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  1. Things That are Excellent!

    Thats right there back! Just tell us something excellent that has happened to you recently and why it was excellent. i got to stay home from school today which was excellent even though its because im sick...
  2. Happy birthday Mary-Kate!

    Happy Birthday Ashley
  3. Lego!

    God I was just surprised to actually see a thread that I had posted in still on the first page
  4. Dead Space 2

    Maybe it'll take you longer than a week to finish it now but i doubt it
  5. Dead Space 2

    I cannot wait for this! Tomorrow (:
  6. So much to read... (: I would but I don't visit often enough to fully participate. And I'd forget to come back everyday..or however it works.

  7. I have. I don't know why I keep leaving. I don't do anything else with my internet time besides troll around eBay and Engadget. Ha.

  8. What Do You Do When You Go For A Poo?

    Usually read WIRED..occasionally stalk GTS with Soul Silver..ha.
  9. Post Your Purchases

    Yeah the number pad is slightly bothersome, but since it was a keyboard for my laptop when at home that wasn't much of a bargain breaker for me. It's fucking awesome though! I love customizing it and the rainbow affect is brilliant. Also the number pad is available online on random sites...for like £70 or something. Which was not worth buying for me..although I am trying to find a Korean buddy who can order it off the Korean Luxeed site for about $50.
  10. How was your day?

    Yess sir Manchester, UK. I've never been there, but I've heard nothing but good and beautiful comments about it. On the other side though I absolutely love downtown Seattle... So it'll be tough.
  11. Post Your Purchases

    Black Luxeed U5 Keyboard $107 via ThinkGeek
  12. Rate the last game you played

    MW2. 9/10. Absolutely lovely game, only complaint, which is big, is the lack of more than 1vs1vs1vs1 etc etc for system link. I mean really only one person per Xbox? Or am I doing something wrong here?
  13. What's your favourite N-Europe moment ever?

    Epic. Fucking epic.
  14. How was your day?

    This didn't necessarily happen today..but I don't think creating a whole new thread to express my enthusiasm was necessary. Anyway, I got accepted to Seattle University and University of Manchester! Those were my top two choices for colleges so I'm very excited and proud of myself, now I just gotta make a decision..
  15. University of Manchester

    So as a senior this year, I've been looking at colleges world wide to attend next year and the University of Manchester looks pretty nice. Anyone been? Anyone going? Anyone graduated? Have any hints/tips, for admission, living, need a car?, general requirements for entry, is it nice? etc. A well educated coworker of mine is heading to the UK for his vacation and he's going to check it out for me and see whats up. But what do you guys got to say about it?
  16. University of Manchester

    nice =] maybe i'll see ya around next year then! good thing about a car... I was kinda hoping a car would not be necessary. What about housing? what would you recommend? I've been thinking about studying Computer Science/Engineering. More then likely if I chose Manchester/got in I would sign up for this course.
  17. Post Your Purchases

    Ooo no I missed that small bit of text with all the pics. Sorry mate, my apologies. Question though, do you enjoy reviewing the same game for multiple console, or does it get kind of boring?
  18. University of Manchester

    Well those were just questions that came into mind, I don't specifically just need those answers. Just general Do's and Dont's for the university. My main question is for people that got accepted, what do you recommend for the whole applying process? Just from what you learned. thanks everybody btw =]
  19. Post Your Purchases

    Seriously..three copies of Blood Bowl? Why.. :/
  20. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday guys =]
  21. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Been playing Fight Night 4 lately...pretty damned good. ..Just thought I'd let you guys know. =]
  22. who is your daddy and what does he do ?

    Umm I wouldn't really say that.. The troopers that my dad drives around on the boat (he's not a trooper, he just drives them around..makes more money then them.) They just go about the water in Alaska and make sure no Russians are fishing in Alaskan waters and making sure everybody is fishing the right stuff in the right season. More like cops, then an "army reserve."
  23. How was your day?

    My day was alright nothing interesting..decorated and "modded" some shopping carts that was fun though. Video from a couple nights ago. Our Safeway is being redone so we grabbed some shopping carts that they had left by the dumpster and put them to use. Enjoy =] (I'm filming)
  24. who is your daddy and what does he do ?

    My dad is the captain of a state trooper boat, for the state of Alaska. yay...
  25. House plays with his balls, what do you play with?

    Usually just with remotes..pushing buttons and sorts. Or with a soccer ball if I have one available. I'll just roll between my feet and such.