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  1. It's most likely not as bad as my unhealthy obsession with her. :heh: Too bad us Danes have to wait with the Americans for the release.


    At the moment I'm especially looking forward to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World as well as Iron Man 2, Sherlock Holmes 2 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at some point in the future. It may not seem overwhelming, but I don't normally have that many films that I'm so hyped about. :heh:

  2. I've not played for a while, and I never really got that much into the multiplayer. Another issue altogether is that my laptop has a tendency to overheat while playing big games like Minecraft, and it kinda takes away some of the fun when you're constantly on guard and worried. :/


    But thanks for the invitation, anyway! : peace:

  3. Scott Pilgrim just look immensely awesome to me. It's so over-the-top and aware of itself that it's amazing.


    I don't really know about the whip guy. I just now the bad-ass Robert Downey, Jr. and the awesome special effects are going to make the movie for me!


    RB, Jr. is of course also a factor in Sherlock Holmes. I love the character, I love mysteries, I love the time period, and most of all I love the new take on it all.


    I hope they really give the HP series a worthy end. Seeing as they even split it up to round it off properly, I'm positive about it.

  4. Trust me, I love seeing you people's creations, but for me the joy and thrill of Minecraft lies in the single player experience. All alone in a literally unexplored world where treasures and precious resources are just waiting to be found. It's the ultimate adventure experience! :) Sure, the multiplayer can be fun, but I mostly just ended up walking around and looking at the stuff everybody else made, not really getting playing the game myself.


    If you by taxing refer to the overheating problem, I'm afraid it doesn't matter what I'm doing. :/ The gist of it is that most games I run on my laptop makes it heat up to dangerous, and as the performance requirements fluctuates in-game, it sometimes goes over the edge and shuts down my laptop, meaning I have to constantly keep an eye on the temperature levels.

  5. You were looking for a book on quantum mechanics? I've recently read Stephen Hawkin's The Grand Design, which is a nice introductory book, especially for people with little or no scientific background. Of course, you shouldn't expect to understand quantum mechanics after having read it, but many of the concepts (including the double-slit experiment) are explained in a very paedagogic way. It's definitely the best and most easily accessible material on quantum mechanics I've read, so I highly recommend it. :)

  6. Having just played Phoenix Wright, you turned into Godot in my head for a second there while I was reading your latest argument with Diageo in the veganism thread. :p I'll probably always associate you with Godot after Gents II. :heh:


    (Still haven't finished that game, so no spoilers!)

  7. I'd love to, but I'm still missing three players. I could maybe cut one or two roles, but I'd really not want to cut three.

  8. Oh, you haven't played the game? Nah, he's a pretty cool debater, and he waxes philosophical at times. ;) He's also pretty suave and loves coffee - though in your case I guess it'd be cider instead. :heh:

  9. Yo, ReZ-man, you like comics, right? Do you know ThatGuyWithTheGlasses and the people on his site? They do funny and interesting reviews of pretty much EVERYTHING, and one of the main guys reviews bad comics. His name is Linkara and his show is called Atop the 4th Wall. I really think you should check it out. :)

  10. No probs, mate. :) I've been wanting to tell you about it for some time now, yet I never got around to do it. You should really check out the other people on the site as well. Especially the main guy, ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, is hilarious with his Nostalgia Critic, Bum Reviews and Ask ThatGuy series, but many of the other people are also truly funny. I especially love it when they do crossovers with each other. The Nostalgia Critic even had a series of crossovers with the Angry Video Game Nerd for a time while the famous "feud" between them went on. I just love crossovers in general. Am I rambling right now? Yes, yes I am. :heh:

  11. Hey! I just wanted to thank you again for introducing me to GirlWritesWhat. :) She has really given me some new perspectives on life.

  12. I agree that people were being a tad ridiculous in the DIY thread about the rules. That being said, popping in with too many jokes and comments when you're dead does derail a bit from the game, so perhaps just tone it down a bit?

  13. Also, considering you were on about the "Apollo as prosecutor" theory, you wouldn't happen to actually be the Mystic Mod of the Ask Ace Attorney blog, would you? :heh: (Which I'm now reminded I'm hopelessly behind on.)

  14. You know, ReZ, I think the two of us would be prefectly able to have an equal battle of the perverted minds. :heh:

  15. The Mystic Mod was touting the theory long before we even knew Apollo was in the game, hence I was starting to suspect you. :heh: He does look menacing when injured, and coupled with the apparent falling-out (and especially the wording of it) I'd say it's definitely not out of the question yet. While the concept of a criminal prosecutor does indeed sound ridiculous, the way he talks about black turning white (as well as his outfit) makes me suspect it will play well into the whole reformation of the justice system theme they've had going since Apollo Justice.


    I might now very well be more hyped for this game than I have ever been for any game ever before. Just seeing Edgeworth back in his fancy new outfit (who'd've thunk his outfit could get any fancier? :heh:) has me all giddy with excitement. :D

  16. I do! My friend code is 3711-7812-7694. :)

  17. I've just found out you can get artichoke on pizza. Just thought you should know.

  18. Ah, fair enough. :)


    Yes! It does indeed seem they're going to give him the development he has been missing. :) Also, I'm glad to see so many characters return from both the original trilogy and the Apollo Justice arc; what I feared most was that characters would simply be mysteriously absent - it bugged me in AJ, but at least it did make sense from a story point of view.

  19. Cool! I don't use it much except to play Dual Destinies at the moment, though. :heh:

  20. I only just considered this ...




    ... were you talking about my friend in the TARDIS costume? :heh:

  21. Seriously, what on Earth did you mean by that blowjob comment? :heh:

  22. I just assumed you were talking about Jenna since she's the main thing in the picture, but in retrospect you were obviously talking about my friend. Whoops. :heh:


    To make it even more awkward, I was actually in love with said friend, but she didn't feel the same way. :heh:

  23. I game far too little in general nowadays. :(