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  1. Check out my gloves: Quick story - the wife and I set up our own company this year making these reusable protective gloves. The idea was to create something better than disposable plastic gloves. Its been tough but its allowed us to move back to the UK, and work together which is nice (most of the time). They're called DABS, and they're meant for wearing in public places. Anyway with things opening back up I thought I'd share them, and if you guys want a pair I've created a special discount code just for the forum - DABSNEUROPE - 20% off. Check us out at or @survivewithdabs
  2. General Switch Discussion

    I had to mute Baiten Kaitos cause of the voice acting. Annoying as shit. Once in a while my wife will still randomly shout ‘FIIIIIRE BUUURST’. Otherwise a great game though. Was the prequel as good.?
  3. Football Season 2020-21

    Please beat City.
  4. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    I love comic books but I find them so impenetrable. Not the big name collections obviously, but if you ever want to read a proper arc it’s so hard to know what’s good and where to start, and how to get a hold of it. I’ve managed the Wally West flash run, Green Lantern from Reboot through to Blackest night, and the Batman build up to RIP and Final Crisis. Haven’t returned to anything in years though, so would love some recommends.
  5. Marvel's Phase 4

    I did fear that some owners of the big streaming services wouldn't bother going back to the cinemas, so it's nice to see that message being put out.
  6. Football Season 2020-21

    @Happenstance @WackerJr sorry gents I have to disagree with the sentiment of your posts. This is the happiest I have felt about football for a while, but in a bittersweet way that acknowledges that this probably still is not enough. I guess I should take a moment to condemn any violence that occurred, but I actually resent having to do so. You as the reader should have enough respect for your fellow poster to presume that they condemn violence, as you should think of the vast, vast majority of the protestors who attended. More importantly it further distracts from the point. You are always going to get a tiny minority taking it too far, but focusing on that is like rallying against a kids birthday party because Tommy got manic on undiluted squash and broke a vase. All you're doing is following a narrative capitalized on by those who are against the protests. Pick any popular protest in history that you broadly agree with the aims of and I guarantee you'll find counter-pieces in the press of the time highlighting and discrediting it based on minority actions. Your responsibility as a critical thinker is to not be distracted by the actions of the 0.01%. --- The question I have is how many protests in popular history have had any kind of tangible, tactical success as this one had? The protestors set out with the goal of delaying the game, and succeeded. They had a message - we decide when you play - and they showed that they have the power to enforce that. It probably won't result in long-term victory - the billionaires have too much power and the government lacks the political backbone - but the tactical win is significant. Largest game in the world, bank holiday Sunday, world is watching, social media blackhole (due to the boycott), and sure enough its all over the news. Sad thing is I cannot remember any protests in the UK in my lifetime that have had any kind of success, no matter how small. Please remind me if I have forgotten something, but its kind of sad to think, and certainly works to show the value of direct action like this.
  7. Haven't played Sekiro, but no maps in any of their games otherwise. Good digging Julius. I'd be gutted with a delay, but I'd rather they took their time and got it right. And this will be tough for them. Not so much putting everything in everything that needs to go into an open world - they'll give us a big map and plenty of quests no problem - but maintaining that incredible atmosphere and gameplay/difficulty balance will require a lot of tuning. So yeah, take your time Miyazaki.
  8. Apex Legends

    When I have my PS4 back out in a couple months I will come back to this, despite my time with the switch version being a real letdown. Its either this or warzone, and as much as I've enjoyed parts of warzone, the increased mobility of Apex really appeals to me, as do the far more interesting levels. My only concern is that the looting seems to really benefit from mouse and keyboard, but maybe I'm over egging it.
  9. Anyone still playing this? I needed an FPS fix, so I thought I would give this a go, downloading now. edit: Archived, can’t find a game anywhere but on the Tokyo servers and when I do it’s unplayable. Disappointing.
  10. Hades (PC, Switch)

    Congrats - how good is that second stage music on the final boss? Gets me pumped every time. What weapon did you use? Try to resist the god mode. Even though I still struggled for a while after completing my first run, after about completion 5 I was succeeding every 2-3 runs. Its worth sticking with it as the game has the depth to reward that level of mastery, especially as you start unlocking the different weapon aspects. On that point:
  11. Disco Elysium

    Will wait for the switch release. I know there’s a lot of reading, which I’ll prefer to do in handheld. 7/10s of my excitement for this game is because of the title.
  12. Hades (PC, Switch)

    Bought Bastion early this morning for £2.
  13. Marvel's Phase 4

    You see I felt a little let down by the race issue. I don't think in the current media climate making the - "the world ain't ready for a black cap" statement is particularly bold. Instead what the series needed to do was show, don't tell. Where do we see the push back? We're given new white Cap, but we're not shown why. We're told about Isiah Bradley's struggle, but its second hand. What form does the institutional/structural racism that prevents a black cap take, and how does it manifest itself? Compare for example with The Boys, where institutional biases are presented brilliantly by the marketing side of the business - how Starlight is asked certain questions in interviews and how A-train is sold to certain audiences. F&WS could of at least given Falcon the shield initially, and then had some push back so we could see what that was like. Instead we're just told - nah, USA too racist. I agree, but prove it. I'd need more time to consider why this is so inferior to Civil War and Winter Soldier (which I love), but I will say Chris Evans is a big miss. Also the pacing is a lot tighter in those movies, the set pieces are superb, the tension is felt strongly. Anyway I'll think on it a little more.
  14. Hades (PC, Switch)

    I will do. As soon I'm in the new house I'll get Pyre downloaded on the PS4 too - love the concept and a heard one of the songs the other day and had a right giggle. But mate get Hades. Seriously. It exceeds its genre.
  15. Marvel's Phase 4

    Just finished F&WS - thought it was crap. Boring, tensionless, insubstantial. No fault on the actors, just substandard direction and a wet fart of a script. Shame because for it all its faults Wandavision was at least bold. Thats maybe the reason - a Vanilla palate cleanser to follow Wanda. On to Loki then.