they only care about money and bonuses. They prevent all the hard working people from getting a bonus by setting crazy targets in order to maximize the bonuses for the managers and executives of the company that do the least amount of work. If you want to get far in a bank, the key is to do as little work as possible, then complain as much as possible about how much work you are made to do. This, coupled with wearing a suit to work = promotion. Two people in my department were promoted just for dressing smartly each day.
  11. Chinese Food

    I've been to Beijing and the food was really bad, it didn't paint a good impression of Chinese food. We had to buy our meals from Macdonalds. Normally I wouldn't touch fast food, but it felt like fine cuisine. We were greeted at one restaurant close to Wangfujing by a little boy, who dropped his trousers at the door and urinated on the street. They served us noodles with something resembling dog food thrown on top.. It was a meal so terrible I will never forget it for the rest of my life. The noodles were from a big bowl of cold noodles that looked as if it had been lying around behind the counter for the whole day. Chinese food is much tastier in Malaysia. I've only ever tasted Chinese food here in the UK in china town and the food there is simply ok.
  12. Doctor Who

    I wouldn't mind a series based more around space travel instead of time travel. I was watching Frontier in Space and Planet of the Daleks the other day and I would rather enjoy seeing more episodes based in the future and on other planets instead of the past.. hmm, what is there other than time and space? Perhaps they could shake things up a bit.
  13. Doctor Who

    The whole Silence plot just seems stupid because they can't just introduce something like that into a 50 year old TV series where nobody has ever noticed such a thing before, it kind of ruins the franchise just for the sake of an episode or two. The fact that they have shown the Dr hundreds of years older than the current one with the same appearance is also rather strange, how are they going to explain that when the current doctor regenerates into the 12th? The whole time travel thing only worked in the last series because they conveniently all woke up from bed and none of it had ever happened.. Are they all going to wake up from bed again at the end of this series? Isn't travelling into the future a better idea since it wont undermine all of human history? oh yeah, too many cliffhangers!! I am a huge dr who fan, but might stop watching the rest of this series until Autumn unless the 3rd episode makes up for the last 2...
  14. Foreign Music

    aww, I can't embed a youtube video:p Got it!
  15. Quick TV one: Toshiba or Samsung?

    I have a 32 inch 1080p Toshiba, but it must be an older model compared to that one. I haven't had a Samsung in the past, but the upscaling of the Toshiba TV is flawless.