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  1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Is there a video somewhere where they've talked through his moveset? Keen to understand how he works.
  2. Astral Chain -- August 30th 2019

    This has shot to the top of my list after watching it on the treehouse. The 5 different legions look like they give the game loads of depth. Combat looks fund and fluid, enemy design looks varied and interesting. And then there's a whole open world element! I believe I heard that you can assign skills to the legions, but can you level them up as well? And I believe they confirmed it has online co-op - has anyone got anymore details on this?
  3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    If I set up a room in an hour (20:30 GMT) would anyone join? Also inviting requests on the room music.
  4. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Monday & Wednesday early good for me too (I'm an hour ahead of you guys).
  5. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Although I am up for tonight (didn't actually play that much last night, had shit going on), permanent move to Friday is not good for me as I'm normally out. How about earlier in the week?
  6. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Hey lads, closing shop after this one.
  7. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

  8. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    Would anyone want to join if I opened a room in Glens absence?
  9. The Legend of Zelda BoTW2

    I went less story. Start the game and leave me with a stick, I'll figure the rest out.
  10. What makes it so special for you? Curious as people rarely list LA as one of the favourites.
  11. The Witcher 3: Complete Edition

    Picked this up cheap on Steam at one point, but didn't get very far in. I think I just found myself overwhelmed by the glut of things to do, and with none of them particularly standing out I lost focus and drifted away from it. However Im really enjoying Dragon Dogma at the moment on the switch since you can just drop in and out and just do whatever's in front of you. Maybe W3 on the switch will have the same effect.
  12. Resident Evil 5

    If I can find a co-op partner I'll pick this up. RE4 was one of my all time favourites, but I got put off RE5 by the idea of an annoying NPC ruining the fun. May wait for a sale as well. Its the advantage of having a glut of games to catch up on, that you can just stick them on the wish list and wait until they're on sale.
  13. The Legend of Zelda BoTW2

    Wasn't surprised but I am ecstatic. Although I'd be more than happy with just BoTW mk.2, I think the glimpse of hyrule there is just evidence of how early this game is in dev, and not in any way indicative of the final game. Can't wait.
  14. Nintendo at E3 2019

    Witcher 3 on switch! The balls on them to take that on. Good conference I thought, plenty of stuff with a decent attempt at brevity. Can't be disappointed with a lack of Prime, cause I wasn't expecting them to make me that happy. But a good selection of Indies coming, Luigi looks good, and I think Astral Chain is going to be a Platinum classic. And ofcourse... Rare is back!!!! There was a thread on here back when Rare was sold to Microsoft, and the metldown was spectacular. Any chance it will still be saved somewhere? Would love to read back through it.
  15. E3 2019

    Without having played the game, I love the world they've gradually built in For Honour. I've considered picking it up - would anyone recommend it?
  16. E3 2019

    Watchdogs looks tasty. Didn't think I'd be saying that, low anticipation since I wasn't remotely bothered by the first 2. Was watching the trailer, writing it off, then it flashes 'permanent death' and suddenly I'm intrigued. Suddenly the game has consequence. Building squads of characters you trust, and deploying them knowing that you risk losing them - very Darkest Dungeon. Its on the watch list.
  17. Ghostwire: Tokyo

    Looks and sounds awesome. Going on the watch list. There's were some subtle visual flourishes going on then that I really enjoyed. Hopefully the standard of graphics don't drop too significantly in normal gameplay.
  18. Tough one. Paper Mario Prime Wind Waker Resident Evil 4 are all nailed on, but the 5th is a toughie. I want another third party - Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, Hitman 2, Metal Gear Twin Snakes, Monkey Ball, Rogue Squadron 2, Should Caliber 2 would all be worthy. But I think I have to go for Skies of Arcadia. Perfect RPG.
  19. Nintendo at E3 2019

    Rumors of a Witcher 3 port are doing the rounds, which at first I though ridiculous - but who knows? What an achievement that would be.
  20. Enter the Gungeon

    Sounds like a lot of effort
  21. Enter the Gungeon

    Any tips Drahkon? Would love to beat this one - its currently sitting in my big pile of unfinished games.
  22. I know I'm a day late, but bugger it I've had a drink and I want to write about some of my favourites. The GBA was a magnificent little console btw, and its mid life upgrade with the clamshell design (can't remember the name) is possibly the finest console I've ever owned. Fire Emblem GBA! Dont know if it is because it was my first FE, but to this day I think it's the best fire emblem. It's lean compared to later entries, has none of the current melodramatic shit, and still had the beautiful sprite work. They had another one on the console but it was terribly balanced. Metroid Fusion - often derided, but it really works as a first metroid. Shout out to Samus X as well - shits all over dark Samus. Some others: Sapphire - Great game Superstar saga - great game Advance Wars - really great game. More depth then I appreciated at that age. Harvest Moon - Time sink And though I didn't play it until years later - Mother 3. Masterpiece that game, criminal it never got released over here.