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  1. Splatoon

    I still can't get over how genius "Splatoon" is as a title. You play as Squids in a Platoon who Splats ink in a game with a Cartoon art style. By god. Highlight of E3 right here.
  2. Hyrule Warriors

    Dat scarf.
  3. Mario Kart 8

    stupid 10 char minimum
  4. E3 Predictions 2014 - Wii U

    But, the only way we could have Metroid this year is if they split into a 2-game studio a good 3 years ago. I dunno, I'd love to be proven wrong, but I just feel like hoping for Retro's new game this year (or even next year) is just setting yourself up for disappointment.
  5. E3 Predictions 2014 - Wii U

    I'm confused as to why people keep thinking Retro will have something to show. Unless they actually did split into a two team studio a few years ago, they'd have nothing to show. They routinely put out a game ever 3 years, and we only just got Tropical Freeze. Anyway, I'm still hoping they grace us with Nintendogs Benny.
  6. E3 Predictions 2014 - Wii U

    Damn, you guys are just setting yourself up for disappointment. My only prediction is none of us will accurately be able to predict anything they do, because Nintendo are always so god damn bizarre.
  7. Tomodachi Life

    That was hilarious. I also get the impression that that's probably a pretty accurate portrayal of Iwata's day-to-day life.
  8. Nintendo Direct - Tuesday 8th at 11pm

    Much detail.
  9. Wii U General Discussion

    ... That actually makes so much sense. As for the developer? It's got to be Monster Games? It seems such a natural step to let the developers of Excite Trucks/Bots/Bikes to do an F-Zero game.
  10. Wii U and 3DS Gaming Bargains

    Trying to find Pikmin 3 at a decent price. Does anyone have any recommendations as to where to get it for cheap?
  11. Wii U General Discussion

    God, those Super Mario 3D World image macros were embarrassing. Over this side of the pond, Nintendo of Australia's social media is horrific. For starters, they only just joined Facebook. Secondly, people are pretty sure they're outsourcing their Facebook page to Europe (just like everything else). Posts are routinely made at 4am - it's terrible.
  12. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

    Holy cow. Just played through World 3. What an incredible world. And damn, that music in 3-1!
  13. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

    Finally getting around to playing it! I'm really enjoying it, but man the UI feels really rough around the edges. Really long loading screens, and then a bunch of weird things. Why when I click "Play Level" does it ask me if I want to play the level? Why when I start up the game does it tell me I can go to the options to change the control layout - every time. Why can't I replay levels after I finish them? Lots of little things like that. It's odd for a Retro game. The biggest annoyance is the freezing of the loading screens, it really ruins the facade. I'm sure I shouldn't be so annoyed by little things like this but it does sort of take away from the shine.
  14. #07 - N-Europe: Let's Talk Games (Metroid: Other M)

    Probably, but that's sort of the point I'm trying to make. No-one considered the consequences of anything in the game's story. The developers viewed it on such a base level that no-one thought to ask themselves how it could negatively affect the story, the protagonist or the game itself.
  15. #07 - N-Europe: Let's Talk Games (Metroid: Other M)

    I'm finding myself disagreeing with a lot of the comments above so I figure I'd throw in my 2 cents. Where do I begin. Other M gave me 9/11. It is without question the worst game in its series and perhaps even the worst Nintendo game of the last decade, if only because of how it managed to destroy the "holy aura" that Metroid seems to hold in the eyes of gamers. I've spent the past few years trying to block the game out of memory to the best of my ability so forgive me if I can't remember all the intricate details, of which I've been trying to forget. Without a doubt the biggest problem of the game is its story. It's beyond horrible for so many reasons and barely classifies as bad fan fiction. On the most bare bones scriptwriting level, the script is just awful. If you don't remember, almost every line in the script is pointless exposition. We're constantly told exactly what we're seeing on screen (or are about to see). Let's take a look at the opening cutscene, which disturbingly is perhaps the best scene in the entire game. Good question, Samus! It's a good thing you said that otherwise we wouldn't be able to see how hurt you are, what with your crashing vitals and that giant monster there. You mean that thing on your head? Thanks for telling us, or else we wouldn't be able to understand why it saves you in a few short seconds time. Oh, here we go. Samus is going to say something badass before she obliterates this one-eyed mother-fucker. ...or not. And thus begins one of the most poorly written games in recent memory. In the Silent film era, filmmakers learned that exposition (on title cards) was dangerous for two reasons. 1) It was unnecessary. As humans we're constantly trying to put meaning into what we're being shown. and 2) Signaling things before they happen (ie: "The Baby!"), significantly undermines any intrigue or suspense the film/game/story may possess. This is just one example of the lackluster story in the game. The others are obvious. The voice acting is cringe worthy, the writing is bizarre and there's a disturbing amount of misogyny lurking underneath ("you mean I'm getting burnt alive? Too bad I can't use my suit without express permission from my man!" -- creepy). Which brings us to the next point which is: how does the story affect the atmosphere of the game? Metroid is all about isolation. The first two Prime games encapsulates this perfectly. You're alone on a planet. It's lonely, and the only human contact we have is through scanning things or watching archival videos of humans past. Even if we can see people, we can't touch them, and we certainly can't interact with them. It's a lonely world out there. The second point is fear of the unknown. We're scared, but not because of knowledge that there's a big scary monster out there, but fear that there could be a big scary monster. We simply don't know and this terrifies us. Minimalism goes a long way in Metroid stories. It's not easy to do well, but with a little common sense, it's easy to understand what not to do. Despite best intentions, Other M ignores this. You're surrounded by others, you take orders and as a result that isolation, that fear of the unknown, evaporates like the Metroid in the opening scene. I don't know what happened during the development of Other M, but I'm willing to bet Sakamoto suffered the Lucas syndrome. Thanks to his brilliant past glories, no-one was willing to question his decisions during the game's development.