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  1. Football Season 2019-20

    Nothing I disagree with there. Managers are given far too little time at the top level - how many clubs would have gotten rid of Solskjaer already? My hope would be success is not just a way for top clubs to poach good managerial talent and reinforce their status, but also demonstrate a pathway for competent, thinking coaches. Southampton seem to do that on their own.
  2. Football Season 2019-20

    Beyond my immense love for the city of Sheffield, the team are not only doing well but playing innovative, exciting football. The whole argument of ex-Pros in the media decrying the lack of opportunity for English coaches has been laughable for as long as I can remember. But Chris Wilder? He rightly deserves a shot at one of the big clubs. Spurs should have his number ready when the Mou project hits toxic rock bottom.
  3. Football Season 2019-20

    Watching the Blades v Chelsea game?
  4. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Both sides of this debate have spiralled a little, you'd all do well to condense your points, summarise sticking points and list concessions. Also I'm totally lost so help a guy out.
  5. Football Season 2019-20

    Thanks for insight @killthenet. I've enjoyed having you guys back, but looks like that Watford result has settled it. Hopefully you jump straight back, Villa Park deserves top level games. Think you'll lose Grealish - even if we can't afford him (though I hope we can), somebody will recognise the value in a player that makes so much happen. UTV
  6. Football Season 2019-20

    @killthenet has John Terry bring any notable improvement to the team in his time there? I presume he is there for his knowledge of the defensive side of the game, but every time I see you play it's your defense which seems to let you down.
  7. It's called "Home Workout - no equipment" Thanks, will check it out. The problem I have had since lockdown is divising workouts that keep me interested, so I'll see how this does.
  8. Carlos Ruiz Zafron recently passed away, so it's a good time to recommend his most famous work Shadow of the Wind, a heartfelt mystery set in 1945 Barcelona. I read and recommend a lot of books, and none have been so universally loved as this book. No one who has read it has regretted it, so take the time if you're looking for something good. On holiday at the moment, so got 3 books to work through: Mindf*ck (about Cambridge Analytica), Orwell's Homage to Catalonia, and one from Mario Vargas Llosa - I'm a huge fan of South American Magical Realism (anyone else?)
  9. Great thread. I'll be back with my 1-7.
  10. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Great discussion you guys are having in here, lovely to read along. @Nicktendo's point about the destruction/creation balance of post-modernism was one that particularly resonated with me. I've seen with BLM and other movements a complete lack of ideas, a dearth of leaders willing to hang their reputations on proposals, and I struggle to comprehend why this is. Defund the police seems to be the standout from BLM, but that seems to be it - hardly a long term solution to address root inequality. But maybe I've missed something? But further to the idea of tearing things down, it's the tearing down of people that gets me, and in particular those on the 'other side'. So case in point the guy who arranged the 'white lives matter' banner to fly over the Burnley game a couple weeks backs. He's found and fired very quickly from his job. Where is the positive progression in this situation? Are we expecting him to reform after this? If not then it's surely just an act of cruel retribution, unbecoming of a humanitarian movement. But if you're expecting reform then I can't imagine it will work. White working class male, most possibly no less left behind then any other resident of a former industrial area in post Thatcher Britain, now pushed even further out of the mainstream and into the hands of groups who feed off the anger and isolation of the forgotten. Is the humane, even productive measure not to educate whilst taking solidarity with his own condition? Lots of people are hurting, shouldn't we be bringing them in rather than pushing them out?
  11. Last of Us Part II

    Great post. I would rather not write something of similar length in reply. Kindly give me a bit of time to distill that all in my mind.
  12. Last of Us Part II

    @dan-likes-trees good post. So games can tell stories in unique ways, and they're great for supplementing gameplay. Agree 100%. No debate there. Is that the case here though? Is this game telling story in a unique way? No. Production values through the roof, superb voice acting. But still 30 minutes of gameplay followed by 10 minutes of non-interactable cut scene, as triple AAA have been doing since the PS1. And supplementing? Not here, as the dialogue around the game confirms. The story is the main event here. It came first, the focus of all the innovations and effort, whilst the gameplay languishes in generic last gen third person. That's what kind of game this is and the kind of game Naughty Dog make. And loads of people enjoy them - wonderful. But if those people turn around and say they don't like the game because what happened in the game isn't what they want, with no mention of the game itself, then what is the game to them? A chore just to pass through to get to a cut scene? All I hear about this game in the media is either: story good = game good OR story bad therefore game bad. Does the gameplay not factor for you in this paradigm? Then why play a game? That's my point.
  13. General Movie Thread

    Saw this at the theatre last year, was raving about it for ages but couldn't find someone else who had seen it. Stunningly, stunningly beautiful. I too lost it at the end.
  14. Last of Us Part II

    I making more of a criticism about the dialogue around the game. It annoys me that the majority of the discussion around what will not doubt be GoTY, has included very little discussion about the actual game.
  15. Last of Us Part II

    That being the case then I would think there is going to be backlash regardless of what story they put out (not that naughty dog will care going by the sales figures). Cause after all this isn't high fiction, it's fan fiction. The comparison @CrowingJoe79 made with the Last Jedi is quite apt in that sense. People turn up to find out what happens to their favourite characters. And if what happens isn't what they want, then that's the game ruined for them. That's what you get when the game is just a vessel for the story. MGSV had a dogshit story, but the game is still loved. Why? Cause who gives a crap about an unfinished, poorly thought out story when you have gameplay that is so fun, varied and replayable? You know who cares? People who should realise maybe theyre engaging with the wrong medium.
  16. Last of Us Part II

    With the asterix that I haven't played the game, it not only seems that there is not much different in terms of gameplay here compared to similar in the genre, there's actually less gameplay compared to those games. It's a watered down blend of a traditional resident evil resource scarcity coonundrum and splinter cell sneaking. And I guess what frustrates me most is that this is not the topic of discussion. The first one was a good game, don't get me wrong, but I've never played it again and I put that down to a lack of gameplay depth (same for the uncharted series). Has this game improved on that? All I'm aware of is that now there are dogs. That's it. If the gameplay has evolved and I'm not aware of it please educate me.
  17. Football Season 2019-20

    Prediction for tonight?
  18. Last of Us Part II

    Fascinating to me that there can be so much discussion about a game, and so little of it about the actual game. Story this, story that. Fuck the story. Buy a book, I'll recommend you a reading list.
  19. Football Season 2019-20

    Race for top 4 will be very enjoyable. I think Leicester could get sucked in, Wolves are looking strong and Sheffield United play pretty much everyone involved. On Man Utd, we were rusty as all hell on Friday, understandably, and that played right into Mou's hands. Considering those circumstances I think we still looked promising, and am confident we'll have a strong end to the season.
  20. Football Season 2019-20

    Question now becomes surely how many other times the goal line tech hadn't worked and we just haven't noticed.
  21. Football Season 2019-20

    Is that why it didn't work.- because he hugged the post? How's that work technology wise?
  22. Football Season 2019-20

    Anyone watching the Villa-SU game?
  23. General Switch Discussion

    Thank you, overjoyed to hear the writing is good. How's the world building?
  24. General Switch Discussion

    Kindly share your opinions with us once formed. The Paper Mario feels are strong.