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  1. You've got a bit into Magic: The Gathering? :D I got into it myself about a year or so ago. :) No, we don't make up the rules as we go along, but there can be a lot, and it can get quite complicated, even for experienced players! :p

  2. I've seen it! :D You should check out his other videos; the one about the Disney princesses is hilarious!

  3. Ah, fair enough. :)


    Yes! It does indeed seem they're going to give him the development he has been missing. :) Also, I'm glad to see so many characters return from both the original trilogy and the Apollo Justice arc; what I feared most was that characters would simply be mysteriously absent - it bugged me in AJ, but at least it did make sense from a story point of view.

  4. The Mystic Mod was touting the theory long before we even knew Apollo was in the game, hence I was starting to suspect you. :heh: He does look menacing when injured, and coupled with the apparent falling-out (and especially the wording of it) I'd say it's definitely not out of the question yet. While the concept of a criminal prosecutor does indeed sound ridiculous, the way he talks about black turning white (as well as his outfit) makes me suspect it will play well into the whole reformation of the justice system theme they've had going since Apollo Justice.


    I might now very well be more hyped for this game than I have ever been for any game ever before. Just seeing Edgeworth back in his fancy new outfit (who'd've thunk his outfit could get any fancier? :heh:) has me all giddy with excitement. :D

  5. Also, considering you were on about the "Apollo as prosecutor" theory, you wouldn't happen to actually be the Mystic Mod of the Ask Ace Attorney blog, would you? :heh: (Which I'm now reminded I'm hopelessly behind on.)

  6. You were looking for a book on quantum mechanics? I've recently read Stephen Hawkin's The Grand Design, which is a nice introductory book, especially for people with little or no scientific background. Of course, you shouldn't expect to understand quantum mechanics after having read it, but many of the concepts (including the double-slit experiment) are explained in a very paedagogic way. It's definitely the best and most easily accessible material on quantum mechanics I've read, so I highly recommend it. :)

  7. Hm, peculiar. It's definitely been visible to me in the past as well. What's supposed to be there again?

  8. No, I mean between your Facebook and YouTube links.

  9. Dude, there's something missing from your sig, and it's triggering my OCD tendencies. :heh:

  10. Yeah, I'm not that much on the beat with current gaming at present, but I still like to discuss gaming topics, so the General Gaming board is perfect! :)


    I actually have brought some of my gamer friends on the boards before, but they never really stuck around, unfortunately. :heh:

  11. Well, your persistence paid off ... I've started watching the gaming boards more. :heh: I think the new forum structure has helped as well. :)

  12. Hey! I just wanted to thank you again for introducing me to GirlWritesWhat. :) She has really given me some new perspectives on life.

  13. Ugh, just the thought of spiders in my boots would make me never want to put them on again ...

  14. Holy shit, you were right! That is amazing! Playing mafia with that in the background makes everything epic! :D

  15. I've just found out you can get artichoke on pizza. Just thought you should know.

  16. I did enjoy the style, it was educational in a charming and amusing way. :heh:

  17. Finally got around to watching the links. Quite interesting. :)

  18. Thanks for the links! :) I forgot I had a visitor's message. I'll check them out later.

  19. Seriously, what on Earth did you mean by that blowjob comment? :heh:

  20. Yeah, I've added you, too. :) Cool, where can you see who's playing?

  21. Ah, guess it's just a bug in the system, then.


    Well, I'll try jumping out into the big, bad, real world soon, then! ;) It could be nice to find a group of friends to play with. :) Though unfortunately I don't know many people who play TF2. :heh: