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  1. Dilemma - Please help!

    You sure like giving out infractions don't you Odwin? ****.
  2. I hope I get a thread on my birthday.
  3. Football Season 2007/2008

    Hopefully after we fail to qualify, the FA will realise that nobody really cares about the England team and officially disband it.
  4. Help, I have been Shot...with a Wii Zapper

    Legalise guns IMO, then if someone threatened you with a Wii Zapper you could just shoot them.
  5. Dilemma - Please help!

    This thread is full of gay.
  6. SEGA Superstars Tennis

    Fuck the motion control off and use the classic controller, and make it as good as Virtua Tennis, and I'll have no option but to ejaculate over its sweet, Segary goodness. Bet it turns out shite though.
  7. The Wii Turns 1!

    I've highlighted the good ones, although I feel I'm being little generous with some of them. I mean, Wii SPorts is nothing more than a tech demo, is it? And a demo for some pretty disappointing tech, at that. As for Zelda, well, it's been done to death now, hasn't it? As has Metroid Prime. The only really stellar game there is Mario Galaxy. But you Nintards are quite welcome to disagree.
  8. The Wii Turns 1!

    But there aren't any 'half decent' games to go with the four 'decent' games. It's just four decent ones (and I'm being generous there) and a vast sea of wankness.
  9. Football Season 2007/2008

    Yeah but he's a pile of wank.
  10. The Wii Turns 1!

    A year, and only four games worth playing. It's a pretty sad state of affairs, really.
  11. It's snowing

    Been pissing it down with rain all day up here
  12. Dilemma - Please help!

    He knows it's his fault, otherwise he wouldn't be worrying about it and posting on here would he? Deffo guilty Rez lad.
  13. Dilemma - Please help!

    Blatantly your fault, buy them a new phone you clumsy fucker.
  14. Wii on my Mac

    Is rice. Playing it through a TV card will be absolute wank.