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  1. Vista Thread

    Not if you have the sticker with the code on your computer, or have they changed that?
  2. The Mac (OS & Hardware) Thread

    Things apparantly got out of hand. Bunch of terrorrist, those Apple-thread-posters. They'de probably blow up the entire forum if you don't kill it off for a while. Well, it always comes back. Like those people that lived in the real world in the Matrix. It just starts over untill this turns into an actual discussion, where our talking points would point how that Apple's pretty good at what it does, at wich point the microsoft fans visiting this thread are dissappointed and try to make trouble. I'm really looking forward. Also, I'm not sure if Snow Leopard is going to be so good it can run on low-end hardware. Polishing is something, but pulling it off requires minimum muscle. For that Touchscreen device of larger size, it's rumored to be a bigger, badass iPhone OS...
  3. The Mac (OS & Hardware) Thread

    Snow Leopard: nothing really new, just really, really optimized. And maybe a new GUI! Marble would look very Vista-like, but Apple is also intimidated off course.
  4. The iPhone thread

    Actually, I think that WWDC this year won't be iPhone focused. People are expecting a hardware update, but I'm sure it won't be a big one this year because Apple is going for Snow Leopard the end of this year and has to get that out to developers, as well as the possibly new UI ('Marble'). I'll start a thread for MacOS later... When something is finally happening in that area again.
  5. The iPhone thread

    I know, but I actually meant a screen that can create a true bevel on itself when needed instead of a screen that has a MacBook trackpad underneath. First of all: A hardware keyboard wontt come. They won't bother with it either because it's a pretty good keyboard onscreen. You're probably in the conservative camp. You don't like this new thing because keyboards worked fine on all other fines. Yes, they did work fine - but the future doesn't have a keyboard anymore. You're going to call me an Apple fanatic - but it doesn't have anything to do with that. Apple has made that choice, yes, but if somebody else did it I would still say it's the future. More and more phones than ever will have no keyboard. It's interesting for consumers: it makes devices less clunky, they don't have to engineer them in, it makes it cheaper. And the regular consumer doesn't have the need for a keyboard: a regular consumer uses his iPhone for calling, short messaging, a little browsing, short quick emails. They don't need to have a keyboard for the little times they use it. So from a consumer point of view, on-screen keyboards is the way to go. It's also much cooler. Yes, I know it's not really a powerfull argument, but people love a touchscreen to do those things on. A touchscreen is like a multi-functional piece of paper. It can turn into anything, including a keyboard. People want to use touchscreens, and people are happy to type on them. Now I'm going to make some coffee.
  6. The iPhone thread

    We all know Apple - they wn't introduce a keyboard because people want it. They know that in the coming generations they will refine the onscreen keyboard in a fashion that people don't want to go back. That's what Apple does: think ahead. I'm sure Steve is already using an prototype iPhone with a haptic touchscreen or something. They won't introduce a keyboard. They won't because they're stuborn and they know that if they do, their reputation as a trendsetter will dissappear. Because Apple doesn't like to follow trends, it likes to set them. Macintosh introdued an all-in-one computer with GUI. The Powerbook introduced the design every laptop has now (with palmrests, so you can comfortably type). The iPod was all about simplicity and easy synchronisation. All these things you can't deny are great innovations that are in our products today. Every device maker adopts Apple's ideas after a while (in the nineties all computers were boxes with seperate screens, but now every omputer maker has a competitior to the all-in-one iMac going). Many music players are just now catching up on easy synchronisation with your computer, and Phones are slowly doing that too. The new android 'cupcake' update features an on-screen keyboard, showing that people actually want this feature. And really, it doesn't annoy me that the keys aren't real on my iPhone. But I could understand that for typing long emails or letters you'de want one. With the bluetooth spec being opened in the next update, I'm sure somebody will get the idea of connecting your bluetooth keyboard to your iPhone for easy typing. It could just be that Apple introduces this feature itself. Now that I think of it, it could well be possible that they design an external keyboard for the iPhone using bluetooth. There are less rumors but that's mostly because Apple already inserted the features that everyone wants in iPhone 3.0 and announced it already. Now nobody has any real idea where it will go next, but if we know Apple we know they'll show us some nice features soon that'll be innovative or original and usefull. They always seem to find something that nobody had thought of before - let's not forget that everybody goes 'Aw, it's so obvious, why didn't I think of that?' afterwards. And that concept design: too thick. Steve would never let it pass - it has to be thin. Also, iPhone 4G is sort-of a strange name... I doubt the next iPhone hardware will be branded 4G (since it's actually the third generation device, and 4G won't be avaible untill somewhere in 2010 (I mean the cellullar network '4G')). Also, I'm sure that Apple will introduce an iPhone with just GSM, EDGE and SMS services that has less hardware feature but runs the same OS. Oh, and the screen will be the same size to keep the App Store project running and have a unified platform that attracts developers. And nobody likes to retool their application for the smaller screen.
  7. The iPhone thread

    Well as usual we are being watched closely, and any chance to shut this thread down will be taken. Apple fans are dangerous and should be treated as terrorrists.
  8. The iPhone thread

    Decided to do as suggested: open more focused threads about Apple and make sure people don't start shooting each other. Okay, that last thing isn't really up to me. Anyways, what do you think iPhone 3.0 will be doing? iMovie sounds interesting, as well as the keyboard, MSS and spotlight. What are the rumors?
  9. Windows 7

    To be honest, it does work a lot like mac now... The major new feature is that they turned the taskbar into a dock. They've fancied it up, hyped it and ripped a lot of Apple - wich is good, because if ypu're stealing, steal the good. I only experienced Vista, and as a mac user, I like it. I'm waiting for a copy of Windows seven that doesn't stop working after a certain date so untill then I think I might keep it at my forementioned remark.
  10. Qwerty Vs. abc def

    Okay, I meant the regular keypad. I think you understood what I said nonetheless. That's actually what I meant. Let's call it keypad. And yes keypad could refer to a tiny QWERTY but I think we need a word for it anyway.
  11. So it was guest mode...
  12. Mac Keychain

    Sounds cheesy, though.
  13. Vista Thread

    No problem, since I can answer your question, having a mac and all. :wink: Yes you can, but it will give you some problems because OEM discs aren't really good at working on other computers. Apple delivers you the drivers on the MacOS install disc, so actually it shouldn't give a problem. it might, since it's actually designed just for that computer, but I know you can install OEM discs on any computer if you have the right drivers to use... But the sound still won't be great.
  14. Vista Thread

    Hello, I'm Jasper and you may remember me from such threads as the Apple iThread (deceased). I recently installed Windows Vista on my Mac and I have to say: it runs pretty smooth. I like it. It even keeps the internet connection steadier than OS X could (on the same hardware) and I have no troubles with it whatsoever (I can't put it to sleep though, because it doesn't wake up (but that's hardware related) and the boot time is loooong because it gets confused with my macintosh partition, telling me to format it because it isn't Windows compatible - ten times before it's found the windows disk). Only one thing: does anybody know better audio drivers (for my mac in this case), because the audio is reeeaaally sloppy with the drivers apple delivered... I have an iMac (2007) 24". The Apple iThread is gone, so I wondered if any of you might know.
  15. Are you in guest mode? Haha. Just kidding. This is seriously disturbing.