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  1. Bullying *warning graphics*

    Nothing changes, I have left school 18 years when i was 15 I ended up in hospital with a skull fracture, broken cheekbone, concussion unable to see out of both eyes all due to bully's, the person involved for a slap on the wrist from the police and it was my next door neighbor. The nanny state has a lot to blame for this you cant punish them because "they are only children" The more it happens the more we become desensitized to it and so the nanny state continues...
  2. Where is the PS3 RPG love ?

    Last week my girlfriend and I decided to go Blu-Ray so off we trotted into town and got a PS3...and a PSP...with Disgaea...and Devil may Cry 4 and Oblivion. After getting home setting up and playing for a while we decided to have a look for some RPG's as the PS2 had them coming out the cooling vents but lo and behold there is not that many. Other than Enchanted Arms and Oblivion we see nothing any help ?
  3. Gary Gygax has died :(

    If your very quiet you will hear geeks all over the world crying... http://www.cnn.com/2008/TECH/03/04/obit.gygax.ap/index.html Been playing DnD since the 70's, read the Gord books loved his cameo in Futurama, without him would we have RPG games as we know them ? This Geek is...sad
  4. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    kinda cool 7/10.
  5. My Penis

    Best one was one of the neighbors when i was young, showing off on his BMX, slipped off the bike, slid down a grass verge and slammed into a tree...something rolled out of his trouser leg ! oh how he screamed and we laughed... Hope all goes well
  6. Post your desktop (56k time to Panic!)

    My current Desktop
  7. Explain you nickname

    I used to have my hair down past my bum, but after a disaster with a home perm kit I had to shave it all off, so just like Rapunzel in the fairy tale I had to let down my hair...I got the nickname at work and it sort of stuck
  8. Video Game Trivia Thread

    1982 would be ... Ms Pac man
  9. New ZXDS Release

    The latest release of the Speccy emulator for the DS has arrived ZXDS it can be found here ZXDS. i have tested it on my Mk5 and it is pre patched with r4tf.dldi. Give it a try its fun to play old games and think why did i bother:heh: Right Im off to play Elite
  10. Name That Game

    Damn you Patch you got it <giggle>
  11. Name That Game

    Ooo now if i could dig them out, I do have a few do you want zx80,81, spectrum or amiga. Heres one I did for the zx80 </\> Guess the game <g>
  12. Name That Game

    Yipeee, the last one has been guessed Must make it harder next time....
  13. Name That Game

    Drunken Policmam is correct well done Steggy If you look at the clues already given, then you should get it. Firebird may hold the clue...
  14. Name That Game

    If i recall there are 3 versions of speccy doom, 2 look total crap one looks real cool, you found the cool one... Evil like a challenge CLUE TIME 2: From the company that brought us 3.14159265 man. 3: Ok its a budget ZX Spectrum 48K game...try googling WOS
  15. Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

    I got a copy for my Yule from a friend and I have to say im impressed. Having played all the others Im happy to have this in my collection. The skrin must be unlocked...