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  1. Questions

    Judging by the post by DanielTimothy and the thread he started I'm guessing yes.
  2. Questions

    Mods can't you foolish fool.
  3. Questions

    I have a question? When are you going to ban me? because this suspense of not knowing when is killing me. Also I don't share the optimism that the admins will decide not to ban me. So can also just say to Jordan that I have never been informed about any warnings despite your claim I've had more warnings than the rest of the forum.
  4. No More Heroes

    I love you. Lets make horrible deformed babies togetherand feed them the souls of the silly Japanese who refuse to buy this game and GTA lovers.
  5. The Music Thread.

    I tend to download (for free) themn buy the CD/Vinyl. It's the best way IMO as not only do I get the music as soon as I want but the artsist/label tends to get their money eventually.
  6. Ever felt as if you are going up this world?

    Hello Scarf Face you sound like a good new member and it also sounds like your having a good time. Wish my life was going so well.
  7. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

    Working fine for me. Although my stats aren't updating.
  8. Doctor Who

    Sorry was it already known the Titanic was going to be in space?
  9. Manhunt 2

    Yay I will finally be able to get my hands on this.
  10. Doctor Who

  11. Fancy A Curry?

    I can't stand curry. Not the look or the smell or taste.
  12. The Music Thread.

    I like them. Flux is a brilliant track although I'd rather not see them focus entirely oon creating music of that style.
  13. No More Heroes

    the following people need killing, for stating this game: a) looks crap b)is a rip off of GTA The people are: Davey_T Warandchaos.
  14. Top Gear new series

    "Arse Biscuits" This is looking like a great episode.
  15. Haggis's Ultimate question

    Galaxy no contest.