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  1. @Dcubed yes I have seen that one a while back. But to you, @Jonnas and @Cube, again, where exactly were the dungeons great? I don't remember them being bad, but just standard OoT template fare. Apart from the timeshift bit there was nothing outstanding that comes to mind, and certainly nothing that makes up for the rest of the game which was...well there really wasn't anything else to the game. As mentioned the dungeon progression template was expanded across dungeon build-up as well, so why is it in a game that is pretty much all dungeon I can remember so little of it? The reason I am stressing this point was that my overall takeaway from the game was that the formula was tired (more dungeon is not a new idea). One new, well executed idea in a 30(?) hour game, and a Nintendo game no less, was rather deflating to me at the time, and until BotW it caused me to write-off Zelda altogether. I would go so far as to say that part of the reason I loved BotW so much is because SS was such a disappointment. Maybe I am being harsh, but that was my honest impression for a game I wanted to love.
  2. It’s such a brave game - not just the Groundhog Day structure, but the nature of rewards and the respect played to the player. Can’t recommend it enough.
  3. I really appreciate @Dcubed's defense of this game, and I glad someone loved it, but I do not relate to so much of what you've said. Maybe I have just forgotten loads of the game, quite frankly it left little impression on me and maybe that's why I don't remember it, but your talk about great level design just does not resonate with me. I recall one mechanic - the time phasing - that was interesting and was probably the highlight of the game, but that's it. Otherwise it was the same Zelda game I had been playing since OoT, but with less overworld, less content, less atmosphere, and a criminally underused gliding function. The wiimote thing didn't really work, but I can't fault them for trying. Remind me (and I have a genuinely open mind) - what were the great examples of level design in the game?
  4. General Movie Thread

    I am hyped for that. Need me some gratuitous violence.
  5. That's the end of this fighter pass right? And there'll be another one? Quite glad I did not shell out for this one.
  6. Well that was a bit of a dick punch, not one thing there I’m interested in. Ho-hum.
  7. Nothing tickling me yet
  8. Alright, ‘Like’ my post if you want your own 3x3 bingo card to play along tonight. Deadline is 9 gmt edit: you’ll are lucky I’m not the sensitive type. This link - - will give you a random bingo card if you still want to play along.
  9. Oh, nah you see I was talking about doing individual ones that were unique to each person, like proper bingo.
  10. You can do it, save me a job, though I'll keep the list updated for now.
  11. First one is too nailed on, but I'll add the other 2.
  12. Alright I'm making up some bingo cards for playing/drinking along. I'll randomize a 3x3 grid for anyone that want one Help add to my list: New Mario Game Metroid Prime 4 New Peripheral Cringe banter BOTW 2 Switch2 Pikmin 4 Xenoblades Dating Sim Remake of a Wii U game Added: New Kirby game "Please understand... delay of game X" Silksong release date Mario Golf 2D Metroid Zelda 3D All-Stars 2D Zelda Remake Skyward Sword HD Metroid Prime Collection 2D Metroid Remake Final Fantasy Collection Confirmation of 25th Anniversary Pokémon Direct next week Mention of Covid Mario World (or whatever the Universal thing is called) Movies/Other uses of IP Glorious Return of the Wii Vitality Sensor
  13. I don't know if I agree. Physical announcements (like an E3 showing) are dead, at least in Ninty's eyes. So what's the alternative - breaking it through a media outlet first, releasing a press release? You say dedicated a reveal, but wouldn't announcing it as a dedicated reveal be a reveal in itself?
  14. Are they normally at that time? Its 10pm GMT, seems quite late.
  15. Marvel's Phase 4

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept, and I really enjoyed the Malcolm in the middle episode (especially the opening credits sequence) - I guess they’ll do a Modern Family style thing next. But the show needs that second storyline, because the sitcom writing isn't quite strong enough to hold up 30 minutes on its own.