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  1. God I was just surprised to actually see a thread that I had posted in still on the first page
  2. Maybe it'll take you longer than a week to finish it now but i doubt it
  3. I cannot wait for this! Tomorrow (:
  4. So much to read... (: I would but I don't visit often enough to fully participate. And I'd forget to come back everyday..or however it works.

  5. I have. I don't know why I keep leaving. I don't do anything else with my internet time besides troll around eBay and Engadget. Ha.

  6. You've been gone for a while. :)

  7. Usually read WIRED..occasionally stalk GTS with Soul Silver..ha.
  8. Yeah the number pad is slightly bothersome, but since it was a keyboard for my laptop when at home that wasn't much of a bargain breaker for me. It's fucking awesome though! I love customizing it and the rainbow affect is brilliant. Also the number pad is available online on random sites...for like £70 or something. Which was not worth buying for me..although I am trying to find a Korean buddy who can order it off the Korean Luxeed site for about $50.
  9. Yess sir Manchester, UK. I've never been there, but I've heard nothing but good and beautiful comments about it. On the other side though I absolutely love downtown Seattle... So it'll be tough.
  10. MW2. 9/10. Absolutely lovely game, only complaint, which is big, is the lack of more than 1vs1vs1vs1 etc etc for system link. I mean really only one person per Xbox? Or am I doing something wrong here?
  11. This didn't necessarily happen today..but I don't think creating a whole new thread to express my enthusiasm was necessary. Anyway, I got accepted to Seattle University and University of Manchester! Those were my top two choices for colleges so I'm very excited and proud of myself, now I just gotta make a decision..
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