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  1. Super Mario Maker 2 -- June 2019

    Has anyone come across any (good) creators that do multi-part levels? As in multiple levels that are tied together by a theme or story or mechanic.
  2. Switch eShop Thread

    Am I right thinking this game is a big deal, and the sequel get a couple GoTY awards? Is that game also coming?
  3. Richard E Grant?? As a fearsome space general? Are you kidding me? Going full Panto now are they? I've developed a weird curiosity with this movie, where I want to see how Abrams tries to pull it out of the fire. What elements does he keep from the last movie, and what does he trash. And how do you handle the how Leia thing without it seeming distasteful. Disney must be paying him so much to rescue this. I don't think he got the skills though.
  4. Marvel's Phase Three

    If there's any justice in this world they'll get Gareth Evans to do Shang-Chi. That movie needs actual martial arts action, not just Hollywood action. Overjoyed Taika is back as well. Thor 3 is one of my favorites.
  5. Rate the last film you saw

    Caught Spiderman: Gap Yah (far from home). On Friday. It's remarkable that the story faces the same unique problems that the commercial aspirations of the creators does - that of immediately following a legacy of success. In Peter Parker's case it's that of Iron Man, in terms of the movies it follows the success of infinity war and phase 3. Here's what I'll start with - I like the movie. It doesn't take itself too seriously, it understands the characters and their importance, and it throws a couple laughs in. An enjoyable few hours, worth your money. Tom Holland remains the best live action incarnation of Parker, Zendeya the best MJ, Tomai the best May. Indeed the best parts of the movie are it's quiet moments, when we're just witnessing the characters interacting. But I get the feeling is that it's all downhill from here for Marvel. The formula is set, and it will just eat itself from here on out. Allow me to explain myself. Claire Denis, exceptional director, was reportedly offered a Marvel film recently with free reign to do whatever she wanted - apart from the action. The CG would be directed elsewhere (and on hearing this she turned the gig down). And that situation is for me is the growing rotten heart at the centre of these movies. Ever more noticeably these movies allow their directors to do interesting things with their characters, and then are forced to pass it off to a bunch of computer programmers they'll never meet. Far From Home is a culprit, with pithy dialogue being interrupted by cold CG and spectacle at an almost metronomic pace. It fails to feel like a single vision, a single movie. And the afterthought is uncomfortable.
  6. Just bought this on a whim, never played Mario maker before. I'm on a plane later, am I going to have enough offline content to keep me entertained, or should I download some levels?
  7. Bottom right hand corner pretty much. Cannot believe I didn't figure this out when I was playing it.
  8. Football Season 2018/19

    Ole will get the season, unless we heading for relegation. I know there's a lot of hysteria out there about the end of last season, but I put that down to half a dozen factors out of Ole's control. I can't imagine we'll win anything, but top 6 and a cup run laced with inconsistency is where I'm putting my money. And I'll be happy with that - he'll need a couple years to work with these kids, and as long as he is playing the simple high press stuff we were doing before Liverpool and half our players crocked it, then we'll be alright. Frank? Who knows. Can never tell whether Abrahmovic has turned a corner or not.
  9. Football Season 2018/19

    I hope you give him time as well - not just for Frank, who is one of the more likable characters in football - but for the army of youth players you have, many of them English. Was very impressed how Frank dealt with them at Derby, so here's hoping we see similar fruits at Chelsea.
  10. Rate the last film you saw

    Saw Zhang YiMou's new film Shadow last night - 4/5 - its got all his trademark visual design, this time leaning on a monochrome look to reflect the duality at the center of the story. But whereas Hero was a more somber tale laced with tragedy, this was just bonkers - to the point where there were multiple laughs in the small screening I was in. Though this was different to what I expected, it was no less enjoyable and worth it for the surprise elements alone (never seen umbrellas used like that before). Don't think it will have as much re-watch value as Hero, but still worth the entry fee.
  11. General Switch Discussion

    I'm with you on that - I start thinking its going to be a good idea, but I'll lose interest in creating things before long (which is why I didn't buy the first one) However! I was reading that there is this mode in MM2 where you just select the difficulty, and it puts you on a playlist of community created levels - and that sounds marvelous to me. If you're a fan of platforms how could you not fancy that?
  12. @Ronnie & @Julius much appreciated, I shall give them a listen.
  13. So is there a general consensus about which is the best podcast? I've heard a few (Kotaku & Easy Allies) but wasn't blown away by either (although I love their content).
  14. Astral Chain -- August 30th 2019

    Twins? Congratulations mate! Yeah probably a couple fallow years of gaming for you, but it won't be long until you can start familial co-oping. I'd start a list of all the games you want to play with them when they're ready (this one included).
  15. Indie Games

    Funnily enough I tried this for the first time tonight (at that price it would be stupid not to) and I think it's a masterpiece of indie gaming. I totally get it's not for everyone, but I've had a smile on my face since I started it. The music is godlike, the little touches (singing merchant) are brilliant, execution superb. Does it remind anyone of Hotline Miami, in the way the music gets you in a flow? Probably just me. Anyway, will compete this then move straight on to the Zelda one.
  16. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Is there a video somewhere where they've talked through his moveset? Keen to understand how he works.
  17. Astral Chain -- August 30th 2019

    This has shot to the top of my list after watching it on the treehouse. The 5 different legions look like they give the game loads of depth. Combat looks fund and fluid, enemy design looks varied and interesting. And then there's a whole open world element! I believe I heard that you can assign skills to the legions, but can you level them up as well? And I believe they confirmed it has online co-op - has anyone got anymore details on this?
  18. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Let's go!!
  19. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    If I set up a room in an hour (20:30 GMT) would anyone join? Also inviting requests on the room music.
  20. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Monday & Wednesday early good for me too (I'm an hour ahead of you guys).
  21. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Although I am up for tonight (didn't actually play that much last night, had shit going on), permanent move to Friday is not good for me as I'm normally out. How about earlier in the week?
  22. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Hey lads, closing shop after this one.
  23. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

  24. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Would anyone want to join if I opened a room in Glens absence?