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  1. Football Season 2020-21

    Solskjaer completely fucked that up. Im normally supportive but that was some of the stupidest fucking management I have ever seen not taking Fred of. And get rid of Martial. Don't sell him, just take him out back and a bullet in his head. A fucking embarrassment of a performance.
  2. Demon's Souls (12th November 2020)

    Well if you like it you get to play all the other Souls game in the order they were released (skip 2), which (again if you like the type of game) is a massive treat. The kind where I'm jealous I can't go through it again for the first time.
  3. The Trump Presidency

    How mental? Nothing dangerous, annoying, often frustrating. I like how Louis Theroux put it in that retrospective he did, its more like a faith. A version of the truth that has been revealed to you. Its a spiritual reckoning where logic, reason and common sense can be ignored if it holds an unpleasant truth. The belief is comforting, an endorphin hit that becomes more and more addictive the further you get down the rabbit hole. Before you know it you're part of a community - of websites, blogs, commentators - that reinforces it as part of your identity.
  4. Football Season 2020-21

    Would love to watch Asif Kapadia's Maradona documentary again. Fascinating place and time that Maradona was a part of. And of course he was brilliant.
  5. Demon's Souls (12th November 2020)

    @Goron_3 this is probably already getting into a rather dull game of semantics, but for me Resi Evil 2 is a remake, in that they actually started from the beginning and made it again, reimaging how elements of the original might be done better (fixed camera v over the shoulder being the main one). Meanwhile everything about Demon's Souls mechanics has been copied straight over, even the bad elements like infinite backstabbing. The addition of a single mystery door that has beguiled the community since release is the exception that highlights this point. Full disclosure, there is something that irks me about this release, so there's my bias up front. Also on great launch games - Rogue Squadron 2?
  6. Demon's Souls (12th November 2020)

    I get that its a 'remaster', but to put it on SM64's level is a bit of stretch. Good question though. Does it have to be the Japanese launch?
  7. Boss Keys - Zelda dungeon video analysis

    Not his best video - I get that he tries to draw out rules for game makers in every video, but that felt a little undercooked here. However his main point does resonate - there's nothing quite like a Zelda dungeon.
  8. The more I think about it the more excited I am. I'm a big Hitman fan, and I'm not saying that they will necessarily just do a hitman game and swap out Agent 47 for Bond... but you could. I know I'd play it. It might even improve - one criticism I have of the hitman series a criticism I have is that it has a strange tone, formerly po-faced serious, they now seem to have a weird silly sense of humor that intercuts terribly with the dark nature of your work. Its uneven and out of place for me. But the tone of Bond - well its so well defined that I imagine there's a brand guideline somewhere. Crank up the cool, top up the production values, get a funky soundtrack. Fast cars, sexy ladies, evil bad guys. No reason you couldn't do Bond's in other eras as well.
  9. The Trump Presidency

    I think the way he was attempting to sabotage the postal system in the run up to the election could be seen as cheating, sure.
  10. @bob I like this. I'd like a Bond game with a character creator screen, where if you make Bond anything other that white male you spend the next 30 hours getting abused by Daily Mail readers
  11. Has there ever been a non-FPS Bond game? I obviously love Goldeneye but I would hate to think that's the only kind of Bond game we get from now on.
  12. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    Ploughed through Discovery in the last couple weeks - my first real exposure to Star Trek apart from the Abrams movies (which were meh). Its fun, fairly take your brain out, but seemingly well intentioned. Season 1 was a bit crap (and would have dumped it but for Isaacs) but it upped its game noticeably in season 2. For the trekkies - is there a lore reason why they don't wear seatbelts on the bridge? They always seem to be getting thrown all over the place. Their insurers would have been all over that.
  13. The Trump Presidency

    Great find Rum. I encourage all to read, especially if, like me, you have people close to you mired in conspiracy bullshit.
  14. Demon's Souls (12th November 2020)

    Hmm, I would like to see a comparison made with what those websites gave the original, especially as it seems the graphical overhaul seems to be the only change made (+a few minor tweaks). My suspicion would be an inflation of scores, partly because Souls games are cool now, and partly cause there isn't anything else out for the system yet.
  15. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    Just played through Bloodborne again. I came back to it cause a friend was supposedly going to play it for the first time, so I was like 'great, a co-op partner'. And then waiting for him I'm like 'I'll just do the character creation', 'I'll just beat Gasgoine', 'I'll just get to lv20', and before I know it I've beaten the game. I just love how rich the world is and how its presented to you, and so every time I play through these games I'm watching all the Lore videos, reading all the theories. Miyazaki has claimed the difficulty of the Souls games is not a feature for its own sake, but because it makes you respect the world and its characters more. Well he ain't wrong. Cannot wait for Elden Ring. Just started on Outer Wilds and loving it too.